Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation? Discover

Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation?

Moc Y Lien is one of the famous beauty salons in HCM with a variety of beauty services, application of modern technology and extensive experience in the profession. If you want to find out the services, quality, and prices at Moc Y Lien to consider choosing, please refer to the information mentioned in this article.

Overview of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute

Born and developed with the motto to bring customers effective and safe beauty services, Moc Y Lien always focus on investing in human resources, technology, products, facilities...

Moc Y Lien towards the mission of becoming the leading prestigious beauty salon in Vietnam with outstanding strengths in Spray cosmetic tattooing and skin care treatment, along with the optimal course and reasonable cost.

Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation? Discover
Cosmetic tattooing service in Moc Y Lien

The key services of Moc Y Lien include:

Spray tattoo:

  • Linebrows Eyebrow Spinning: sharp and sharp eyebrow lines; Go with a nano-needle tip that glides smoothly on the surface of the skin epidermis. This is the perfect solution for thin, sparse eyebrows.
  • Nano Lip Spray: put stem cells inside the epidermis of the lips. After the procedure, the lips are not swollen, and the color is beautiful.
  • Spray tattoo and implant to make bikini / nipple pink: brings youthfulness, rosy without any effect on the private area / nipple area.
  • Pico Max laser makes nipples pink: uses extremely small wavelengths to destroy and disperse melanin pigments.

Skin care - treatment:

  • Skin tightening: injecting HA into the soft tissues of the skin to help maintain the elasticity of the skin collagen and slow down the aging process.
  • Fresh Bio Oxygen: purify the skin, eliminate toxins to restore healthy skin.
  • Other services: Oxygen acne, Carbon laser skin rejuvenation, non-metallic nano to tighten pores, RF lifting, Hifu lifting…

In addition, Moc Y Lien also provides the following services: waxxing, treatment of keloid scars - lip acne - milia - mole ...

Is Y Lien Moc Cosmetic Institute good?

To answer the question of whether to beautify at Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute or not, please refer to the strengths of this beauty address:

1 Owning a team of experts, skilled beauty technicians

Moc Y Lien converges dermatologists, beauty technicians with long experience, good skills and dedication to work. As a result, Moc Y Lien's customers are served efficiently and professionally from consultation, care, treatment, and after-sales.

2 Diverse beauty services

With a variety of existing services, Moc Y Lien meets the different beauty needs of customers. Each customer, Moc Y Lien listens and examines carefully to advise on the most suitable and effective service.

Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation? Discover

3 Application of modern technology and techniques

Making the service quality at Moc Y Lien, it must be said that the application of new technologies and techniques in beauty. As a result, the beauty efficiency is enhanced, bringing a satisfactory experience during the use of the service.

4 Use reputable cosmetics

Skin care and treatment products are imported by Moc Y Lien from reputable cosmetic companies; contribute to a highly effective and safe beauty treatment for the skin.

5 Professional service process

Moc Y Lien conducts beauty treatments according to standard working procedures - ensuring professionalism and clarity. This makes it easy to control and evaluate the quality of the process.

Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation? Discover
Hair removal service at Moc Y Lien

6 Transparent costs, many incentives

During the service consultation process, Moc Y Lien quoted a clear price, the customer agreed to proceed. At the same time, the beauty salon also regularly implements discount programs or offers services/gifts to show gratitude to customers.

7 Other advantages:

Beauty services in Moc Y Lien are also highly appreciated with:

  • High transparency, do not "pull" customers to use the service, or buy more unnecessary products.
  • Service quality is clearly committed, with a specific warranty.
  • Dedicated service before, during and after the service.
  • Private, comfortable space.

Quotation for Beauty Services of Lien HCM Moc Y Cosmetology Institute

Below is a quote for some services in Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute that you can refer to. However, this price list is still incomplete, so you can contact Moc Y Lien directly to get the most accurate quote for the service you are interested in.

Review of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute: Service, Quality, Quotation? Discover
Price list of beauty services Moc Y Lien

The article has compiled a review of beauty services of Moc Y Lien Beauty Institute so that you get an overview, thereby making the right decision. If you need to learn more about beauty spas by District in Ho Chi Minh, please refer to General Top Prestigious Beauty Spas .

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