What are the outstanding advantages of 3D Collagen Eyelash Curling Technology?

What are the outstanding advantages of 3D Collagen Eyelash Curling Technology?

|Question – Answer| What are the outstanding advantages of 3D Collagen Eyelash Curling Technology?

3D Collagen eyelash extension technology
Advantages of 3D Collagen eyelash extension technology

Actually, Miss Tram quite understands the mood of the "clumsy" women in terms of makeup. Struggling for hours on eyeliner, applying Mascara, or using an eyelash curler because "the eyes are the windows to the soul", the eyes must be beautiful and charming.

But fortunately, now, 3D Collagen eyelash curling technology has been born, which has almost "burdened" the responsibility for the eyes because it looks not only very natural but also stimulates the growth of baby eyelashes.

- 3D Collagen Eyelash Curling is a 3-dimensional eyelash curling technology, so no matter what angle you look at it, there is a very natural curvature. This method uses an incubation medicine containing Collagen essence to blacken the entire eyelash tip and eyelash root, so it supports the growth of longer and smoother eyelashes.

In particular, 3D Collagen eyelash curling possesses a number of outstanding advantages compared to other methods of eyelash beautification:

- Fast eyelash extension time, we do not take time to rest.

- The eyelashes keep the curvature for a long time, about 2-4 months, almost twice as long as the usual curling method. This saves you time and money as the cost of the new method is not much higher than the conventional curling method.

This is the most advanced eyelash curling technology today, helping the eyelashes to curl naturally, not dry and broken.

– There are many different sizes and curvatures for you to choose from to fit the face of each customer.

- Suitable for many different types of customers.

For those of you who have thick eyelashes, this method is always recommended by Miss Tram because it will help your lashes be sharper than those of you with thin eyelashes. Collagen essence also nourishes and stimulates thicker, darker and stronger eyelashes depending on the location of each person.

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