Does Vaginal Hair Removal Affect Married Life? Information

Does Vaginal Hair Removal Affect Married Life?

"Before, I didn't pay much attention to the private hair removal cases, sometimes just trimmed it neatly. But after the birth of the baby, the pubic hair becomes increasingly hard and dense, which is very uncomfortable. I want to have hair removal, but I don't know if I have to abstain from marriage during the treatment, or affect the relationship between husband and wife.?” – This is a question that HT (in HCM) sent to Miss Tram, and also a problem that many women are wondering.

"Honey triangle areaOur skin often has more dense hair than other areas of the skin. Vaginal hair Too dense not only affects aesthetics but also causes many problems such as itching, bad smell, folliculitis, etc. Therefore, pubic hair removal are being taken care of by many women. But whether Does vaginal hair removal affect sex? is not? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will reply to you immediately.

Does pubic hair removal affect sex?
Does pubic hair removal affect sex?

1 Does Vaginal Hair Removal Affect Married Life?

Job pubic hair removal The right way brings great benefits such as:

  • Avoiding gynecological diseases: In the summer, the bikini area with too thick hair will be susceptible to bacteria, fungi, etc. to penetrate, grow and cause disease.
  • Increase women's confidence: The smooth triangle area will help women feel more confident when wearing tight clothes or bikinis.
  • Helping sex "sublime": The dense hair covering the entire honey triangle area is removed not only to make women more attractive in the eyes of their partner, but also to increase the contact of "flesh" - making it more pleasurable. of both sides more fully.

So, does the process of pubic hair removal affect married life?? All of hair removal method Now, if done properly, it will not negatively affect the private area and will not affect the couple's life. In contrast, hair removal in the bikini area will help women become more attractive, more confident, and bring more wonderful experiences in sex.

However, the skin in the intimate area is very sensitive and fragile, if hair removal is not done properly, it is easy to burn skin, skin darkening, burning pain, vaginitis, folliculitis, allergies, etc. small to husband and wife activities. If you want to remove the viola, you should note the following points:

  • No. waxxing during menstruation – affects aesthetics, hygiene and easily causes inflammation.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not have hair removal – because this period is quite sensitive, hair removal can affect both mother and baby.
  • After hair removal, you should not sunbathe, exercise a lot, wear tight shorts, swim or use fragrance-containing products on the intimate area - affecting the recovery of the skin.
  • Choose a safe hair removal method, a reputable hair removal unit - avoid unnecessary consequences.
Should I remove pubic hair?
What to pay attention to when removing pubic hair?

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2 How to safely remove pubic hair?

There are many methods of intimate hair removal, depending on your needs, preferences and location that you should consider to choose. The pros and cons of each method you can refer to:

Traditional method of shaving

This is a popular hair removal method chosen by many women because it is simple and easy to do at home. However, shaving with a razor brings low efficiency, does not end the hair roots. It even makes the hair grow faster, denser, harder and darker afterwards.

Methods of waxing the pubic area

If with other skin areas hair wax The effect is quite good, but not for the triangle area. Because this method of hair removal is quite painful, the impact is strong, so it can make the sensitive triangle area more susceptible to irritation after implementation.

Method of using hair removal cream

Having the advantage of being easy to use, painless, but using hair removal cream is not very effective. After only a few days of use, the pubic hair grows back faster - denser - harder than the original. In addition, if using poor quality products, there is also a risk of itching, allergies, and poisoning of the intimate area.

Hair removal with technology

The hair removal method by technology is considered the best choice today. You will be removed at the root of the hair follicle quickly and permanently without causing pain or any irritation. The minus point of this method is that the cost is much higher than conventional hair removal methods.

However, compared to the effectiveness brought, high-tech hair removal is still favored by many women.

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3 Safe Vaginal Hair Removal at Miss Tram

Currently, Miss Tram is using Laser diode technology and OPT – SHR Technology in hair removal services. These are advanced applications, helping to treat hair follicles safely - effectively - in the long term.

With great advantages such as: no pain, invasive skin, no side effects, Diode Laser Technology and OPT - SHR promises to bring the best hair removal experience for both men and women. and female. Not only that, these technologies also improve skin color, Shrink pores, helps the intimate area to be brighter, smoother and firmer.

Diode Laser intimate area removal technology
Diode Laser Removal Technology

Hair removal process at Miss Tram:

  • Step 1: Customers will be examined and consulted directly about the condition of the skin, the appropriate technologies and hair removal procedures.
  • Step 2: Clean the hair removal area.
  • Step 3: Apply cold gel to soothe the skin, soften the hair, minimize the burning sensation.
  • Step 4: Using the right wavelength and energy, shine a laser (Diode Laser or Laser OPT - SHR) at the hair area.
  • Step 5: Clean the gel and clean the hair removal area.

Miss Tram VietNam Owning modern facilities and a team of highly skilled professionals, you will be completely assured of the quality and absolute privacy of the service. Check out the price list of Miss Tram at the link:

"Does hair removal in the private area affect married life? Không?” – Definitely NO if you choose a safe hair removal method. Not only that, hair removal will make you more confident, more attractive and bring more "sublimated" experiences in bed.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful. Wish you always beautiful!

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