Why Spray My Lips Back To Black All

Why Spray Lips Back Dark

To own a lips with a radiant and plump color as desired, many people have come to the method lip spray. However, lip spray does not always bring 100% results as you expect, even many people suffer from dark lips, less aesthetic. So, how to fix this problem and why do you have dark lips after spraying?

The reason why I sprayed my lips was dark

Spraying lips doesn't always bring out the seductive lips you expect, but it can even make your lips less fresh.

I sprayed my lips to get dark
Lips are darkened wrongly when spraying

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has handled many cases of damaged lips due to spraying in poor quality facilities, even in severe cases, the lips also create scars that are difficult to completely overcome.

First of all, we need to understand that standard lip spray is a method of using micro needles to act on the epidermis of the skin, helping the ink color adhere to the lips, so that the lips will keep the lip color for a long time. For a long time, keep lips fresh without using lipstick.

Spraying lips is also a method that many men choose because of its high naturalness but long-lasting lips. In poor quality lip spray facilities, it may be caused by substandard needles, poor ink mixed with lead (or many other metals) or inexperienced technicians who go out of their way to hurt the lips, causing the lips to swell, bleeding, bruising and lead to bruising.

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How to spray lips without darkening?

In order to spray lips as you want, you should choose reputable and qualified lip spray departments such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. With many years of experience in the profession, application of the most modern equipment plus the mind and talent of a team of experts, Miss Tram will bring you great values.

1. Modern equipment

If the lip sprayer is not up to the standard, it can cause damage to the lips. Understanding this, Miss Tram uses modern equipment, imported directly from Korea and regularly inspected and maintained.

Therefore, you do not have to worry when giving the mission of beautifying the lips to the Miss Tram team, because all are met with the best quality.

2. Standard ink color

how to fix dark lips after spraying
Selection of good quality lip spray ink

Ink color is one of the factors that determine the quality of lip spray. If you use poor quality ink, not only will your lips not get the correct color, but also your health.

The ink spray at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is 100% organic ink from natural herbs, completely free of harmful chemicals or metals. Not only that, inkjet ink is also added collagen Or stem cells have the effect of nourishing lips from deep within, giving lips a youthful, anti-aging effect.

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3. Skilled technicians

I sprayed my lips to get dark
Silk chooses a highly skilled lip spray technician

The technician is one of the factors that directly determine the quality of the lips. If the needle is applied unevenly or with too much force, the lips may become discolored or damaged.

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, we are committed to only letting skilled technicians spray lips for customers. Ensure the correct needle alignment, enough force and even hand, and properly perform the necessary tattoo spraying techniques, giving the lips a beautiful color, no swelling and no pain.

4. Enthusiastic consultation

The final cause that can cause dark lips is the individual body and the care after spraying. The consultants of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will guide you on how to care for your lips after spraying appropriately, to help your lips become more radiant and smooth.

Spraying lips not only helps lips stay fresh and durable, but also helps you shape your lips, overcome lip defects such as thin lips, thick lips, deviated lips, etc. have soft and smooth lips.

What should I do if my lips are darkened?
The spa must teach you how to properly care for your lips after spraying

There are a lot of lip spray method was born, the highlights are: crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray, stem cell lip spray, queen lip spray, etc. Each type has its own advantages. Miss Tram estheticians will advise you on the appropriate method and shape of your lips, helping your face to be elegant and harmonious.

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Today, the treatment of dark lips is quite expensive, some cases of severe dark lips may not be completely cured. Therefore, you should choose reputable lip spray facilities to ensure the safety of your lips and help you own the most beautiful and attractive lips.

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