Treating Acne What To Eat And What Not To Eat

Treat Acne What Should And Shouldn't Eat

Acne can be triggered by many factors from genetics, hormones, to skin care regimen. However, have you ever thought that up to 60% of the cause of acne is due to the daily diet.

Treat Acne What Should And Shouldn't Eat

Always undeniably, all the nutrients in rice, grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. are essential for a healthy body, a smooth skin. But not all foods help people take care of their bodies, especially when they are overused, even though they don't need to be provided in high amounts.

Acne treatment should and should not eat
Acne treatment should and should not eat

In the Daily Mail, nutritionist Melanie McGrice once said that in her research, people who eat too many servings have a lower GI index (an indicator that shows the rate at which carbohydrates raise blood sugar). make acne worse. Simply because high carbohydrates will stimulate the production of Hormones that increase insulin, increase Testosterone in the blood. The combination of these two factors causes the skin to produce more oil, thus producing acne.

However, carbohydrates are the body's main source of energy and an important part of any balanced diet, so you can't help but provide it, but choose foods that contain good carbohydrates. with the scientific name is Complex Carbs.What to eat to treat acne effectively?

Complex Carbs are simply understood as a type of complex Carbohydrates, when entering the body, their sugar mass will take a long time to break down. That means you'll get a lower volume of sugar coming in at a steady rate throughout the day.

Whole grains, whole wheat flour, Quinoa seeds, brown rice, barley, corn… often contain a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals, which are foods belonging to the Complex Carbs group. While processed foods lose all natural fiber such as white rice, bread, pasta, etc., they are not.

In addition, to be able to "say goodbye" to acne with an extremely scientific diet, you should also pay attention to the following nutritional ingredients:

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foods not to eat when treating acneZinc

Hormonal balance is very important for health, as well as accelerating the effectiveness of acne treatment of the skin. Each woman only needs to get 8 mg of zinc per day by eating oysters, meat, pumpkin seeds, oats, peas, it can help the body produce insulin, regulate blood sugar, help regulate blood sugar. oil and reduce the bacteria that causes acne.

In addition, Zinc also helps a lot in the production process collagen, so that this substance gives you supple, smooth skin. Especially when you turn 30.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna often contain a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids, so it is very beneficial for you to have bright, healthy skin. Omega-3 fatty acids moisturize the skin, keep it soft and reduce inflammation caused by pustules. In addition, Omega-3 also has the ability to reduce Triglyceride and increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood, which is very beneficial for people with high cholesterol and blood pressure.

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What should I eat during acne treatment?catechin

This is a substance that exists quite a lot in green tea leaves, and it works very well in fighting germs and helping to kill acne-causing bacteria. When studied more deeply, in Catechin contains more than 60% EGCG which works to help the body prevent cancer.


If Vitamin E is abundant in almonds, peanuts, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, salmon, mackerel, etc., it facilitates cell repair and prevents the accumulation of excess fat on the skin (which is a stage). very important in the prevention of acne), Vitamin C exists in citrus fruits, strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, kiwis, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes ... is known for its antioxidant properties It is a powerful chemical that can protect the skin from free radical damage by boosting the immune system against harmful infections and pathogens.

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