During Lip Filler Time Can Spray Lips Behind

Can Lip Filler Spray Lip Filler During Lip Filler Time?

Owning a full and attractive lips is always the desire of many people, however, not everyone is lucky enough to own it. To make the lips more beautiful, many people have come to cosmetic methods in which injections elephants thicken lips and lip spray These are the two most popular beauty treatments. So, in time lips with filler Can I spray lips? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you answer this question.

Can I spray lips while having fillers?
Can I spray lips while having fillers?

1 Lip injection and lip filler injection

To answer the above question, first of all, you need to understand the nature of these two beauty methods.

Fillers are fillers that are injected into the lips to make them look fuller and fuller. There are 3 common types of filler injections:

  • Filler injection to thicken the lips, increase the size of the lips. You can choose to have lip injections in certain parts of the lips to get the desired lips.
  • Heart-shaped lip injections give girls a sexy yet cute lips. To create a heart-shaped lip, the plastic surgeon will inject filler and the area between the lips.
  • In addition, you can also choose to pump your lips into the corner of your mouth to create the effect of the corner of your mouth when smiling, making the smile bright and radiant.
Can lip fillers be sprayed on lips with filler?
What is lip filler?

The most commonly used fillers today are made from Hyaluronic Acid (AH), a substance naturally found in the human body. It feels extremely soft, natural and it is difficult to tell if your lips have undergone "refurbishment".

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And lip tattooing is a method of using a specialized needle with a micro-tipped tip to put a certain amount of colorant deep under the epidermis of the skin, helping to keep lips colored without having to apply lipstick. Currently, there are many different lip spray methods such as: crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray or queen lip spray, each form has certain advantages and disadvantages.

If filler injection helps to thicken and shape the lips, lip spray helps to effectively treat dark lips, repair damaged lip shape and help lips have a fresh color. Many people want to perform both forms of beauty at the same time to own a beautiful lips as desired, but it is very difficult to do this.

2 Is it possible to inject filler and spray lips at the same time?

During Lip Filler Time Can Spray Lips Behind
It is NOT possible to inject lip filler and spray lips at the same time

It's sad because the answer Tram - Natural Beauty Center for you is IS NOT. If your lips have filler, it will be at least 1 year before you can spray your lips, otherwise, it will be very difficult to erase the dark and it will be difficult to get the desired lip color.

If you want to own a dark lips, always keep the desired color and still be plump and attractive, you can choose the method of collagen lip spray or stem cell lip spray.

Lip injection collagen or stem cells is still a common lip spray method, using a super-thin needle to put ink under the lips. However, in the ink spray will be added an amount of natural collagen essence or stem cells to help nourish the lips from the inside, making the lips smooth and soft. These nutrients are completely natural and safe for human health, so you can rest assured to use them. In addition, when supplemented with nutrients, lips will be healthier, increase elasticity and reduce lip cracking and dry lips effectively.

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You should also note, to own a beautiful lips, you must definitely choose a quality lip spray facility like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Miss Tram possesses many outstanding advantages that not all aesthetic establishments have.

During Lip Filler Time Can Spray Lips Behind
Beautiful lip spray image at Miss Tram

The first thing to mention is the regular updating of modern lip spray methods such as: crystal lip spray, queen lip spray, soot or soot lip spray. collagen lip spray. Miss Tram owns modern equipment with the best quality tattoo inks, ensuring safety and quality first.

Next, the KTV here are all skilled, experienced people, spraying lips according to the strict process and regulations of the profession. Guaranteed to bring customers beautiful and attractive lips.

Miss Tram VietNam There are also estheticians who directly examine and evaluate the condition of your lips as well as a dedicated consultant, helping you choose the right lip spray method and lip color, making you more beautiful and famous. turn on. After spraying, you will be instructed to take care of them thoroughly and have a warranty and appropriate lip care after spraying.

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In general, if you want to own a beautiful and attractive lips, lip spray is the right choice for you. Not only that, lip spray is also much cheaper and less risky than beautifying with filler injections. If your lips have filler, then wait at least a year before spraying your lips, to ensure that your lips have a beautiful standard color.

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