Treating Old Eyelids With Green - Spraying Black Queen Ink Watery Eyelids For Ms. Tram

Treating Old Eyelids Bleaching - Spraying Black Queen Ink Watery Eyelids Recruited for Ms. Tram

|Eyelid results| Treating the old blue eyelids - Spraying the black Queen's watery eyelids for Ms. Tram

The saying "Eyes are the window to the soul" is indeed not wrong at all, an attractive, glittering, sharp eye will help you score absolute points with the opposite person!

Ms. Tram also wants to own such eyes, unfortunately, currently, she is facing a state of faint eyelids, blue color that makes her lose her attractive appearance. Through a thorough consultation process, the method of Spraying Black Queen Ink Eyelids applied by KTV at Miss Tram helped her get closer to her dream.

Tram's eyes are now very impressive to the opposite person because her eyelids are black, clear and very attractive. Combined with her sharp sprayed eyebrows and her existing double eyelids, she created an overall beautiful and attractive eyes.

Please also see more pictures of Ms. Tram's sparkling eyes, everyone!

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