Laser Melasma Treatment Possibilities

Laser Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a common condition of most women, especially women after giving birth or entering middle age. Although it does not affect health, but affects the aesthetics of the skin and life, melasma is always a big obsession of women.

today, laser treatment for melasma At beauty salons, Spas are being chosen by many people, bringing high efficiency. Let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn about this method!

Effective Laser Treatment of Melasma

causes of skin pigmentation
Causes of skin pigmentation and effective treatment

What is laser melasma treatment?

Laser darkening treatment works by the mechanism of using light combined with special drugs, affecting the melanin in the surface layer, breaking down into tiny particles and excreted out by a natural mechanism. However, at the same time, it stimulates the growth of new skin cells, giving the skin a brighter, smoother appearance in a short time (usually 1 to 2 weeks). Laser treatment not only treats melasma, lasers can also remove freckles, remove moles and rejuvenate the skin. (List the Subjects prone to pigmentation, freckles attack you must know).

Currently, laser technologies used in medicine and cosmetology are divided into two main groups:

  • Group used to burn: Used like an electric knife, especially in cases of rice grains, soft lumps, lumps, moles, warts on the skin surface.
  • Q-Switched short pulse group: Has the function of erasing pigments located deep under the skin such as melasma, freckles, brown spots. In addition, laser technologies belonging to this group also have the ability to stimulate proliferation collagen and elastin rejuvenate the skin.
how to treat dark spots with laser
Treat dark spots with cosmetic laser treatment

If some technology laser treatment for dark spots Classical methods still have many limitations such as: causing scars or not treating melasma completely, the Q-Switched short pulse laser technology group is often used in the cosmetic industry, quite safe and does not cause bleeding.

So, should you treat melasma with a laser?

Many people believe that laser darkening treatment is quite safe in the treatment of melasma, does not cause damage, does not leave scars, does not affect the surrounding skin and especially treats melasma effectively immediately permanent, no long-term recurrence. But reality shows, Laser technology to treat dark spots quite diverse and widely used, but not all lasers can treat melasma completely.

Because it only affects the outer pigmented areas in the epidermis, laser treatment of melasma with laser technology has a very high recurrence rate (usually 100%), which means that melasma and freckles in the dermis remain and will pushed up after a short time.

Thus, those who treat melasma with laser, if they go out in the sun without careful cover, take care of their skin the wrong way, eat unscientifically, the melanin layer under the skin will continue to appear, which means that the melasma area will be darker. than.

Not to mention, if used incorrectly, not properly adjusted by experts, highly skilled doctors in reputable medical and aesthetic facilities, it will not only improve melasma but also bring The dangers are unpredictable, can cause severe burns, further damage the skin with melasma, even appear new bruises, larger and darker than the old ones. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of melasma treatment and absolute safety, you need to make an accurate and smart choice.

Is skin care after dark pigmentation treatment safe?
Is skin care after dark pigmentation treatment safe?

today, laser treatment for melasma At beauty salons, spas are being chosen by many people and consider this an effective solution, an alternative to topical or oral anti-pigmentation drugs. However, the advice of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is that you need to learn carefully and choose the right laser, certified by a dermatological organization. At the same time, you should only go to reputable establishments, licensed by health authorities to operate. (Refer to top Natural dark spot treatment mask safest and most effective).

Hope the above information will be useful to you.

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