Treating Melasma, Freckles Easy Or Difficult? Sincerely

Treating Melasma, Freckles Easy Or Difficult?

Women after the age of 30, fertility collagen of the body begins to decline, the skin begins to age with many signs such as wrinkles, melasma and freckles. Melasma and freckles are very difficult to treat, the longer it is left, the more difficult it is, so you should not be subjective about this issue.

Is it easy to treat melasma and freckles?
Melasma and freckles are left on for a long time, the harder it is to treat

Treating Dark Spots Freckles Easy Or Difficult?

1 Dark spots, freckles – A feeling that is hard to say

Nam: Is one of the skin diseases caused by the overproduction of melanin, which causes brown spots on the skin surface, which can be in patches or scattered on both cheeks, nose, forehead. The order of difficulty to treat melasma is ranked in ascending order as follows:

  • Melasma array: These are melasma that eat shallowly on the epidermis of the skin, making the skin darker than other areas of the skin.
  • Deep Melasma: Dark patches are located behind the dermis, larger than the tip of the wand, appearing in small round spots or in clusters.
  • Mixed Melasma: It is a skin condition with both melasma and deep melasma.

Blackhead: It is a minor skin defect that occurs due to pigmented growths in the basal and dermis layers. These are small, round, flat brown dots less than 0,5cm in diameter, commonly found on the skin of the face, neck, shoulders, and back of the hands.

treat dark spots and freckles
Melasma and freckles

Freckles and melasma Although not harmful to health, it seriously affects the aesthetics, making the "suffering owner" become self-deprecating and afraid to communicate with people around. When discovering melasma and freckles, many people have tried all kinds of ways to cure it, however, not everyone has achieved the expected results.

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2 Effective treatment for dark spots and freckles

Many sisters are still whispering about each other how to treat freckles, dark spots with natural ingredients such as fresh milk, lemon, aloe vera, rice water, turmeric, or papaya. However, these ingredients only work to beautify the skin and reduce a part of dark spots and freckles, but cannot completely cure them.

Many people also use chemicals to lighten freckles (such as using hydrogen peroxide, mercury) or use specialized creams to treat freckles. Deep brown. However, it is very difficult to completely treat freckles and dark spots at the root.

treatment for dark spots and freckles
Treatment of melasma with Laser Yag

To treat dark spots and freckles at the root, the most effective way is to use advanced treatment technology, especially advanced technology. YAG laser laser. This technology fully meets the strict standards of the US FDA, Europe's CE for safety and effectiveness, so you can rest assured when using it.

Compared with old methods that only work on the surface of the skin, YAG Laser technology is capable of treating melasma and freckles at the root. By using wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm, impacting from shallow to deep into the dermis and dermis of the skin, YAG Laser removes all stubborn pigmentation and freckles.

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3 Advantages of the method of treating melasma by YAG laser technology 

  • Treat melasma, freckles at the root: YAG Laser's yellow light with wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm helps to completely treat all melasma and freckles.
  • Quick treatment time: Unlike old technologies, the treatment course of YAG Laser is shortened, saving maximum treatment time.
  • Skin beauty: This technology helps stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, enhances collagen production to help skin become whiter and healthier.
  • Absolute safety: YAG laser is completely harmless to the skin or human health, so you can rest assured when using it.
Treating Melasma, Freckles Easy Or Difficult? Sincerely
Miss Tram is an address to treat melasma and freckles trusted by customers

If you want to completely treat freckles or dark spots, you should come Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for effective treatment. Miss Tram's estheticians will examine and advise and evaluate the skin condition of each customer to come up with a specialized treatment regimen. Along with that, you will be trained by skilled KTVs to project Yag Laser with appropriate wavelengths deep into the epidermis to improve skin condition effectively.

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With Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center The treatment of dark spots or freckles is no longer a problem too difficult. We will help you treat all skin problems at the root, bring radiant skin, sublimate beauty, and help you be more beautiful and confident in life.

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