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Keep Your Skin Young - Radiant With Carbon Laser Treatment

[Q - A] What are the advantages of Carbon Laser Treatment?

Detox for skin - Shrink pores - Blur dark spots - Skin rejuvenation IN ONLY 1 TREATMENT, is this possible?


Keep Your Skin Young - Radiant With Carbon Laser Treatment Revealed

Carbon Laser Therapy The combination of laser light and activated carbon will demonstrate this most clearly. The principle of operation of this process leads to the positive effect of the skin as follows:

  • Activated Carbon Charcoal is a type of charcoal that contains great ingredients for the skin such as vitamins A, C, E, amino acids, etc.
  • These ingredients have high penetrating ability, crept deep into the skin, the bottom layer of the dermis absorbs toxins, removes accumulated dead cells, purifies toxins => helps restore damage. on the skin, rejuvenating the skin, at the same time tightening the pores and improving the condition of the oily skin.
  • Laser light will bring water molecules deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production to fill in wrinkles, giving the skin a full, youthful appearance.
  • Safe, no redness, swelling or skin damage, so there is no downtime.

 Reasons why customers should perform Carbon Laser Treatment at Miss Tram:

  1. At Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, the skin is cherished and cared for carefully by the hands of experienced, well-trained and responsible KTVs for the profession.
  2. The process of performing Carbon Laser Therapy is strictly and strictly controlled
  3. Honest and enthusiastic advice, dedicated care from reception until completion and satisfaction with the beauty results.

Miss Tram's commitment:

  • Painless, non-surgical and invasive. In particular, it only affects the area to be treated without affecting other skin areas.
  • The laser intensity used is carefully tested, safe and does not cause bad effects, does not cause swelling, redness, edema after the procedure.

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