Advice on Safe Tattoo Removal, Leaving No Scars Announced

Advice on Safe Tattoo Removal, No Scars

There is no need to overlap the old tattoo area with poor aesthetics, painful deep skin grinding or the use of harmful chemicals. Today, tattoo removal has become much simpler and safer with Laser Yag . technology Modern, effective and safe. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is one of the few cosmetic facilities possessing this modern technology, allowing people to freely pursue their passion for tattoo art.

Safe tattoo removal without leaving scars
Safe tattoo removal without leaving scars

Advice on Safe Tattoo Removal, No Scars

Nowadays, tattoos are not only a tool to show off their personality but also a passion of many young people, and owning a few tattoos on the body has become a very normal thing. However, trouble only arises when you are not satisfied with your old tattoos and want to remove them. You do not know how to do it because most tattoos are often very "stubborn".

Many people have heard of laser tattoo removal, but in fact, using a conventional laser will cause burning pain, damage to the skin, and even leave ugly scars. If you want to remove tattoos safely and cleanly, you should come to Laser Yag . technology.

What is Yag Laser Technology?

yag laser is an advanced tattoo removal technology, which is top rated in the US and Germany. In particular, this technology is also approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for effectiveness and safety when used on the human body.

This method uses wavelengths with frequencies of 1064nm and 532nm to act directly on the skin. Accordingly, this wavelength will break the color bond of the tattoo ink and peel it off into tiny particles, which are then gradually eliminated according to the body's natural elimination mechanism.

Latest tattoo removal technology
Latest tattoo removal technology

Yag laser is extremely safe, non-invasive as well as completely painless on the skin. Even people with thin and sensitive skin Laser Yag is completely harmless.

In fact, Yag Laser can effectively erase 95% of tattoos, even the most stubborn tattoos. Not only that, this method is completely harmless to the skin, does not cause pain and quickly recovers the treated skin area, so it is very popular with everyone. This technology only affects the skin to be treated directly, so it will not affect the surrounding skin.

Where is the safe tattoo removal with Yag Laser technology?

Safe tattoo removal
Safe tattoo removal with Yag laser technology

Today, there are many establishments that advertise laser tattoo removal, but in fact there are very few places that can provide this modern Yag Laser technology. If you want to remove tattoos safely and effectively, you should choose reputable tattoo removal facilities such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

This is one of the few units that can provide modern Yag Laser technology, making tattoo removal effective. With the process and machinery meeting the standards of health agencies, Miss Tram will help you safely remove tattoos.

Safe tattoo removal
Image of tattoo removal results after the first time

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Tattoo removal process at Miss Tram

  • Step 1: Experts conduct examinations, check the condition of the tattoo and advise on appropriate treatment methods.
  • Step 2: KTV cleans the area to be tattooed to avoid causing skin infection when performing the treatment.
  • Step 3: Apply anesthetic to help the client feel more comfortable.
  • Step 4: Perform tattoo removal with the most suitable laser frequency, ensuring effective tattoo removal and not affecting the skin.
  • Step 5: After laser irradiation, this skin area will be specially cared for and applied with skin cooling cream and sunscreen.
  • Step 6: Consulting after tattoo removal.

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Miss Tram VietNam - Natural Beauty Center with a team of experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic staff will help you "solve" the tattoos quickly. You are free to own your own cool tattoos, and enjoy life to the fullest in your own way.

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  1. Hai Trung says:

    I have a picture, sometimes tattooed when I was in the army, counting as a small tattoo on my arm, can you advise me on my tattoo removal process. Thank you so much

    • MissTram says:

      Hi Trung,
      Back to be able to consult more about the tattoo removal process for you, you should give Miss Tram your phone number or contact Miss Tram directly for advice. You can make an appointment to go directly to the consultation center, because if your tattoo is so deep and shallow, the time and process will be different.
      We look forward to receiving your contact with Miss Tram