Foods that Help Accelerate Scar Healing Few people know

Foods that Help Accelerate Scar Healing

The making progress scar It is the body's process of self-healing. Depending on many factors, the scarring will be mild or severe. One of the factors that determines the process of wound healing and scar formation is our diet. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please share about the top Foods that help speed up the healing process.

Factors affecting the healing process

Factors affecting the healing process
Factors affecting the healing process

The process of wound healing and scar formation is fast or slow, bad or beautiful depends on many factors such as:

  • Nature of the wound: small and shallow wounds heal more easily than large and deep wounds; Therefore, the scar formed will also be smaller and easier to treat.
  • Damage level: The more bruised the wound, the more likely it is to become infected, fester, take a long time to heal and leave bad scars.
  • How to treat the wound: Proper and timely treatment will help the wound heal quickly, avoid infection and festering. Therefore, the scar healing process also takes place as quickly as possible.
  • Some other factors: Inadequate diet or eating foods that should be avoided when injured, old age, diabetes, being treated for disease, chemotherapy, etc. are all factors that slow down wound healing and formation. scar.

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Foods that help speed up the healing process

1. High Protein Food

Foods that help speed up the healing process

Protein is the main building block for new cells, which are involved in wound healing. Protein-rich foods that help speed up the healing process: milk, legumes, nuts, pork, carp, eel, etc.

2. Foods related to hematopoiesis

Foods involved in hematopoiesis include iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, etc. Blood carries essential materials such as oxygen, vitamins, minerals and proteins to damaged tissues for wound healing. In addition, the blood carries white blood cells, macrophages to destroy the bacteria invading the wound; while cleaning up waste like dead germs and dead cells.

Foods rich in iron include animal liver, nuts, tofu, whole grains, dark green vegetables, etc. Folic acid is found in many oranges, milk, spinach, asparagus, egg yolks, etc. avocados, potatoes, legumes... And foods rich in vitamin B12 are found in meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products.

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3. Foods rich in vitamins

Vitamins of groups A, C, and E are vitamins that play an important role in creating new tissue and healing wounds. In addition, vitamin C helps increase the body's resistance against infection, festering and speeding wound healing.

Foods from vegetables and fruits and Gac oil, olive oil contain a lot of vitamins A, C, E. In particular, vitamin C is contained in kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, kale, bell peppers, etc.

foods that help heal scars effectively
Vitamins of groups A, C, E have an important role in creating new tissue and healing wounds

4. Foods Rich in Zinc and Selenium

Zinc and Selenium also have a significant effect on wound healing and infection prevention.

Foods rich in Zinc such as cereals, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, yogurt, cheese, pork ... And foods high in selenium include mushrooms, egg yolks, olive oil, whole grains, radishes. , carrot,…

Fast healing food
Zinc and Selenium help wounds heal faster and fight infections

Foods to avoid during the healing process

In seafood, beef, chicken contains a lot of protein, iron and zinc, but these are foods that reduce the healing process, so we should abstain from these foods.

Some other foods to avoid when injured:

what to eat fast to heal scars

Sticky food, water spinach, egg white, hot spicy food: These are foods that increase the inflammatory pus-forming process, or cause keloids.

• Welding foods such as crabs, jute vegetables, snails: Because these foods will inhibit the condensation of blood, making the wound heal longer.

Foods containing a lot of fat and additivesThe spice causes dark pigmentation, reduces the healing process and deep scar formation.

Wine, coffee, tea and canned foods such as sausages and bacon: Because these foods not only cause loss of vitamins and minerals, but also cause water and electrolyte disturbances while the body is in a state of dehydration due to wounds and burns.

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In order for the healing process to take place quickly and the scars left behind are easy to treat and fade; Wound care and diet are very important. Hope this article will help you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin.

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