The Most Effective Hormonal Acne Treatment Method Encapsulated

The Most Effective Hormonal Acne Treatment Method

Endocrine acne Acne is one of the most difficult types of acne to treat, it not only affects the aesthetics but also makes us less confident. In addition, if left for a long time, hormonal acne can develop into other types of acne such as blackheads, hidden acne, making treatment increasingly difficult and expensive. So How to treat ebony? really effective? That is always a question that causes headaches for women.

What is the most effective way to treat Endocrine Acne?

Causes of hormonal acne

There are many reasons that lead to the formation of internal acne. According to the Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center According to research, hormonal acne is often related to a woman's menstrual cycle. Because, at the time of menstruation, the amount of Estrogen and Progesterone becomes disordered and imbalanced, causing the body to produce reactions such as stimulated sebaceous glands to produce more oil and sebum. This condition causes pore blockage, the formation of hormonal acne, and if not well taken care of, it will easily cause inflammation, swelling, and pus formation.

In case of psychological stress, prolonged stress is also one of the causes of hormonal acne in women. In addition, when the body lacks the necessary substances, heat in the body, toxins accumulate for a long time, we are also at risk of having to receive "uninvited guests" named hormonal acne. (Refer Handbook of acne treatment for the body rated the safest today).

How to treat hormonal acne effectively
Endocrine acne: causes and treatment

Effective hormonal acne treatment

Hormonal acne treatment is often time consuming and requires patience. In many cases, treatment took more than a year to finish. Currently, there are many methods of hormonal acne treatment such as:

Apply the special product directly to the skin

For mild cases of acne, you can treat yourself at home with topical products. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center recommends using topical products containing ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, AHA, tea tree oil, Retinol, Witch Hazel... Good ability to support acne skin treatment.

What causes hormonal acne?
Use special products directly on the skin

Change your daily diet

Endocrine acne Formation is also partly due to your unhealthy diet, affecting hormone levels in the body. To limit the development of hormonal acne, you should have a nutritious and reasonable diet. Limit eating foods high in sugar such as candy, soft drinks, and processed foods.

Enhance the addition of mineral ingredients for the body such as zinc, fish oil, Vitamins B, E. Eat a lot of green vegetables to provide the necessary substances for the skin. Drink green tea, artichoke tea to purify the liver and regulate the body. (Time for Long-lasting acne treatment? - Listen to share from insiders).

safe hormonal acne treatment
There is scientific diet

Go to bed on time

You should go to bed early from 9-11pm, so that the skin can rest and the detoxification process takes place naturally. Scientific rest will help us eliminate the factors that cause hormonal acne.

Take care of your skin regularly

Wash your face regularly twice a day with a specialized cleanser, avoid washing your face too many times a day because it will increase the moisture of the skin, making the skin more oily.

When going out, you should pay attention to protect your skin against the effects of the environment. It is best to use medical masks and apply sunscreen with the appropriate SPF. In addition, when we have acne, we should avoid touching or squeezing acne with our hands, because these actions are easy to cause skin infections.

Safe hormonal acne treatment
Have a standard skin care routine

Go to reputable centers

If you have hormonal acne, have been treated for a long time but have not seen any results, go to reputable dermatology and spa centers to be examined by experts and advise on the right treatment for your condition.

For hormonal acne, besides the treatment method, your perseverance is also a decisive factor in the success of the treatment. Because the treatment of this type of acne is often not simple and requires a long process.

Endocrine acne treatment at prestigious spa
Endocrine acne treatment at prestigious spa

If you are wondering where to treat hormonal acne for the best results, come to hãy Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Miss Tram with many years of experience in the care and treatment of skin problems, gathers a team of highly skilled experts with advanced treatment methods and modern equipment to help the acne treatment process. Your endocrine becomes simpler than ever. (Listen to advice on Acne treatment suitable for each skin type you should not ignore).

We believe that with scientific treatments, your acne will quickly be relieved, completely gone and effectively prevent acne from coming back. For any questions about technology or to schedule a consultation, you can contact the Hotline 1900 7018.

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