What is the best method to treat pitted scars? Research

What is the best method to treat pitted scars?

pitted scars is one of the serious problems on the skin, seriously affecting our aesthetic and psychological aspects. People with scars often have a fear of communication, feel unconfident in many aspects and want to quickly get rid of them. So where do pitted scars come from and what is the definitive treatment for this condition? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Will answer your questions through the article below.

Summary of Safe Pit Scar Treatment Today

How to treat pitted scars safely
Causes of pitted scars and the safest way to treat pitted scars

1. Pitted scars and the causes of pitted scars

Pitted scars are the phenomenon of damaged skin, the structure is broken leading to the collagen and Eslatin connective vessels that cannot be linked together. Because so, The surface of the skin will appear concave spots, and these indentations are not capable of filling themselves, leading to pitted scars. Pitted scars do not appear naturally but are caused by factors such as:

  1. People with acne, if not treated properly (or squeezing acne, touching acne when hands are not clean, acne is infected, ...) will cause elastic fibers to be broken. At this time, there is a serious shortage of Collagen and Eslatin, leading to damage that is difficult to heal. Acne scars are usually small dense spots on the skin of the face.
  2. People with blackheads are also at a higher risk of developing pitted scars. Similar to acne, when not taken care and treated in time, our skin will suffer serious damage. The pitted scars caused by blackheads are concentrated in the wings of the nose, small in size, but deeply rooted in the skin.
  3. In addition, the rate of people with pitted scars due to a history of chickenpox or stomach burns from childhood is quite high. This type of pitting is large (3-8mm), appearing scattered on the face.

Each person will have a different body, so many cases of experiencing skin lesions (acne types, chickenpox) cannot recover on their own. Over time, these scar areas increasingly interfere with the absorption of nutrients (from masks and creams), so the skin becomes less firm and smooth. (Instructions on how facial skin care with pitted scars safety you definitely have to know).

2. How to treat pitted scars?

Safe pitting scar treatment at Miss Tram
Safe pitting scar treatment at Miss Tram

Pitted scars are one of the severe forms of facial skin damage, so it is difficult to treat with masks, creams, cosmetics or conventional methods. In order for the scars to fade away, we must directly affect this skin area, and the treatment process requires a lot of patience.

Currently, there are two methods of treating pitted scars that are chosen by many people: needle roller and laser. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Specifically:

Needle roller

Treat pitted scars with needle roller
Treat pitted scars with needle roller

This method uses a device that attaches micro-needles, which are gently applied to the surface layer of the skin. This movement will help the dermis form a false wound, promoting the skin's self-healing mechanism to work more strongly. At that time, the blood circulation reactions, the production of Collagen and Eslatin will be boosted. After the needle roller step, the skin is also supplemented with many nourishing essences, helping the skin surface to heal quickly, self-filling the concave areas effectively.

Needle roller pitting scars Simple implementation but want to achieve the best results, as well as prevent complications and the risk of infectious diseases from instruments, you should choose professional and reputable centers. At that time, we will be assured of the quality of the equipment and the workmanship of the KTV.

Laser projection

The laser method and especially the Fractional CO2 laser will bring results right from the first treatment. Fractional CO2 laser uses a wavelength of 10.600 nm, directly affecting the damaged skin, stimulating collagen production. At that time, the scarred skin areas will be quickly regenerated, becoming fuller and smoother.

Miss Tram Beauty Salon Specializes in Pimple Scar Treatment - Prestige Pimples Ho Chi Minh City
Results before and after treating pitted scars, skin rejuvenation for customers at Miss Tram

CO2 laser has the ability to treat perennial pitted scars, reverse signs of aging, and nourish the skin from deep within. Not only that, this method also helps to completely treat many acnes, effectively preventing re-scarring. Using a laser will not cause pain, no downtime or strict abstinence. (Learn more about Causes of pitted scar treatment failure you should not ignore).

With these modern and effective methods, people with pitted scars will no longer suffer from low self-esteem as before. If you are "suffering" because of pitted scars, come to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, experts will examine and advise the most suitable course for you. Believe that with modern technology and the experience of highly skilled experts at Miss Tram, you will quickly find your beautiful smooth skin again.

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