10 Makeup Trends Advised By The Stars

10 Makeup Trends Acquired By The Stars

Makeup is considered an art. Because not only need skills, you also have to have your own "quality" and fit the trend. So what are the standout makeup trends this year? Let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Refer to the makeup styles promoted by the stars this summer.

10 Hottest Makeup Trends This Year Loved By Stars

1 White eyeliner

May makeup trends
The chic and stylish Jennie with white eyeliner eyes

Girl Jennie has been to the top trending with a luxurious and personality image with white eyeliner eyes. Therefore, this makeup trend has been studied and transformed by many beauty followers with daily makeup styles. Of course, you won't be too prominent with this white eyeliner, but just a normal black eyeliner and a white eyeliner on the upper border, your eyes have a lot more soul and personality.

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2 Neon corner eyes

hot makeup trends
Impressive eye angle neon

For girls with makeup who are not too hard on their hands, neon makeup in the corner of the eye like Kylie considered an extremely effective "salvage". Just choose your favorite neon color, then press a little in the corner of your eyes, you will quickly own an extremely impressive and personality eye.

3 Glossy lips

Latest makeup trends
Gentle lip gloss trend

This summer, the trend of gentle glossy lips (not too greasy) is favored by many stars. This lip style will make the face look gentle, feminine, plump and not too heavy like matte lipstick. However, this type of lipstick can make you "a bit old", so you need to combine makeup with minimalism.

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4 Eyes "pop art"

Latest eye makeup trends
Eyeliner style “pop art”

If you are Asian girls, you can't ignore the "pop art" eyeliner style Mai Davika often used. With a prominent eyeliner, this style not only creates a bigger and rounder effect for the eyes, but also significantly scores the face.

5 Bronze eyeshadow

New makeup trend
Copper shimmer eyeshadow is suitable for dark-skinned girls

Eyeshadow will make your eyes attractive and outstanding. Therefore, no matter how simple and gentle makeup is, the eyes are always the most prominent on your face. With dark-skinned girls like Winnie Harlow, copper shimmer will be the most suitable choice.

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6 Pink eyeshadow

New makeup trends
Pink eyeshadow was successfully promoted by Lisa

That's right, not cheeks but pink eyes. Lady Lisa successfully promoted this eye-catching style and favored by many beauty bloggers and Vietnamese women. Pink blush not only makes the face stand out, personality but also very feminine. Therefore, this style promises to be promoted for a long time.

7 White butterfly wings

beautiful new makeup trend
Makeup style with white butterfly wings

Rihanna has always been considered a stylish and classy fashion icon with a record of breaking many fashion rules. This multi-talented singer has actively promoted the white butterfly eyeliner makeup style in the past time. And with a hot summer, this soft-unique accent has created a new phenomenon and trend for fashionistas to apply.

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8 Cat eye eyeliner

New makeup style
Cat eye eyeliner style

Makeup style always maintains its hotness in all times. However, each year this trend has different breakthroughs – creating new differences. And this summer 2020, the cat eye eyeliner is accented with shimmer or neon tones to create a more prominent, stylish and trendy look.

9 Use a tone highlighter for eyes and cheeks

This year's hottest makeup trends
Makeup using a tone highlighter eye and cheek

How to use the same highlighter tone for eyes and cheeks Hailey Bieber quite effective advertising. Because this style not only makes Beauty Bloggers apply, but young people also love it. If used successfully, the tone sur tone of the eyes and cheeks will create an extremely prominent "glow skin" effect. Therefore, if you are a stylish girl, this is a style worth applying.

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10 Natural eyebrows

New makeup trend
Trends to natural eyebrows

If you are practicing makeup and do not know how to draw eyebrows, this style is very suitable for you. Because there is no need to be too picky and sharp, just take care of your eyebrows and know how to trim a little, your eyebrows will be very natural, harmonious and trendy. And last time, girl Supermodel Kaia Gerber was also extremely prominent with this simple - effective eyebrow style.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about hot makeup trends that are being successfully promoted by world stars. These makeup styles are quite simple, so whether you are new to practice or have hard hands, you can still do it. Wishing you always the most beautiful and outstanding!


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