Can You Hang Your Eyebrows For 2 Months Can You Continue Your Eyebrows?

Can I hang my eyebrows for 2 months, can I continue to make eyebrows?

[Q&A] Can I hang my eyebrows for 2 months, can I continue to have them?


“Hi Miss Tram, this year, in addition to 50 years of age, my mother's facial skin has begun to sag, especially the eye area has many wrinkles, eyelids are sagging, so my mother went to hang her eyebrows to improve the above situation. It has been more than 2 months now and the wound has completely healed. Can my mother spray her eyebrows during this time? Hope Miss Tram gives me advice. Thank you Miss Tram!”

(Ngoc Huong, 26 years old, Tien Giang)

What is eyebrow hanging?
The secret to always beautiful and radiant eyebrows


Hi Ngoc Huong, thank you for submitting a question about Miss Tram's beauty tips and advice column - Natural Beauty Center. To answer Huong's question, first of all, we would like to briefly share this method of eyebrow hanging!

An eyebrow lift is a method of raising the eyebrows and tightening the sagging skin above the eye sockets. This method is completely non-surgical, does not take much time and does not cause complications later. By implanting microscopic collagen threads under the skin to create a strong support network for the skin. (Refer to the Habits that make eyebrows ugly you must know).

The reason why hanging eyebrows is applied by many people is because it helps to improve the skin condition of the eyes and raise the eyebrows, bringing radiant beauty and confidence to customers.

Can You Hang Your Eyebrows For 2 Months Can You Continue Your Eyebrows?
The eyebrows are carefully measured according to the golden ratio standard for the face

The time to perform this method only takes about 20-30 minutes, you will have the desired brows right away without having to worry about the risks of plastic surgery such as scars, infection, double eyelid height. uneven or high or low eyebrows.

In particular, this form does not take too much time to recover, after treatment you can immediately return to your daily work. With just a quick treatment, your skin will be revitalized and surprisingly rejuvenated. Only biological can last on the skin from 5 to 10 years.

Therefore, as long as these threads exist, it means that it also works to raise eyebrows to help the face become more bright, youthful and radiant.

How long does it take to hang your eyebrows? When does the swelling go away? You do not need to worry too much because after 3-5 days the swelling and bruising will gradually decrease. From 1-2 weeks, the wound will stabilize, after 1-2 months depending on the location of each person, the eyebrows have returned to normal and the eyebrow shape will be clearer and more beautiful. Just 3-6 months, the wound will no longer show signs of cosmetic and look completely natural as the customer's desire. (Tips to take care of naturally beautiful thick eyebrows you should not ignore).

The right subjects to hang suitable and effective eyebrows without surgery are:

  • People with sagging eyebrows, drooping eyelids and forehead skin have many wrinkles.
  • People with congenital drooping eyelids.
  • Subjects with aging skin of all ages and genders
  • The distance between the eyebrows and the eyes is narrow.
  • Not satisfied with the old eyebrow tattoo.

The outstanding advantage of brow lift helps you effectively remove sagging skin around the eyes, effectively improving vision and bringing youthfulness to the eyes. In addition, the daily method helps to make the eyebrow shape naturally beautiful, in harmony with the face.

Going back to the case of Ngoc Huong's mother, she has been hanging her eyebrows for more than 2 months and is in the process of recovering and has shaped her eyebrows. However, this time is still not suitable for continuing to make eyebrows because it may affect the wound after surgery has not completely healed. The best time to do eyebrows is after 3-6 months after hanging eyebrows, the effect will be higher.

Address to make beautiful and prestigious eyebrows in HCM
Address to make beautiful and prestigious eyebrows in HCM

Non-surgical brow lift is a safe method of raising eyebrows and absolutely leaves no scars. Hopefully with the above sharing, Ngoc Huong can convey to her mother and if you want to learn more about other services at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, You can contact us by calling our hotline 1900 7018 for detailed advice!

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