White Whole Body Skin With Red Bean Powder Is It Really Effective?

White Whole Body Skin With Red Bean Powder Is It Really Effective

Make up by methods and natural ingredients More and more women love and trust. Although, the effect time may be longer than that of cosmetics, but natural extracts bring safety, nourish healthy skin from deep within. And one of the secrets that are passed on the most by sisters is to use red bean paste for full body whitening. So does this method really work?

Effective whole body whitening method with red bean powder
Effective whole body whitening method with red bean powder

Full Body Skin Whitening Treatment With Red Bean Powder

What nutrients does red bean powder contain?

Red beans is a familiar grain of the Vietnamese family in terms of cuisine. Beans have a fatty, sweet taste and are used to cook tea and make delicious desserts. Since ancient times, red beans have been used, because according to Oriental medicine, it has the ability to clear heat, diuretic, reduce swelling and effectively stop bleeding. Not only that, red beans are also very good when treating edema, mouth ulcers, boils and urticaria.

As modern medicine develops, red beans have also been put into research to find out the real use from a scientific point of view. And studies have concluded, this bean is very rich in nutrients (sugar, protein, fiber, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, nicotinic acid) and contains a large amount of vitamins of group B, group C, group E In terms of health care, red bean is classified as a food group that helps to replenish blood, detoxify, stimulate digestive function, antibacterial and lower cholesterol effectively.

skin whitening tips with red bean powder
Red bean powder contains compounds that help whiten skin safely

Not only that, this bean also participates in women's beauty treatments with unexpected uses:

  • Vitamin B group extract in red beans helps nourish skin cells, promote skin regeneration so that the skin becomes more and more smooth and beautiful.
  • The presence of vitamins C and E has helped red beans become the "secret" of anti-aging, preventing the formation of wrinkles on the skin (research by the US Department of Agriculture).
  • The large amount of minerals in red beans will form an extremely effective protective barrier, antibacterial, and kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin.
  • Nutrient-rich ingredients are also very effective in removing old cells, regenerate new skin, and even out skin tone.

After grasping the information about red beans, many women quickly put this ingredient in their beauty recipes and were extremely satisfied with the results.

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Red beans used in beauty

Red beans used in beauty will be pureed into a fine powder, combined with other ingredients to form the most standard recipe. If you want to use red bean powder to make a mask or a white bath for your whole body, you can consider the following suggestions:

  1. Should choose to buy red bean powder from reputable sellers, ensure pure ingredients and do not mix preservatives. Because their skin is very delicate, it is absolutely necessary to choose mild, chemical-free ingredients to bring higher skin care effects.
  2. Or you can make your own red bean paste to be more secure about the quality. How to make beans is not complicated. Just choose to buy large, round, mold-free beans and follow these steps:
  • Soak and clean beans with water
  • Take it out to dry, roast red beans, all of which give off an attractive aroma
  • Use a blender to puree these beans into a powder
  • Red bean powder should be stored in a glass jar, placed in a dry place to use gradually

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Instructions on how to whiten the whole body with red bean powder

whiten whole body with red bean powder
Use a beauty mask with red bean powder

After you have a jar of quality red bean powder and possibly a “Made by me” product, apply the following special recipes for your whole body:

Formula 1

Preparation materials required:

  • Red bean powder and fresh milk without sugar in the ratio 1:1
  • Add 2 tablespoons lime juice (or you can use fresh oranges)

You mix these ingredients to a smooth paste. After showering, apply it all over the body. Massage for about 20 minutes for the nutrients to be absorbed, then use warm water to shower again.

In this recipe you can add coconut oil or olive oil to increase the moisturizing effect of the skin.

Formula 2

  • Prepare red bean powder and rice bran powder in the ratio 1:1
  • 2 tablespoons coconut or olive oil

Mix all ingredients together, massage into skin after bathing. Leave the mixture on your skin for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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Bathing red bean powder 2-3 times a week, the skin will be significantly improved, becoming smoother and brighter white. Of these two recipes, you can use whichever way you like. However, after taking a bath with red bean powder, you should use a skin cream to balance the moisture and make the skin really healthy.

good luck!

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