Laser Treatment for Acne Hidden Under the Skin Document

Laser Treatment for Acne Hidden Under the Skin

Treatments acne hidden under the skin by light in general and laser in particular has appeared since the 1990s and has been significantly improved up to now. Let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center tell you about acne treatment This laser is effective!

1 Causes of acne hidden under the skin you need to know

First, it should be known that acne is caused by sebum that has been accumulated for a long time in the skin pores, creating a favorable environment for Propionibacterium bacteria to grow - causing inflammation of our facial skin. However, inside these bacteria there is a chemical called porphorine, and this is a photosensitizer.

acne treatment under the skin

In addition to physiological and psychological problems such as a polluted living environment, oily skin, unclean personal hygiene, constant staying up late, stress are also the causes of acne under the skin.

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2 Treatment of hidden acne with Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Activation Technology

The percentage of people with acne under the skin accounts for 50% of people with acne. In other words, the condition of acne under the skin is at an alarming rate. You should understand that it's not technology acne treatment under the skin Which is as effective and safe as advertised. Because of that, the rampant appearance of countless acne treatment technologies under the skin makes the beauty market even more chaotic.

Effective acne treatment technology
Initial examination before treating hidden acne

Meanwhile, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center found that the most effective acne treatment technology under the skin is laser technology. Currently, we have applied the Fractional CO2 laser micropoint activation technology, which is a technological breakthrough in the field of acne skin recovery and treatment - pitted scars. With a wavelength of 10.600 nm capable of penetrating deep into the dermis without invasiveness of the surrounding healthy skin, Fractional CO2 Laser will quickly bring the expected effect to customers.

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The mechanism of laser acne treatment revolves around only one factor: based on the ability of bacteria to absorb light in the pores, or based on the human body's ability to protect itself. Photosensitive substances have the ability to absorb light. When exposed to blue or yellow light, the substance reacts and releases oxygen, which kills bacteria. The oxygen released can be toxic to some microorganisms, including Propionibacterium.

How to treat acne hidden under the skin effectively
Fractional CO2 laser treatment for hidden acne

The strength of this method helps to remove acne-causing bacteria under the skin, regulate sebum and help the skin with outstanding antibacterial. In addition, the CO2 laser helps stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill acne scars, and at the same time improve facial skin problems to help firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger skin.

This method not only treats acne, dark spots but also helps to whiten and smooth the skin, tighten pores and regenerate healthy glowing skin. In particular, the level of recurrent acne is low and minimizes inflammatory acne when it recurs. This is really a perfect solution for girls who have had acne under the skin for a long time but can't find the right treatment.

3 Things to note when treating acne under the skin with laser

  • Laser acne treatment will affect the skin directly, so it will definitely leave some side effects outside the skin such as redness, slight swelling. Some of you may experience burning pain, itching, discomfort during the treatment, especially those with sensitive skin that may also experience irritation or peeling of the skin.
  • When exposed to direct sunlight, your skin will easily become sensitive. Therefore, you must regularly wear a medical mask and limit exposure to light for the first 1-3 days after treatment.
  • In addition, the melanin available in the skin is also a very strong photosensitive substance, your skin may become darker after the treatment.
  • The cost of laser acne treatment is often several million to tens of millions of dong higher than conventional therapies.

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Beating acne hidden under the skin is not difficult, but you have to find the right technology to effectively treat acne under the skin. For more information about Fractional CO2 Laser technology, please quickly contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Contact us today to find out which acne treatment is best for you!

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