Laser Tattoo Removal Safe & Effective No Catch

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe & Effective

"Is laser tattoo removal effective??” or “It is possible to remove all tattoos if using this method laser tattoo removal?” are questions that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center received a lot in recent times. And with the following share, we will answer your questions about this laser tattoo removal method.

Safe and Effective Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

1. Laser tattoo removal – a new tattoo removal technology popular with young people trẻ

To remove old tattoos, which are no longer suitable for them, many people choose laser tattoo removal. This is considered one of the fastest tattoo removal solutions that currently have no effective tattoo removal method.

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, we use the new generation Laser Toning Plus tattoo removal technology, so you can be completely assured of whether tattoo removal is painful, will not leave scars because this method has no effect. ability to protect skin, limit skin damage than old lasers.

tattoo removal with laser technology
Today's advanced laser tattoo removal technology

Talking about this laser tattoo removal method, the new generation color laser has 2 different wavelengths that affect the epidermis and dermis of the skin, breaking down tattoo ink molecules into tiny pieces for muscle. can be excreted to the outside by the white blood cell system.

The advantage of this Laser Toning Plus method is that it does not cause pain thanks to a special cooling mode, with many intelligent features that can adjust the laser energy level, laser localization and selective impact so no pain. affect the surrounding skin. (How to guide overcome the phenomenon of tattoo removal after being itchy the most effective).

2. Is laser tattoo removal safe and effective?

To be fair, the safety and effectiveness of laser tattoo removal is effective or not depends on the tattoo removal technology you perform at the cosmetic center. When coming to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterUsing the new generation Laser Toning Plus tattoo removal technology, the tattoo ink molecules will be gradually eliminated from the body and cause no pain or discomfort during the tattoo removal process.

Laser tattoo removal technology at Miss Tram
Laser tattoo removal technology at Miss Tram

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The following is the specific laser tattoo removal process you should refer to before deciding to do it!

Step 1: Visiting, checking tattoos and consulting customers

Customers will be examined to determine the depth, depth, and actual size of the tattoo. From there, the doctor will have advice to choose the appropriate laser wavelength and frequency for treatment.

Step 2: Clean the area to be tattooed

To be safe and achieve high laser tattoo removal efficiency, before performing, the specialist will clean the skin to be removed to avoid infection and skin damage.

Step 3: Incubate the tattoo removal area

To create a comfortable feeling for the client during the tattoo removal process, the therapist will apply anesthetic to the surface of the skin containing the tattoo.

Step 4: Perform tattoo removal

After choosing the most suitable laser frequency for the tattoo, the specialists use a specialized machine using Laser Toning technology to project the laser beam. After finishing the laser treatment, the tattoo removal area will be illuminated with red photodynamic light for 5-10 minutes. This treatment works to accelerate blood circulation, increase muscle elasticity, improve aging, dull skin and promote intensive skin regeneration.

Step 5: Skin care right after the treatment sau

The specialist will apply a cold compress for 20-30 minutes, then apply a layer of special lotion to help cool the skin and protect against the sun.

Laser tattoo removal results
Laser tattoo removal results

Laser tattoo removal treatment It will last from 2 to 3 months depending on the location of each person. Each time is 2-3 weeks apart to give time for the body to adapt and eliminate tattoo ink molecules outside the body.

Therefore, after each tattoo ink is done, it will fade but not 100%. After laser tattoo removal, you will be applied a layer of skin resurfacing cream that does not leave scars and the tattoo removal is more effective.

And we guarantee that after only 1 treatment of laser tattoo removal, your tattoo will be removed about 90-95% and your skin will be bright and smooth compared to the rest of the skin.

Results of 1st tattoo removal at Miss Tram

Laser tattoo removal at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center It does not leave scars, but the tattooed skin quickly restores to its original state. If you are intending to experience this method, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call the hotline 1900 7018 for detailed advice!

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