What Acne Location On Your Face Says About Your Health

What Does The Location Of Acne On Your Face Say About Your Health?

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What Acne Location On Your Face Says About Your Health

Have you ever wondered why the "army" of blackheads is concentrated on the nose? Why do chin or cheeks often appear larger and redder acne cysts than other areas of the skin? Why does hidden acne like to "rage" on the forehead area? …

Have you ever thought that they appear due to dirt, hormonal changes, or more deeply, the body's "call for help" sign?

Let's go through the most basic information with Miss Tram to see where acne grows, which will tell us what the problem is!

  • Acne appears on the forehead: There are problems with the intestines, digestive system, the body cannot digest all the food and create toxins.
  • Acne above the eyebrows: Blood circulation problems, stress, depression, irregular eating.
  • Acne on the nose: Heart problems, blood pressure.
  • Acne grows at the tip of the nose: The brain is in "danger" which may be lack of air to the brain, cerebral ischemia ...
  • Acne in the ear: Kidney problems, the body has a lot of caffeine, salt, lack of water.
  • Acne on cheeks: Problems with the lungs, respiratory system.
  • Acne under cheekbones: Ovarian problem.
  • Acne around the mouth: Problems with the small intestine, stomach, lack of fiber in the body, vegetables.
  • Acne around the chin: Related to the reproductive organs, uterus, kidneys. It could be due to the menstrual cycle, a hormone imbalance, or an overworked kidney.

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Each acne location has many different causes and for each cause there will be corresponding solutions. So in the following sharing, Miss Tram will go with you in turn to learn about each of these acne locations more deeply and carefully!

For skin care and treatment problems, at Miss Tram there are always advanced - modern methods and technologies suitable for each skin type, each course that you can choose:

  • Treatment of Acne - Darkening - Tightening pores with Fractional CO2 Laser.
  • Treatment of pitted scars by the method of Separating the bottom of the scar + Oriental Medicine Regenerating the skin.
  • Treatment of Acne - Darkening - Pore Scars - Skin Recovery - Even skin tone - Bright and smooth.
  • Tighten pores, whiten skin with new generation Laser.
  • Regulate sebum, whiten bright, eliminate skin toxins.
  • Treatment of keloid scars by micro-needle method collagen regenerative.
  • Remove melasma at the root with Yag Laser technology.
  • Pre-wedding skin care.

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