Is Collagen Treatment Really Effective Directly

Is Collagen Scar Treatment Really Effective?

The method of treating pitted scars with Collagen is mentioned by many people, but is the treatment of pitted scars with collagen really effective?

pitted scars This is what makes us ugly, less confident and afraid to communicate with people. More dangerous, the longer it is left, the more difficult it is to treat pitted scars. With timely treatment, pitted scars can be "erased" completely, returning fresh, smooth skin to you. Many method pitted scar treatment different, in which Treat pitted scars with collagen This is a highly effective method. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center You will learn more about this method together.

Causes of pitted scars and effective treatment
Causes of pitted scars and effective treatment

Pimples are not an uncommon condition. This is a case where the skin is damaged causing the skin structure to break, breaking the chain collagen create pitting. Causes of pitted scars can include:

  • Acne
  • Blackhead
  • Chickenpox (chickenpox)

The most effective way to treat pitted scars is to stimulate the formation of collagen under the skin, which helps to restore damaged skin, flatten the skin surface and effectively regenerate the skin. There are many ways to supplement collagen for the skin, you can combine many methods to achieve perfect results, treat pitted scars quickly.

Supplement through food

To enhance collagen formation for the body, you should increase your menu with dark green vegetables, garlic, salmon, avocado, carrots, citrus fruits, ... In addition, you can also collagen supplements in pill form. Oral collagen supplements are considered to be quite safe and good for health, however, the effect of this method is quite slow, requiring you to be persistent for a long time.

Is it safe to treat pitted scars with collagen?
Skip collagen pills to help prevent pitted scars

Treat pitted scars with creams containing collagen

This method is not appreciated, because although it can make the skin more beautiful, the ability to recover pitted scars of this method is not feasible. Collagen cannot penetrate deep into the skin to completely fill the scars, but only temporarily cover the concave scars and keep the skin moist.

Inject collagen into the skin

This is a very popular beauty method and achieves quite satisfactory results. The injection of collagen into the skin will provide collagen to the skin effectively, smooth skin and effectively overcome pitted scars. However, collagen injection is very dangerous because allergies, drug shock, drug anaphylaxis can affect your health. (Refer to the method Treat pitted scars with viral skin transplants Hottest today).

Treat pitted scars with collagen
Using the method of collagen injection into the skin

Use collagen mask

Collagen masks have the ability to effectively supplement collagen, help moisturize the skin and beautify the skin, and have a positive effect on the treatment of pitted scars. However, this method only works to support treatment, but it is difficult to completely restore the scar.

Collagen Needle Roller

Needle roller pitting scars is applied based on the self-healing mechanism of the wound, using micro and sharp needles to create "false wounds" on the skin. Then, put collagen directly into the skin, helping to increase collagen and elastin under the skin, filling natural scars quickly.

Using the method of treating pitted scars by collagen needle roller
Using the method of treating pitted scars by collagen needle roller

However, this method also has many hidden dangers, if you choose a poor quality needle roller, you can take on many risks such as:

  • Skin is infected due to unsanitary
  • Skin damage is worse due to wrong needle roller
  • Risk of skin infections, causing infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS.

Using Fractional CO2 Laser Laser Micro-Shock Technology

This is really a "revolution" in the treatment of pitted scars. Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Shock Technology uses a 10.600 nm wavelength that is capable of penetrating deep into the dermis without causing invasion of the surrounding healthy skin. Thereby, stimulating collagen production, effectively filling acne scars, treating pitted scars thoroughly. Not only that, the production of collagen also helps to improve facial skin problems, making skin firm, reducing dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger skin.

Treat pitted scars with collagen
Using Fractional CO2 Laser Laser Micro-Shock Technology

Referring to Fractional CO2 Laser, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center proud to be one of the prestigious centers, successfully applying this modern technology, helping to treat pitted scars quickly and completely. Coming to Miss Tram, you will be carefully examined by experienced experts to determine your condition to apply the most suitable course. It is the knowledge, dedication of a team of experts and high quality services that have helped Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center build a successful brand, trusted by thousands of customers.

If in the past, pitted scars were everyone's obsession, today, you can completely remove scars with advanced cosmetic technologies such as: Fractional CO2 . Laser Micro-Shock Technology. Not only helps you treat scars quickly, this technology also gives you a fresh, smooth skin, helping you to be more confident in life.

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