Hot New Year's Deal Only available at Miss Tram Spa Full

Hot New Year's Offer Only Available At Miss Tram Spa


  • 52% off: Skin Care and Tattooing Services.
  • 70% off: The process of making roses and nipples gives away valuable products 1.100.000.

Special: Only 2.022.000 VND/ Combo 2 Times Non-Metallic Stem Cells - Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Lifting with product.

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Tattoo spray service - skin care
Tattoo spray service - skin care
Treatment of acne, pitted scars
Treatment of acne, pitted scars
Eyebrow hairstroke
Eyebrow hairstroke
Remove and fix cosmetic tattoo errors
Remove and fix cosmetic tattoo errors
Spray - sculpt eyebrows, lips, eyelids
Spray – sculpt eyebrows, lips, eyelids
Stem cell non-metallic therapy
Stem cell non-metallic therapy
The process of making pink nipples
The process of making pink nipples

More than 15 years in a row, Miss Tram Spa is always a prestigious beauty care address chosen by many customers because:

  • All products and technology transferred are researched and drawn through many years of experience in order to provide the best services to customers.
  • Owning a team of professionals with experience and good knowledge in the beauty industry.
  • Consciously advise on suitable options for each customer.
  • Have a thoughtful customer care policy after using the service.

Feel free to give beauty to Miss Tram Spa, we will cherish, take care and send you a radiant beauty in time to welcome Tet.

Instructions on how to make an appointment

+ Go directly to the address of Miss Tram beauty salon: 126/6 Phan Xích Long, Phường 3, Bình Thạnh District, HCM

+ Directly call the Hotline: 0899 194 519 – Call center: 1900 7018

+ Contact Miss Tram at fanpage:

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Needle Roll Concept

Needle roller considered a therapeutic measure based on the self-healing process of the skin. This method uses specialized equipment fitted with micro needle, causing extremely small lesions on the skin (only – 2.5mm).

Outstanding Uses Of Needle Roller

  1. Needle roller acne treatment
  2. Needle roller pitting scars
  3. Needle roller to treat melasma, freckles
  4. Needle roller to treat aging problems
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