Mochi Skin - Japanese Women's Flawless Skin Care Trend Summary

Mochi Skin – Japanese Women's Flawless Skincare Trends

If in previous years, the Korean trend of Mercury skin care made many Vietnamese women "crazy" to study. Well, recently, Mochi skin care style Japanese people are considered as a new generation skin care method that beauty believers pass on to each other.

Why Mochi Skin make Vietnamese women so fascinated? Let's learn about this skin care trend called rice cake through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

What is Mochi Skin?

Referring to the name Mochi, many girls will immediately think of round, flexible rice cakes - a typical Japanese dish. Therefore, inspired by the softness of the cake crust, Japanese beauty followers have used the name Mochi to name their flawless skin care style.

trend of flawless skin care with mochi skin
Skin care with Japanese Mochi Skin process

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? Mochi's skin What are the characteristics? This is a lane smooth - white - supple - gentle elastic. They make the viewer feel that this skin is very fragile but still natural and extremely healthy.

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The difference between Mochi skin and Glass skin

In Asia, Japan and Korea are two countries that are always at the forefront of beauty and skin care trends. However, the beauty standards of the skin of these two countries have some differences, so when going into each process, their skincare methods also have many different points.

Japanese skin care mochi skin
Difference between Mochi Skin & Glass Skin

While Korean women prefer a clear, flawless beauty like dew with glossy, glass-like skin, Japanese girls love smooth, supple skin like mochi rice cakes. Therefore, despite the same goal of having flawless skin, the beauty of Glass skin and Mochi skin is different.

So, which skincare style is better? The answer is CANNOT COMPARE THEM OK. But in terms of the weather, the Mochi skin care method will be simpler, using less skin care products than the Korean Glass Skin style. Therefore, the Mochi Skin style will be more suitable for the summer climate in Vietnam.

Any advice for the Mochi skincare routine?

To own perfect skin, Japanese women still follow a full beauty cycle with 3 basic steps: Cleanse - Moisturize - Sunscreen. However, these skin care steps will have noticeable differences:

1 Always use makeup remover

Instead of using makeup remover, makeup remover, the girls of the country of Cherry Blossom prefer to use oil-based makeup remover every night. Because this is the best makeup remover, capable of deep cleaning dirt, cosmetic residue while ensuring not to lose moisture on the skin.

mochi skin skincare routine
Always use cleansing oil after applying makeup

In particular, even without using cosmetics, Japanese girls also remove makeup daily to ensure that pores are completely cleaned.

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2 Use a very gentle face wash

After removing makeup, Japanese women will use an extremely gentle cleanser to clean the skin again. And the cleansers they use will favor foaming ones – because the more foam you use, the less contact between your hands and face, which helps limit sagging of the skin.

Japanese mochi skin care process
Use a gentle face wash

3 Limit exfoliation

Contrary to the habit of exfoliating and cleaning the skin thoroughly of many Korean women, Japanese girls think that, if the skin is cared for according to a standard cycle, the exfoliation step is no longer an important step. Another must-have skin care step.

According to the Japanese concept, facial skin is inherently uneven in thickness as well as skin regeneration speed. So there will be areas with a lot of dead skin and there will be delicate areas with little dead skin. Exfoliating too much will affect the natural protective barrier on the skin, thereby making the skin thinner, more sensitive and easier to form dark spots on the skin.

mochi skin skincare routine
Limit exfoliation

4 Multi-step moisturizing

Japanese girls are always careful in moisturizing their skin. And one of their indispensable skin care products is Lotion. With a light, benign texture, Lotion not only easily penetrates into the skin, providing high moisturizing effect, but also can be used to make a moisturizing mask for the skin every day.

Besides, Serum is also an indispensable ingredient in the moisturizing cycle of Japanese women. The most popular serum lines in the country of Cherry Blossom often have ingredients such as: peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C - active ingredients that help whiten skin and strengthen skin texture extremely effectively.

mochi skin skin care trend
Mochi skin care requires to always keep the skin moist

Finally, Japanese girls will lock in moisture with suitable creams or oils. This skin care step not only provides adequate moisture to the skin, but also creates a barrier to help protect the skin from harmful effects from the external environment.

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5 Never skip sunscreen

Most of the anti-aging secret of Japanese women is to use sunscreen every day. According to surveys, the Japanese are famous for their extremely thorough sun protection and everyone has a variety of sunscreen products such as milk, cream, gel, spray, powder .. in the makeup table.

mochi skin trend
Always use sunscreen

Because in their view, sunscreen not only limits the appearance of dark spots, reduces the risk of cancer, but also prevents the signs of skin aging very effectively. Therefore, to ensure long-term healthy skin, applying sunscreen every day is a must.

Mochi Skin It is quite suitable for the weather and climate in Vietnam, so if you do not own a healthy and beautiful skin, you can refer to this skin care style. Surely, with selective learning, your skin will be much healthier.

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