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Are you looking for a place to treat melasma and freckles completely in Ho Chi Minh City? Melasma and freckles are the enemy of any woman, because they threaten to take away the youthfulness and youth of many people.

Just because of melasma - freckles, we can face many serious problems: the skin becomes ugly, falls into stress, loses confidence, loses many opportunities at work and happiness in life.



How are Melasma and Freckles different?

Many people mistakenly think that melasma (1) and freckles are one. However, in reality, these are two different skin pigmentation phenomena, so distinguishing between melasma and freckles will help you have the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.



Cause of formation Melasma is often determined to be due to hormonal changes, commonly found in women over 30 years old, pregnant women, and after giving birth.

At age 40, due to a sharp decrease in hormones and more free radicals accumulating, melasma will increase rapidly from this age.

In addition, overuse of cosmetics or side effects of medications are also reasons why you face melasma. (2)

Freckles often occur due to genetics, diet, living and good hormonal changes during puberty, direct exposure to the sun.
Color Melasma is yellow, bright yellow, yellow brown, black brown. Freckles: Dark brown, light brown, gray, red, black depending on skin type
Shape Melasma is divided into two types: plaque melasma and spot melasma. Melasma patches often spread on the cheeks or forehead, in some cases the patches cover the whole face. And spot melasma often appears on both cheeks in nodules like the tip of a matchstick, often quite dark and deeper than melasma.

Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

Freckles: are described as small nodules 1-5mm in diameter, smooth, light brown or dark brown, red or yellow depending on the skin pigmentation of each person. Freckles have a round shape the size of a pin, located individually or linked together to form patches of spots, appear irregular.

Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

Acreage Melasma: Located deep in the skin. Distribution on cheekbones, nose, forehead, chin. Freckles: Only located on the surface of the skin. Mainly on the nose, cheeks or maybe all over the body.
Age of appearance Melasma: Postpartum women and perimenopause. Freckles: All ages, including puberty.

So through the above information, Miss Tram believes that you can distinguish the difference between melasma and freckles. Before we get into these skin problems, follow these tips to limit sun exposure, the main cause of hyperpigmentation:

  • Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 15 p.m. Try to schedule outdoor activities at other times of the day.
  • Use sunscreen regularly, apply it 15 - 30 minutes before going outside. Use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.
  • For sun protection, wear a wide-brimmed hat and make sure the sun's rays don't hit your face. Wear clothing designed to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Note in eating: should avoid alcohol, beer and hot spices. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, play sports regularly and avoid the sun. It is necessary to improve the diet with foods rich in vitamins A, C, E, omega-3, selenium to fight skin aging.

Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

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TREATMENT METHODS OF Melasma – Freckles 

1. Treatment of melasma - freckles with natural ingredients

Using natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, fresh orange or yogurt, aloe vera, papaya etc

  • Advantage: Ingredients are easy to find, cheap, and easy to apply at home
  • Disadvantages: It needs to be done consistently for a long time, only effective for newly formed areas of melasma on the surface of the skin. Therapeutic efficacy is unclear and safety has not been established in some potentially irritating foods.

A reputable melasma treatment unit in Saigon

2. Treatment of melasma – freckles with cosmetics

Currently on the market there are many different lines of skin care products with the effect of fading melasma and freckles.

  • Advantage: Convenient for daily use, feel free to choose the right product according to each person's pocket. Using cosmetics is more effective than applying natural masks
  • Disadvantages: It is easy to buy fake, poor quality cosmetics that cause dangerous complications for the skin. In addition, cosmetics only work to help fade melasma - freckles on the surface of the skin, not have the effect of destroying the pigment underneath the skin.

3. Treatment of melasma - freckles by Peel skin peeling method

In addition to the above two ways, Peeling skin to remove melasma is also a method that many establishments or individuals at home use quite commonly.

  • Advantage: Not only fade melasma - freckles quickly after peeling but also white and smooth skin
  • Disadvantages: PThis melasma treatment does not eliminate the root of melasma because it only affects the surface of the skin. Many cosmetic facilities are not reputable or if you arbitrarily use harmful chemicals, it will lead to damage, thinning of the skin and possible scarring after treatment.

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Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

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Nd-Yag Laser is a smart laser generation that uses 2 wavelengths of 1.064 nm and 532 nm simultaneously, combining the softpeel process of the Q-switched system to directly affect the melanin causing melasma.

Selective photoelectric effect, wavelength of 532 nm destroys pigment in superficial layer of epidermis, wavelength of 1.064 nm destroys pigment in basal layer of dermis. The process of bombardment of melasma takes place strongly, and at the same time causes the pigmented plaques to break up and be decomposed by phagocytes naturally without damaging healthy tissue.

The effect of melasma treatment is absolutely achieved, the skin is tight, bright, smooth, even in color, but very safe, without burning pain, without hurting the skin. ND-YAG Laser is an advanced technology that has been approved and tested by the FDA. Effective treatment of melasma with ND Yag Laser:

  • ✔ Effectively treat up to 90% of melasma.
  • ✔ Laser energy stimulates collagen production to regenerate new white and bright skin - smooth, minimize wrinkles.
  • ✔ The condition of acne, oily skin, large pores, dry skin is improved to return you healthy, bright, smooth, firm skin.
  • ✔ Safe - no pain - no skin damage - no need to rest.
  • ✔ Maximum saving time and cost of treatment.
Melasma Treatment Results Before And After At Miss Tram Spa
Melasma Treatment Results Before And After At Miss Tram Spa
Melasma Treatment Results Before And After At Miss Tram Spa
Melasma Treatment Results Before And After At Miss Tram Spa

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Owning YAG Laser melasma treatment technology has completely overcome the disadvantages of conventional melasma treatments, helping customers save maximum time and treatment costs.


Every year, we receive thousands of cases of customers with skin pigmentation (mild and severe) and anyone wants to quickly get rid of this obsession, because the consequences it causes are not small.

Understanding the customer's heart and the mind of the profession, the Miss Tram team always wants to bring the best treatments. QUALITY – EFFICIENCY with MOST REASONABLE COST.

Coming to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you will be examined and determined by experienced experts. Depending on the location, the degree of melasma, we will recommend the most appropriate treatment route.

A reputable and quality melasma treatment address in Ho Chi Minh City
Photos of before and after melasma treatment customers at Miss Tram

Miss Tram treats cases:

  • Melasma – freckles caused by the impact of UVA and UVB rays in the sun (shallow or raised in large patches on the face)
  • Melasma due to aging (common in women in their 30s)
  • Melasma after giving birth
  • Melasma marks born from hormonal changes (deep melasma, melasma gathered into small black jars)
  • Melasma due to damage caused by using poor quality cosmetics

During the treatment, customers also experience special care treatments, speeding up the skin's recovery process.

Therefore, the time to treat melasma at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is significantly shortened but still ensures the highest efficiency.

Don't let melasma take away your youth and opportunities, because we absolutely have a way to beat it. And to achieve the desired effect, the highest safety, to avoid falling into the situation of "losing money", come to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

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Frequently Asked Questions When Treating Melasma - Freckles

Question 1: Hi Miss Tram, I'm over 40 this year, before, I only had a few freckles on both cheeks, but from the age of 2 onwards, my skin deteriorated seriously, melasma kept spreading to the whole face. made me very sad and lack of confidence, I also tried many methods but it didn't work, so I was very frustrated, I don't know why I hope the center answers

MissTram hello you, as I stated above that although I have tried many treatments but it is not effective, here are some factors that make your melasma - freckles not improve, you check together: check it out!

  • Not understanding the cause of melasma
  • Impatient, hasty in the process of treating melasma - freckles
  • Improper skin care
  • Failure to adhere to the correct treatment regimen
  • Arbitrarily using the product during the treatment period
  • Wrong choice of treatment or treatment at an unscrupulous facility

After you have checked the above factors, you can arrange a time to visit Miss Tram directly to have skin pigmentation analysis by machine so that you will have the most suitable and effective treatment regimen for you!

Question 2: Hello center, can I ask how much does the treatment cost for melasma, freckles and how long does the process last?

Miss Tram hello, the cost of treating melasma and freckles with ND-YAG Laser technology will range from 800k - 3.5 million / time depending on the range of your melasma and freckles. Usually the treatment is only 2-3 times, each time is 1 month apart!

Removing Melasma, Treating Freckles at the Root Safely and Guaranteed HCMC Consulting

Question 3: Hello Center, I heard that melasma - freckles often have to buy more cosmetics. If I have a melasma cream at home, I think it's fine to use it now, I just want to shoot Laser, is it okay or I have to buy it, please advise!

Miss Tram greets you, using the product after laser firing is very necessary for the treatment of melasma - freckles because in the laser phase of pigment decomposition, depending on your skin condition, there will be products attached. to support the treatment of melasma - freckles combined with skin care.

In case if your home products are suitable for the treatment, you do not need to buy more. If the product is not suitable for your skin condition, you should follow the expert's instructions for the best treatment results!

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