Treating Acne At The Root At Miss Tram After Acne Is It Recurring? Summary

Treating Acne At The Root At Miss Tram After Acne Is It Recurring?

[Q&A] Treating acne at the root at Miss Tram after the acne is gone, will it recur?


Hello Miss Tram, let me ask is acne treatment at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Is it completely gone and after the acne is gone, will it come back again? I have treated acne at many centers but after 2-3 months of not coming for treatment, the acne will recur. I hope the answer center can help me! I would like to thank you.

(Ngoc Mai – 25 years old – HCMC)

Does acne treatment at Miss Tram come back?
Consulting customers for acne treatment at Miss Tram


Hello MaiThank you Mai for taking the time to ask questions about the health and beauty advice column of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. We would like to answer your questions as follows:

About the treatment of acne at the root is the concept of eliminating the root cause of your current acne situation. Accordingly, before starting the course, you will have a dermatological examination and analysis of the skin condition, from which to determine the skin level and give the most accurate diagnosis after the end of the course. Usually, after the end of the course, the acne level will improve from 70 to 98% depending on the location of each person. In addition, we are committed to the condition of greasy, large pores, sensitivity, concave scars also significantly improved.

The important thing that contributes to preventing acne from recurring is that after your skin is beautiful, you should take the time to take care and eat right to maintain a stable skin tone. With dedicated and complete advice, you can completely control acne at home according to the instructions of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center! (Refer Tips to prevent acne from appearing most effective you should know).

Introducing the method of treating acne with Fractional CO2 laser micro-point activation technology

Laser CO2 Fractional micro-spot is the latest in differential CO2 laser technology, has many intelligent, outstanding features and is the most effective method of milia treatment available today. With this technology, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has successfully treated thousands of customers with acne problems such as hormonal acne, puberty acne, cystic acne, pustular acne, ....

Safe and effective acne treatment at Miss Tram
Safe and effective acne treatment at Miss Tram

Ultra-micro-point Fractional Laser acne treatment technology works based on a dual-focusing mechanism, adjusting the ability to focus on laser size, emitting large wavelength light pulses to bring high treatment efficiency.

The wavelength of 10.600 nm scanning 1-7 mm is projected through the skin to be treated for acne, softening the acne core, burning the acne nucleus to effectively remove the colloidal tumor root. The wavelengths of light can trigger the growth of acne under the skin to the surface of the skin, this method destroys germs and bacteria that cause acne, and at the same time, tightens pores, prevents scars, effectively fights dark . (Consulting the Necessary requirements in acne treatment You must be familiar with it).

Outstanding advantages of Fractional CO2 Laser method:

  • Able to penetrate deep into the dermis layer below the skin without invading the surrounding healthy skin.
  • Eliminate acne-causing bacteria, regulate sebum on the skin and help antibacterial skin.
  • CO2 laser helps stimulate tissue proliferation collagen Filling acne scars, pitting areas while improving facial skin problems, helping to firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger skin.
  • This technology also has the effect of tightening pores, anti-pigmentation, making skin smoother and firmer.
  • Safe for all skin types, accurate pulses should not cause pain.
  • In particular, treating acne completely after only 1-2 courses and rare acne has a chance to recur.

Laser CO2 Fractional It is the only technology on the market capable of treating multiple acne problems at once. That means if you have large pores and scars, and want to improve your skin's pigmentation, just one treatment will help solve all three problems easily.

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