Top Foods That Can Cause Acne You Need To Know Especially

Top Foods That Can Cause Acne You Need To Know

Eating well is a necessary need of everyone, especially the women's association. However, in order to keep a balanced body and healthy skin, it is necessary to have moderation at the right time. For those of you who often have skin problems, you need to pay more attention to the diet, because there are many foods that are harmful to the skin, easy to do. acne-prone skin; And if you don't eat healthy for a long time, the skin condition will get worse and worse.

Today's article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the acne-causing food that you need to know to keep your skin healthy.

Top 08 Foods That Cause Acne After Eating You Need To Remember?

1. Milk

Milk is a food that can cause acne
Milk is a food that can cause acne

Milk has a high nutritional content, but drinking too much milk can be the cause of acne. Because milk contains a large amount of Androgen Hormone and IGF-1, these substances make the sebaceous glands work more intensely, causing the facial skin to clog pores and easily form acne. Therefore, if you are a follower of milk, you should reduce the amount or replace it with nut milk for healthier skin in these summer days.

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2. Caffeine

Coffee, tea, energy drinks, dark chocolate contain a lot of caffeine – this dehydrates your body and skin, leading to the skin having to produce more oil to balance the moisture, thereby acne prone.

Coffee causes acne
Limit your use of caffeine

In addition, because caffeine will stimulate the adrenalin gland to release hormones that increase stress levels, directly affecting your sleep. And if not getting enough sleep persists for a long time, then your skin improvement will hardly be effective.

So, for those with acne-prone skin, you should limit foods high in caffeine.

3. Foods high in sugar phẩm

Food group high in sugar
Food group high in sugar

Too much sugar in the body will cause excess blood sugar levels. This is the cause of the increased activity of the sebaceous glands and excess oil production on the skin. In addition, consuming a lot of sugar causes the skin to age quickly, the skin loses elasticity, is prone to skin inflammation and quickly acne. So, stay away from foods that contain a lot of sugar such as candy, bottled drinks, chocolate, etc. to have a healthy and beautiful skin. (Refer to the recipe Mask for dark spots and blackheads safest and most effective).

4. Foods high in salt

High-salt food group
High-salt food group

When the body absorbs too much salt, it stimulates the cells to store water to release the excess salt, thereby leading to a lack of water on the skin. Therefore, the body and skin will be deprived of water, stimulating the skin to secrete more oil to balance the moisture of the skin. If you maintain a high-salt diet for a long time, your skin will certainly be dull, lifeless and prone to acne.

5. Spicy, hot, spicy food

Limit the use of hot spicy food
Limit the use of hot spicy food

Spicy, hot foods can create a lot of heat in the body, increasing the temperature of the skin, stimulating the skin to secrete excess oil and form acne. In addition, spicy foods make it impossible for the body to digest easily, causing the accumulation of toxins in the body, affecting the skin and stimulating acne. Especially on hot summer days, you should prepare less spicy dishes such as boiled, steamed, salad to limit the possibility of acne.

6. Fatty foods

Food group high in fat
Food group high in fat

Foods that are processed in a fried, greasy way contain a lot of bad fat that causes acne to flare up. The reason is because fat will put pressure on the sebaceous glands operating under the skin, inhibiting and uncontrolled secretion leading to acne prone skin. In addition, this type of food also increases the oxidation and breaks down nutrients to regenerate the skin, making the skin dull and creating conditions for acne to thrive.

7. Instant noodles

Limit the use of instant noodles
Limit the use of instant noodles

Instant noodles are fried at high temperature, containing preservatives, high salt content and harmful fats that cause water retention on the skin, stimulating the body to secrete excess oil, increasing the likelihood of acne. This is a convenient food that is loved by many young people, but for those who suffer from acne, it should be limited. To eat noodles in a healthy way, you should lightly rinse with water, serve with lots of vegetables and use your own seasoning.

In addition, other processed foods such as sausages, canned meat are processed through many stages, contain many preservatives and additives that have an adverse effect on the skin, should be limited in the daily menu if Your skin is prone to acne. (Refer to things needed note while treating acne for the most successful acne treatment process).

8. Alcohol

Alcohol is the most common cause of acne
Alcohol is the most common cause of acne

Alcohol contains a very high content of alcohol, causing dysfunction of the brain, liver, kidneys and making your body lose a lot of water. Therefore, if you drink a lot of alcohol, it will cause the skin to have many problems, become dry, lack vitality, quickly age and lead to more acne.

Above are the foods that can cause acneIf you want healthy skin and avoid acne spots, you should remove them from your daily diet. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you always have a healthy skin!

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