Treatment of Old Ink Background Treatment, Sculpture Combines Spray Shading to Create Natural Sharpening Effects For C My

Treatment of Old Ink Background Treatment, Sculpture Combined with Spray Shading For Sister My

|Your results| Treating the old ink background with color, Sculpture combined with Spray shading to create a natural sharp effect for My

My sister has a pretty clear eyebrow shape in the previous tattoo spray. However, there is still a state of red bloom, messy eyebrows that make her less confident when Tet is approaching.

Coming to Miss Tram, Ms. My solved the worry of regaining the beauty for the New Year, the skilled KTVs handled the red ink background, besides, they also applied the method of Sculpture combined with Shading spray to create sharp effects. natural features, bringing beautiful eyebrows, harmonious shape, helping her confidently welcome the Spring of the Rat 2020.

Miss Tram invites everyone to refer to the resulting image below!

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