Why You Can't Get Rid Of Back Acne

Acne On Back Why Can't Cure Hoai? What Are The Causes Of Back Acne That Can't Be Cured?

Why You Can't Get Rid Of Back Acne

On your body, the back is the most neglected area of ​​skin because the eyes and hands cannot reach it. Therefore, this skin area is very prone to acne due to not being cared for properly. If you have back acne and still can't get rid of it, find out the reason "Why can't you get rid of back acne?" through today's post Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Find out the reason why you can't get rid of Back Acne

Like facial skin, acne on the back also occurs when the pores are clogged due to excessive sebum and dirt accumulation. Combined with bacteria and other factors to form acne, nodules, pustules, bran acne or blackheads…. To get rid of back acne, you must find the cause of the acne. Back acne is often caused by a number of common causes such as:

1. Improper body hygiene

Usually when bathing, our hands and eyes do not reach the back; Gradually, this skin area is not cleaned. Therefore, dead skin, dirt, sebaceous glands accumulate on the skin, causing clogged pores and acne.

The cause of back acne does not go away
Improper skin hygiene, the cause of back acne does not go away

How to fix:

• When bathing, use a sponge or back scrub to clean your back. In addition, it is necessary to take a clean bath, to avoid the situation that shower gel and shampoo have not been completely cleaned on the skin, causing clogged pores.

• Bathing with warm water is also a way to help open pores, facilitating the washing of dirt behind.

• When your skin has back acne, you should choose a pH-balanced shower gel so as not to irritate the acne area.

• Should exfoliate the whole body, especially the back area once a week to remove dead skin and accumulated dirt, helping the back area to be clear.

In addition, after washing your hair, wrap it up with a towel or dry it right away so that your hair does not wet the back area - easy to cause acne.

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2. Dirty bed and pillow

Every day, we spend 8 hours resting in bed. Therefore, if the bed sheets, pillow intestines are not washed regularly, you are very susceptible to respiratory diseases, atopic dermatitis - typically back acne.

back acne treatment does not go away
Clean pillowcases regularly

How to fix:

Regularly wash pillows and bed sheets every 2 weeks and should use mild detergents and soaps to not irritate the skin.

3. You belong to the oily skin group da

If you have oily skin, the sebaceous glands on your back will secrete a lot, which can easily clog pores and form acne. And if not taken care of properly, it is very difficult to get rid of back acne.

Reasons for not treating back acne
Treating back acne for oily skin is difficult

How to fix:

• Take better care of the back skin, combine proper skin cleansing, regular exfoliation once a week to limit excess oil on the skin.

• If your acne is mild, you can use products specifically for back acne with ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

• If the acne area on the back is severe and sensitive, you should see a dermatologist for treatment.

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4. Unhealthy eating

If the diet is not healthy, the meals are greasy, spicy, hot or drink a lot of alcohol or smoke, it will weaken your liver function, stimulate the sebaceous glands to work strongly. This will very easily cause acne on the face and back, and if you maintain these bad habits, it will be difficult for your skin to get rid of acne.

Reasons why you can't get rid of back acne
Establish a healthy diet to treat back acne effectively

How to fix:

• Set up a healthy diet, lots of vegetables and fruits and limit greasy, hot and spicy foods. This not only improves your skin, but also helps you have a good health.

• Limit alcoholic and carbonated drinks and replace them with cool, cooling smoothies to minimize the formation of acne.

5. Due to clothes

Wearing a shirt that is too tight prevents sweat from escaping, plus the friction of the shirt against the back causes skin irritation and acne formation.

How to fix:

• Should use T-shirts, 100% cotton with good absorbency.

• Choose shirts that are breathable, not too tight.

• Choose the right bra size, wear comfortable and soft material so as not to cause discomfort on the back.

• Use mild detergent with low fragrance to limit back irritation when acne occurs.

6. Due to hormonal disorders

Reasons why you can't get rid of back acne
Lack of sleep causes back acne to form a lot

During puberty, lactation, pregnancy, taking medication, menstrual irregularities, etc., all cause hormonal disturbances. In addition, insomnia, staying up late, lack of sleep or fatigue, stress ... also cause circadian rhythms in the body to be disturbed, leading to acne formation.

How to fix:

• Should set up a regular diet, sleep to balance the body.
• Keep your mind relaxed and optimistic by listening to music, exercising, learning to dance, etc. Do what you love and always be happy, your skin will be healthy and beautiful.

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* Note:

Do not pop your own back acne. Because the back area is both difficult to reach with your hands and difficult to take care of, arbitrarily squeezing acne can cause the acne area to spread and be more difficult to treat.

If you do not experience the above causes but still have acne and cannot get rid of back acne, you should see a dermatologist for a diagnosis. Because you may have some medical conditions, or your acne area is too sensitive, it needs to be treated professionally.

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Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about the reasons you can't get rid of back acne. Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you have a beautiful white back to confidently wear bikini this summer!

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