Treating Old Eyebrows Bleaching, Sculpting Eyebrows Combined with Natural Powder Spraying

Treatment of Old Eyebrows, Brow Sculpting Combined with Natural Powder Spray

Recently, Miss Tram VietNam There are quite a few cases where the old eyebrow used to spray and embroider is blue and red. Most of the customers who sprayed embroidery before did not think about this case, so the sisters were very confused and had a headache.

Coming to Miss Tram, the sisters are consulted and supported enthusiastically, depending on the status and severity of the old eyebrows, but the method is also different after being consulted for beauty.

Particularly in this customer's case, the old eyebrow color is still quite clear, so choosing the old eyebrow treatment method and then sculpting eyebrows combined with natural powder spraying is very suitable for Ms. Just cover the defects from the old eyebrows, just up the beautiful eyebrow shape, natural light, not too bold, not ugly when looking at.

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