How To Take Care Of After Tattoo Removal Discover

How To Take Care Of After Tattoo Removal

|Q&A| How To Take Care Of After Tattoo Removal

How To Take Care Of After Tattoo Removal Discover

The effectiveness of tattoo removal is not only determined by the skill of the performer, equipment, machinery or tattoo removal method, but also influenced by a large part of your home care.

So how to take care after tattoo removal? Here are some notes you need to keep in mind to achieve high efficiency when removing tattoos:

  • During the first 3 weeks, do not eat shrimp, crab, water spinach, sweet potato, soy sauce, beef, eggs, sticky rice (sticky rice, sticky rice, banh chung,...); Do not drink alcohol, beer and alcoholic substances, which will cause the tattoo to be missed, difficult to heal new wounds.
  • Avoid water and soap for 3-5 days, or wait until the wound is completely dry before bathing the wound.
  • It is mandatory to buy CEFALEXIN (14 Tablets) and PROTASE (14 Tablets), take 2 times a day. As well as applying cream after tattoo removal continuously within the first 2 weeks to prevent scarring and color fading (2 times a day).
  • It is necessary to drink a lot of water in the first 3 days, to help the tattoo ink fade away faster and more.

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After tattoo removal, some phenomena will appear as follows:

  • The ink stain is darker, in this case you do not need to worry, the tattoo ink is being pushed out of the skin surface and will fade later. After 3-5 days, the skin will be blistered (bulging), this phenomenon appears because Miss Tram carefully erased it to quickly run out of ink. You should not puncture or break the blister with a needle, but let it deflate on its own.
  • Starting from day 5, there will be itching in the tattoo removal area. This is a good sign that your skin is growing young. From the following days, the old skin peels off and regenerates a new skin. The tattoo ink will be pushed out and fade away.

Removing tattoos is not easy because tattoo ink will only fade, but never disappear over time. You need to choose the method as well as strictly follow the instructions that Miss Tram has given to ensure effectiveness as well as safety, leaving no scars.

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