Advantages and Disadvantages Current Melasma Treatment Methods Review

Advantages and Disadvantages Current Melasma Treatment Methods

Melasma is a "fear" of women. Because this skin condition is considered a sign of aging, it loses its youthfulness and confidence. Moreover, melasma is also very difficult to eradicate completely if the appropriate treatment method is not selected.

So how to treat melasma is effective? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center analysis Advantages and disadvantages of melasma treatments now.

What Is Melasma?

how to treat melasma effectively
What is melasma? Causes and effective treatment of melasma

Melasma It is a condition in which dark spots or patches of different sizes appear, evenly distributed on the skin of the face and usually concentrated on the cheeks.

Scientifically, melasma is caused by an excessive increase of the pigment melanin and this has absolutely no effect on health. However, these melasma make most women worried and always want to find a way to treat them because they greatly affect the aesthetics.

The age of appearance of melasma is mainly from 25 to 55 years old, the main cause of skin pigmentation is mainly due to hormonal changes, aging process and the influence of intense light. (Refer to the foods should be limited to use when melasma for quick and safe treatment).

Current Melasma Treatment Methods

1. Methods to treat melasma with natural masks

The method of treating melasma with a natural mask is to use natural ingredients such as lemon, tomato, betel leaf, garlic, turmeric, moringa powder, etc. to fade melasma.

melasma treatment method
Methods of treating melasma with natural masks

This is the method most women choose because it has many advantages:

  • Using natural ingredients, it is very safe for the skin.
  • Active time implementation.
  • Save a lot of costs.
  • Effectively moisturizes and whitens the skin.

However, this method also has many disadvantages:

  • The effect is not high, because this method only affects the skin and is not done regularly (only 2-3 times a week).
  • It takes a very long time to see signs of fading of melasma.
  • It is not really safe if used in the wrong way, because ingredients such as lemon, garlic, and betel leaves all work to thin the skin. If used too much, it will cause irritation and make the skin easy to catch the sun.

Therefore, the method of treating melasma with natural ingredients should only be applied to small, pale and newly appeared melasma. In particular, you need to have perseverance to implement in the long run. (Refer to the modulation formula melasma, freckles mask safest and most effective).

2. Treat melasma with special cream kem

treat melasma with special cream
Method of treating melasma with special cream

Melasma special cream is a topical cream with high peeling properties. At the same time, the nutrients in the cream have the ability to inhibit the production of melanin, adjust the process of hyperpigmentation of the skin, making the melasma area improved and gradually restored.

This is one of the methods of treating melasma that many women trust to use because of the attractive "advertisements". Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this method with Miss Tram.

Advantages of melasma cream:

  • The effect is quick because most of the creams have high peeling properties, making the teeth white and bright, but fading the pigmentation.
  • Handy to do.
  • Low cost.

However, treating melasma with special creams has many risks:

  • Using inappropriate cream, poor quality cream will cause skin irritation and cause great consequences on the skin.
  • This treatment should not be used for long periods of time and in high doses. If you use it arbitrarily, it will cause the skin to be worn and very sensitive.
  • If you do not protect the skin carefully, it will be counterproductive, the melasma will be more serious and difficult to treat.

Ideally, if you want to treat melasma with a special cream, you need to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will examine and prescribe the appropriate cream and dosage based on the condition of your skin pigmentation. This is a necessary job, to help you avoid unfortunate consequences.

3. Treat melasma with serum, cream

treat melasma with serum, cream
Methods of treating melasma with serums, creams

Treatment of melasma with specialized serum and cream products is a lighter level of special cream. However, this is a safe method of skin care and treatment and is also preferred by many modern women.

The advantages of this treatment method:

  • It takes no time to make: because these are everyday skin care products.
  • Serums and specialized creams are used every day, so the skin condition will improve quickly. In addition, this method is used throughout the skin, so it always ensures that the spots are difficult to reappear.
  • Using these products is completely safe for the skin.

Disadvantages of this treatment:

  • Because most of the quality specialized serums and creams for melasma skin are often very expensive. And especially used for a very long time, this method is quite expensive.
  • Like special cream to treat melasma, this method also has high risks if using poor quality cosmetics.
  • Depending on the condition of melasma, but this method also needs to be persistent for a long time to bring noticeable results.

4. Treat melasma with oral tablets

treat melasma with pills
Method of treating melasma with oral tablets

Although melasma pills have just entered the Vietnamese market in the past few years, they have really gained the trust of users because of the unexpected effects they bring. In particular, for cases of endocrine melasma, this is a way to support the process of treating melasma in the most perfect way.

Advantages of this melasma treatment method:

  • The ability to have two-way effects: prevent melasma from forming and recur, while nourishing healthy glowing skin from the inside out, maintaining a sustainable treatment effect.
  • Safety and health support: these products have the effect of balancing hormones, supplementing necessary micronutrients, so they will bring a healthier body.

Disadvantages of oral melasma treatment method:

  • The effect is not high if the right drug is not used, because not all skin pigmentation is caused by hormones but may be due to external environmental influences.
  • It is necessary to use treatment methods from the outside in parallel, because taking medicine from the inside has good prevention and prevention effects - but the ability to treat is not high.
  • Large-brand melasma treatment pills are often quite expensive and need to be used continuously for several months.

5. Treat melasma with Oriental Medicine

melasma treatment method
Methods of treating melasma with Oriental medicine

There are many herbal remedies to treat melasma by drinking water or using concentrated decoction to apply it on the skin. However, this treatment method is quite laborious and not chosen by many people.

On the market, there are also lines of oriental medicine creams that are prepared according to heirloom recipes, helping users save time and bring high efficiency when used. In particular, there are sets of oriental medicine products that combine internal and external use to bring the fastest treatment effect to customers. This is also a way to treat melasma that many women favorably choose because it feels safer than other methods. (Read more about melasma treatment method highly rated nowadays).

Advantages of the method of melasma treatment with Oriental medicine:

  • Most oriental medicine products have benign ingredients, ensuring safety for the skin.
  • In addition to the treatment of melasma, the product sets have a very good skin care effect.
  • Compared with the methods of using special oral tablets or using specialized serums and creams, this method has a low cost.

Disadvantages of this treatment:

  • Using poor quality products will harm the skin and body.
  • This method also needs to be patiently implemented for a long time to bring visible results.

6. Melasma treatment with YAG laser technology

melasma treatment method
YAG laser treatment for melasma

Treatment of melasma with high technology Laser YAG It is the fastest and most effective method. With the mechanism of direct impact on the melasma area, it helps to dislodge melasma in a short time. In particular, with severe skin pigmentation, this is the only method to treat.

The advantages of this melasma treatment method:

  • This is a modern skin pigmentation treatment technology, ensuring the fastest and most thorough results.
  • Quick treatment time in just a few treatment routes.
  • At reputable cosmetic facilities like Miss Tram, depending on the skin condition, there are different treatment routes to safely remove melasma.
  • No pain, no damage to the skin and no downtime.
  • In the treatment route, Miss Tram also has care methods to help the skin quickly perfect.

However, if you choose poor quality cosmetic facilities, there may be the following risks:

  • With old laser technologies, it can cause skin damage and cannot completely treat melasma.
  • Treatments performed by poorly trained professionals may not give a complete result, and may not even be safe.
  • If you are not examined and treated according to the schedule, it will not bring the highest efficiency as well as the most cost savings.
  • The implementation cost is quite high for each route.

Therefore, you need to choose a reputable cosmetic facility with modern technology as well as a team of highly skilled technicians to bring the safest and most effective melasma treatment results.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the methods of melasma treatment that many people choose today. These treatments are both effective and safe if used and performed correctly. Hope this article will help you choose the most suitable treatment method. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin! 

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