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Which Acne Treatment Is Right For Your Skin?

You need to know: You Don't Have To Use Expensive Methods To Get Rid Of Acne

Each type of acne has a different treatment, each person's body and blood is different. Men and Women need different treatment. Therefore, you need to know your condition to avoid


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Having a beautiful skin is the desire of all of us. However, having acne is one of the common skin problems that make you nervous and lack confidence in communication.

In this article, Dermatologist at Miss Tram VietNam will directly advise on common acne skin conditions with different types of acne, thereby helping you find out acne skin treatment method Economical - Timely - Safe and Effective.


Causes of acne (1) There are many causes, but they can be synthesized and summarized as internal and external causes, specifically:

The reason comes from within:

  • Entering puberty, the sex hormones increase, causing the sebaceous glands to become active, thereby causing the pores to become clogged. In addition, a few years before menopause, some women in their forties and fifties may have acne again due to abnormal hormone levels.
  • Stress, prolonged stress, lack of sleep
  • A diet high in sugar, high in fat and hot spicy substances causes body heat
  • Due to heredity

External causes:

  • Dirty environment causes bacteria to accumulate on uncleaned skin
  • Due to change in water source
  • Facial cleanser, lotion, skin oil, care mask, sunscreen etc…

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Acne forms and develops quickly if not treated in time


  • Acne Cam

Acne Cam
Acne Cam

Acne bran are tiny dots that appear in many areas of the nose, chin, and cheeks, making your skin rough and less smooth.

  • Blackhead


This is the most common and common type of acne on all skin types. Blackheads form due to a mixture of oil, dirt and dead cells on the face. Blackheads are usually hard granules.

Blackheads are usually concentrated in the T-zone and cheeks near the nose. Long-standing blackheads will make your pores bigger.

  • Whiteheads


+ Whiteheads are basically the same as blackheads, the only difference is that whiteheads do not open pores, but clogged pores, because they are not exposed to air, so they do not change the color of acne to black.

  • Sebum Fibers

i Sebum
i Sebum

+ Sebaceous fibers are not actually a type of acne, but because the symptoms are quite similar, many people are confused.

Sebaceous filaments are formed by a mixture of bacteria, sebum lipids and dead cells around the hair follicle. Sebaceous filaments are quite similar to whiteheads, but when removed, they are small, long and white fibers without acne.

+ Sebaceous fibers are common in the chin area under the lips and on the sides of the nose. If the skin is normal, you will not see the sebaceous fibers, but when you stretch the skin, you will see the white white heads growing side by side. After the sebaceous filament is removed, the pore containing that sebaceous strand will be filled in accordance with the skin turnover cycle.

  • Pimples Hidden Under The Skin

Pimples Hidden Under The Skin
Pimples Hidden Under The Skin

This type of acne develops when blackheads and whiteheads become inflamed, forming small red or pink bumps on the skin, often without a pimple. Others are hidden deep under the skin, hard to see from the outside unless the skin is stretched or used a dermatoscope to see clearly.

This type of acne is very sensitive to the touch, if you squeeze or squeeze the acne will make the inflammation worse and can lead to scarring.

  • Inflammatory Acne, Cystic Acne

Inflammatory Acne, Cystic Acne
Inflammatory Acne, Cystic Acne

Purulent acne is a new development of hidden acne. The identification is quite similar to a whitehead with a red dome surrounded and swollen. The bumps often have a lot of white or yellow pus inside, so they look quite large.

+ Absolutely do not squeeze until the white head appears clearly. Moreover, this is just the stage of nearly ripe acne, if not squeezing all the kernels, it will make the infection worse and spread to the adjacent skin.

  • Headless Acne

Headless Acne
Headless Acne

+ Tumors are much more serious than pustules, cystic acne develops deep inside the skin and is very painful when formed. The most obvious manifestation is a large, inflamed pimple that is hard to the touch and does not see a pimple.

  • Eel Vein Acne

+ This is the most serious form of acne among all types of acne. Eel acne Mụn There are very large cysts, formed in patches, filled with pus deep inside the skin and quite soft, looking like blisters.

+ Like cystic acne, cystic acne is very painful if accidentally touched. The risk of scarring, even pitted scars is very high

Eel Vein Acne
Eel Vein Acne
  • Endocrine Acne

+ Hormonal acne is not fixed in any of the above types of acne. However, we can identify hormonal acne by acne location and return cycle. Usually hormonal acne will develop around the mouth, chin, and jawline and some other places.

+ Here are some hormonal acne locations, which will reveal to you better understand some of the body's problems that are being "alarmed" by acne.

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Above are 9 common types of acne, from which you can completely generalize the acne you are experiencing at home.

  • Acne group 1: Mild acne

+ Types of acne bran, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous fibers and endocrine acne are listed in the mild acne group because the acne nucleus is not deep or inflammatory. However, for hormonal acne, if the condition is recurrent and inflamed, it is a severe form of acne that needs prompt treatment.

••• Advice: Keep the skin clean, exfoliate regularly and maintain the habit of taking old acne cores every 7-10 days to remove the keratinized skin layer to help the skin clear.

••• Suitable treatments: You can choose from several methods:

  • Get acne core, suck acne bran, blackhead
  • Intensive skin care

Please experience acne, darkening, skin regeneration at Spa Miss Tram

Sanitize skin to remove acne bran to help clear acne, blackheads

Treatment duration: Maintain care every 7 - 10 days

Cost: From 50,000 VND - 250,000 VND/time depending on the facility

  • Acne group 2: Severe acne

+ Acne hidden under the skin, pustules without head, cystic acne are types of acne listed in the list of severe acne.

••• Advice: You should go to reputable facilities for expert advice on a timely, safe and effective treatment for your current skin condition. As long as the bacteria penetrate deep into the skin, it will make a large inflammatory acne cluster that will take time and cost to treat, and leave unsightly concave scars.

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You should go to reputable facilities for a timely skin examination

••• Suitable treatments:

••• Apply acne cream, take antibiotics

•••• Advantage:

Reduce acne quite quickly if your skin is suitable for acne cream or your body adapts to antibiotics.

•••• Disadvantages:

  • After stopping the cream or finishing the course of medication, acne will return and be worse than before.
  • The skin gradually becomes resistant to acne treatment cream if applied for too long
  • Taking antibiotics makes your body tired, your body temperature is hot, your lips are dry and peeling, and it affects your health

if you take antibiotics for more than the prescribed time.

Cost: From 300,000 VND - 1,000,000 VND/time depending on the facility

••• Acne treatment with Green Laser/Blue Light technology, Oxy Jet Technology, Nano Skin Technology, Bio Light Technology

•••• Advantage:

  • Solving acne in a short time, biological light helps destroy acne, kill bacteria, relieve clogged pores - the source of acne, and reduce inflammation.
  • Easily control newly formed acne spots
  • Treatment costs are quite cheap, suitable for all ages

•••• Disadvantages: It only solves acne on the surface of the skin. You should maintain regular skin care to control new acne as soon as possible.

Miss Tram Spa Need women who have treated acne for advice

Treatment time: From 3 to 10 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 350,000 VND - 1,500,000 VND/time depending on the facility

••• Acne treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Activation Technology

•••• Advantage:

  • Fractional CO2 laser micropoint activation technology is a technological breakthrough in the field of acne skin recovery and treatment - pitted scars. With a wavelength of 10.600 nm, it is able to penetrate deep into the dermis without causing invasion of the surrounding healthy skin.
  • Eliminate acne-causing bacteria, regulate sebum on the skin and antibacterial.
  • CO2 laser helps to stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill acne scars, while improving facial skin problems, helping to firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger skin..
  • It not only treats acne, dark spots but also helps whiten and smooth skin, tighten pores and regenerate healthy glowing skin.
  • The level of acne recurrence is low and minimizes inflammatory acne when it comes back.

Acne Treatment With Micro-Stimulus Technology Good Effectiveness
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•••• Disadvantages:

  • Treatment effectiveness depends greatly on each facility's machine generation and treatment products after microneedle activation.
  • Treatment costs are quite high compared to conventional acne treatment.

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Treatment time: From 1 to 5 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 2,000,000 VND - 6,000,000 VND/time depending on the facility

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type
Results of customers treating Acne - Dark - Pits at Miss Tram Beauty Salon
  • Acne group 3: Acne is very severe

Eel acne is the most severe type of acne. For this acne situation, you should quickly go to a reputable facility, a dermatological hospital to be examined and checked as soon as possible to help inhibit the sebaceous glands. You cannot prolong or maintain this acne treatment with conventional acne medications and natural face packs. Because the root of the acne is now deep in the skin, persistent pus oozes creating the outer epidermis, unable to completely dislodge the acne nucleus and can cause acne to develop further. In more severe cases, the skin can become infected.

reasonable price

Acne treatments: It is necessary to be examined by a Dermatologist for the degree of inflammation, then prescribe an internal medicine and an appropriate external skin treatment according to each condition.

Treatment time: From 3 to 6 months XNUMX

Cost: From 10,000,000 VND (Depending on skin condition and treatment facility)

Above, the dermatologist at Miss Tram has helped you learn the most about each type of acne and current treatment methods.

Thereby, depending on your current skin condition through 1 of the 9 types of acne above, you should choose a timely treatment method to save money and treatment time.

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type
Results of severe acne skin treatment at Miss Tram Cosmetics

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[Frequently Asked Questions When Treating Acne]

Question 1: Hi, I have had acne since puberty until now 22 years old, I also went to many places for treatment but it didn't go away, I don't know why?

Hello Miss Tram, here are some factors that make your acne condition not improve:

  • Does not completely solve the problem of oily skin
  • Not being advised on proper acne treatment
  • Failure to comply with the correct treatment regimen
  • Failure to re-examine acne condition on time
  • Arbitrarily squeezing acne, removing acne in the wrong way
  • Acne treatment at poor quality addresses
  • Maintain bad habits: staying up late, eating hot food, or squeezing acne

After verifying to confirm the cause, you should go directly to the Center for a free skin examination and analysis. From there, the Dermatologist at the Center will help you have the most accurate treatment plan! I see the sharing of those who have encountered questions like E:

Question 2: I was introduced by a friend to Miss Tram for treatment, let me ask if my skin takes a long time to get an acne, but it leaves dark spots for a long time, so what method should I treat?

Hi, in your case, you can choose High-tech acne treatments such as Green Laser/Blue Light, Oxy Jet Technology, etc. to help easily control acne as soon as it forms. As I have advised above, this is a fairly quick and cost-effective method of improving skin for you!

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type

Question 3: I used to treat acne with Fractional CO2 Laser at facility A but the results were not positive. I see that we also do this method, but the results like what you guys shared are beautiful but I don't know what to do, I'm very worried

Dear E, as you said above, although it is the same treatment method, it depends on the model of the machine, the origin of the machine, the laser energy during treatment, the skill of the Specialist and most importantly, the combined Product. when activating micropoints are the decisive factors to the results after doing.

At Miss Tram, the Center applies CO2 Fractional Laser micro-activation technology combined with exclusive Oriental Medicine herbal secrets to help stimulate tissue to increase collagen to fill acne and scarred skin areas, while improving facial skin problems. , helps firm skin, reduces dark spots, wrinkles, makes skin smoother and more youthful.

  • Fractional CO2 laser micro-shock helps to remove rough dead cells on the outside of the skin, increase collagen production to help the skin accelerate the regeneration process.
  • The combination of Oriental Medicine herbs penetrates deep into each acne, helping to treat acne safely and naturally for a long time.
  • Safe for all skin types, short treatment time, no downtime.
  • Improve oily, dark acne, adjust skin color, fade dark spots, smooth and white skin.
  • Long-term effect, preventing acne from coming back.

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type

In addition, if I am worried that the image I am worried about editing is not realistic, I will take the time to visit the Center to see if you have been treated for peace of mind!

Question 4: Can I ask if the acne treatment is completely gone and after the acne is gone, will it recur?

Hi E, root acne treatment is the concept of eliminating the root cause of E's current acne situation. Accordingly, before starting the course, the Center will conduct a dermatological examination and skin analysis for E. E to determine the skin level and give the lowest diagnosis after the end of the course.

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type

Usually after the end of the course, the acne level improves from 70 to 98% depending on the acne condition. In addition, the condition of oiliness, pores, sensitivity, concave scars also improved very well.

However, after my skin is beautiful, I should also spend time taking care of it to maintain beautiful skin at a very favorable cost and I can completely control acne at home according to the instructions of the Center. !

Question 5: I'm a student, so the treatment conditions are quite difficult, I don't know if my center can support students like us to treat acne?

Hi E, E is assured because with more than 17 years in the profession, Miss Tram always maintains a program to support acne treatment for future generations. All of you are students, students are supported with treatment costs from 10-20% on the promotional price!

E arranges a study time and visits at the weekend for a timely examination, skin examination and skin analysis, the Center will guide E with appropriate treatment and skin care, wish E soon regain her confidence with beautiful skin!

Advice on Acne Treatment Methods Suitable For Each Important Skin Type

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Shares From Acne Treatment Customers At Miss Tram:

Lua's share after finishing the course

Reporter: May I ask how long you have been treating pitting?

Customer: Yes, I started to treat pitting since 2006... at that time, when I was new to the scar technology, I did more than a dozen times but didn't have much results. Until recently, the technology of needle roller technology was introduced, I also did it 8 or 9 times but it only worked 10%… it didn't have the results I expected… then I was recommended by my friends. When I introduced myself to Miss Tram, I fired a laser… then when I first fired a laser, I felt it was reduced by 50% and now I am shooting 3 times, it is reduced by 80%… I hope I shoot a few more times then…. It's… like a normal smooth skin with no pitting scars…

Reporter: Beh now…. Now, when I look at your skin, I see that it is no longer pitted, much whiter and pink...

Customer: But it still has pores, I want it to be all pores but actually my skin is no longer pitted…but…

Reporter: KAre the results as I expected?

Guest: Yes, it was more than my expectation.

Reporter: ROh, I did introduce my friend until I finished the treatment and then I introduced you

Guest: Yes, there are many sisters… even my family members see the reality… so they come a lot…

Reporter: CI see her skin is white, pink naturally smooth. Do you feel the skin when after you do the pitting treatment at Miss Tram… do you see that your skin is oily or gray or something that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Customer: No, ma'am… I used to find it greasy too… in the past, I was very oily… but when I…. when I went to miss tram I shot… using this treatment, my face is no longer greasy, now it's white and pink naturally…

Baby Vy's share after using the service

Guest: Yes, after doing the treatment at miss tram, I also feel very happy…. and thank you for your enthusiasm with me here… at the same time, my mother also trusted miss tram so she also introduced friends… then relatives came to do and many other services…

Reporter: BDo my friends come to do acne treatment too…. Baby vy?

Customer: Yes, my friends need to treat acne a lot and people also ask me where I do it, but why does my skin look so much improved… because in the past, I used to have a lot of acne… when I met everyone again, everyone people are also quite surprised and also want to ask….

Reporter: Uh… let me show you my skin before… here… Vy's skin used to be a lot of acne… rough… not smooth and beautiful. And after a period of treatment, the skin has improved quite beautifully, naturally... tight pores... here!

Treating baby Chau's acne with Co2 Fractional Laser technology

Reporter: Roh... today I'm going to film my friend Chau... Be Chau I do a fractional co2 laser treatment combined with traditional medicine at the center to treat acne and bruises again... How many times have I treated Chau? ?

Baby Chau: Yes, I've been treated for 3 months now

Reporter: Đ3 months… how many times is my package of treatment?

Be Chau: My package is 5 times co2...

Reporter: 5 My co2 took care of my skin for 5 months… now it's been 3 months. I'm back to check my skin…. Then how do you see the improvement of the skin?

Baby Chau: I see the improvement in my skin is no acne, whiter skin.

Reporter: ĐOh... now I'm going to close Chau's skin for you to see, almost all of Chau's acne has improved by 85-90%... it's just a little dark on the skin. The cheeks on this side used to have more acne before... but it has become much whiter and pinker and almost my skin is more even.

Then… thank you, now I have 3 fractional co2 lasers…. Also, if it's skin care, I'll save that result for you and I'll keep the distance haha… that's it…. thank you so much

Feedback hotgirl Tay Ly

Hello everyone... you all know that Ly's skin is quite bad due to regular makeup, so she also has a habit of staying up late, or eating hot spicy food, so Ly's friend introduced Ly to a spa that she I really like it… it's miss tram spa… today I'm here to prepare for my skin care… I invite you all to visit and experience the services here….

Entering the miss tram, Ly's first impression is the cheerful and cheerful attitude of the staff when welcoming guests…. The space here is luxurious but equally warm… The products here are mostly oriental medicine, not the usual cosmetics like other spas….

This is the place to display certificates, certificates of merit, medals that miss tram has achieved… When seeing this place, Ly feels more secure, more confident when using the service here…

The staff will now introduce Ly to the services that are available here. In addition to skin care, at miss tram, there are also tattoo and sculpting services, especially when Ly's friends come here, they will receive a discount of 5-10% more.

Again, everyone, at Miss Tram, use a new technology skin scanner to analyze in detail and carefully my skin. Then the staff will advise you to know what level your skin is, then use the most suitable treatment, best for your skin ... then proceed with skin care.

The first is to clean the skin… remove makeup… wash the face… then exfoliate… that… quite a lot of dead cells on Ly's face are removed… then rub your face, clean your face again… take a hot shower, everyone… a hot steam bath will help open up your skin, pores won't be clogged, suck up sebum, suck out acne bran on Ly's face afterwards. just proceed to remove acne.

The KTVs here are very skilled, so when taking the core of Ly's acne, there is no pain... put on a detox mask, everyone. Applying a detoxifying mask... and then shining blue light will help the skin fight inflammation, antibacterial, prevent the formation of acne and acne again.

Finally clean the skin again before the end of the treatment…!


Hello everyone… Currently, Sin is present at Miss Tram Academy, with the address at 590/E4 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 11, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh… then this is a place where Sin often beautifies. So today is Sin's free day… then Sin will make a video – this clip to share with everyone about the place where Sin is beautiful… and.. because ah… Sin's job is to make contact. With regular sunlight and having to make-up every day, Sin's face is full of toxins and dirt and it's becoming more and more ugly and discolored…. then the reason Sin came here today is to renovate his beauty… and Sin has a little hint for everyone that if Sin's friends and relatives come here, everyone can experience the services here. here… if you read the pass as “friend of Sin”, you will have special offers for everyone…

Now everyone, follow Sin to visit my spa… In addition to spa services, there is also a specialist in cosmetic tattoo spray and when I come here, I will be consulted by the staff member very carefully about the treatments. Service here…

And after being consulted, I will go up to the room and have my skin checked… and the staff member examined my skin very carefully and advised me about the procedures here… as well as giving me advice on what to do. my skin condition and as well as my skin defects to be able to do a course that is really suitable for my skin…

And after looking through the menu of skin care and treatment services, there are many different treatments, especially with very affordable prices, Sin has found a course for her that is the course of treatment. 3rd… skin rejuvenation with cold electrophoresis and salmon DNA.

First, the staff member took off her makeup and then used an exfoliant for her skin and massaged it very gently and relaxingly for the skin.

After that, I will use a facial cleanser to clean my skin and give me a relaxing massage. Next is steaming and applying salmon DNA essence to my skin… and face massage to let the essence penetrate into my facial skin. Then, use cold electrophoresis to massage to allow the essence to penetrate into the skin.

And next is the step of applying the mask on the skin… and finally the step of green light to regenerate the skin, stretch it, and rejuvenate the skin. Sin feels very satisfied when experiencing the services here and thanks Miss Tram for helping Sin always have a very beautiful skin…!

Quoc Sang shares his feelings after the acne treatment at Miss Tram

Reporter: Ah.. hello Sang… it must have been a long time since I've had time for me to see Sang again. I wonder if you're coming to take care of my skin right now Sang ha…

Sang: Yes… I'm taking care of my skin again

Reporter: Well… because I remember Sang ha's skin… in a moment I'll show you that Sang’s skin used to have a lot of acne before… but now… you see… Sang Can you turn it around a little bit for you to see...

Here, it's changed from time to time like there are only a few acne spots… but hot acne ha. Sometimes when I don't take good care or sometimes it's hot here and there, I wear a mask a lot, it can go up 1-2... Well now everyone will see Sang's skin picture before coming to Miss Tram treat it...

Here you see... before that Sang's skin was very oily, large pores, pitted scars, acne hidden under the skin, inflammatory acne ... occupied about 80-90% of the face area... that's it... here is the other side… can you see…. acne keratitis a lot….Have you looked at my previous skin picture Sang…

Sang: Yes… I still have it on my phone

Reporter: Well… I still keep it on my phone… how long before I have the treatment, I can see the results of my skin starting to improve…

Sang: Yes, I treated it for about 3-4 months and my skin started to improve very well!

Reporter: Well… 3-4 months is a good start to improve. First, with Sang's skin treatment regimen, the center will share with you a little bit that at first, I will treat the sebum condition first. Because you can see, Sang's skin before that was a lot of oil on the skin, so it was inflamed... so the center gave the treatment plan that I would treat the sebum. greasy before. When the amount of sebum it reduced, I started to switch to treating inflammatory acne as well as darkening and evening the skin tone as well as I improved a lot about the pitted scars on Sang's face.

Right now, you're doing skin care treatments at the center, right?

Sang: Yes that's right… I'm still doing some treatments.

Reporter: Well.. how are you taking care of your skin at home right now?

Sang: Yes, I use the drug S0…à S1 S2 of the center.

Reporter: Well, I'm… and using the drugs in the Dori product set of the center, those products will help control the amount of sebum for me. I use…I take care of it at home. It's also simple Sang ha?

Sang: Yes… I also find it simple.

Reporter: Uh… well now, how often do you take care of your skin once?

Sang: Yes, about… about 2 weeks I go to take care of my skin once.
Reporter: Well… about every 2 weeks, I take care of my skin once. You see, it's like two different people. That… you see… it's like two different people. This is the center shot with a 100% normal camera, everyone… here.

Then… ah… then you remember that Sang introduced some of my friends to the center, right?

Sang: Yes, I introduced my brother, cousin and sister

Reporter: You all have acne just like me… Now first of all, I thank Sang for allowing my center to film and share. Because there are many people who have improved their skin more beautiful than Sang always. But people are shy that's why we can't film good feedback like this

I just need to maintain the care according to the instructions, my skin will always be beautiful. Then thank you very much

Sang: Yes, thank you center!

Thuy Quynh shares her feelings about Red Ginseng Transplantation

Thuy Quynh has just experienced a fresh red ginseng transplant at miss tram. Although it was recommended by friends many times, today I only had time to visit and experience.

I thought transplanting red ginseng was very painful and took a lot of time. But in the process of making me feel very relaxed, comfortable and does not take much time. Ah… it takes about an hour… I can take my lunch break to stop by and experience.

After I finished, I found that my skin was bright, smooth, shiny and especially very rosy, so I decided to buy a package to visit for 10 days to transplant red ginseng once to help my skin more beautiful.

Ms. Nguyet shares her feelings after 1 month of treating melasma and freckles at Miss Tram Spa

Reporter: Ah… I greet Ms. Nguyet. Today, Ms. Nguyet came to Miss Tram to take care of her skin periodically, right, Miss Nguyet?

Miss Nguyet: That's right!

PV: Yes. I remember that before, Nguyet's skin in the melasma area below was very much, the skin was dark as well as the area of ​​freckles or brown spots around the cheeks. Currently, how long has it been since Ms. Nguyet has treated the skin on the miss tram side, Ms. Nguyet ha?

Ms. Nguyet: Ah… it's been more than a month.

Reporter: Well… more than a month. After more than a month, Ms. Nguyet saw how her skin improved now?

Ms. Nguyet: Look how bright it is… bright and young again.

Reporter: That's… Miss Nguyet is outside if people talk to Ms. Nguyet, everyone will see that she talks very cutely and honestly. Ah… I turn over here to show you a little bit.

Here… in a moment, the center will update the previous image of Ms. Nguyet for everyone to see… this is the center I filmed with a regular camera. Then the skin area of ​​Ms. Nguyet before... ah, where is it?... everyone, look... the previous skin area of ​​Ms. Nguyet can be seen by everyone. Her entire skin surface with rather dark pigmentation as well as age spots, brown spots or even skin tags…. always very much.

Currently, Miss Nguyet's skin is… you can see it… it's white and smooth… it looks much better on the outside than in the picture. Some of the blood capillaries on the bottom that you're seeing… this isn't your skin thinning, it's already there. However, when my skin is getting melasma, I can't see much clearly but when I finished the treatment, the melasma area was gone, I saw it more clearly than the blood capillary area below, but her skin is clear During the treatment, the skin is shiny as well as it is healthier.

Here you can see her skin on one side… that… her freckled area as well as her melasma area is very much.

Right now, how much do you feel your skin has improved?

Ms. Nguyet: My skin… I can feel 80% of you… look at it bright… before, my face looked like it was dark and freckled, so my face looks a lot darker… now I see light.

Reporter: Yes... now it's morning already...
Ms. Nguyet: … seeing the person I see is much more comfortable than before…

Reporter: Yes… when I'm younger, I'm more beautiful, I feel happier than Nguyet ha. Do you guys notice more about Nguyet's eyebrow area... Nguyet's eyebrows before this part behind the tail are a bit missing, but after one time, Nguyet did, everyone saw it was also very nice. It's natural and I haven't had it back yet so it's not 100% complete... but it looks very natural.

Before that, Ms. Nguyet came, what service did Ms. Nguyet do? Eyebrows and lips first?

Sister Nguyet: Sculpting me.

Reporter: Ah… sculpt the eyebrows with the lips first. Here's my lips… you can see… here… now that I've gone through a deep treatment… and the old original picture before that it was even darker… it was a lot darker but… Part of the present part of Nguyet's lips now, the dark part has melted and the color part it has become inside, so Nguyet's face is also brighter.

After a while, I'm sure when my skin improves even more, then I'll come back for everyone to see the beauty process of Nguyet every day.

Yes... I don't bother Ms. Nguyet anymore... today, Ms. Nguyet will take care of her skin periodically next time.

Miss Nguyet: Thank you!

PV: Yes, thank you! Hello!

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