Washing Your Face In The Wrong Way Makes the Acne Treatment Process More Difficult

Washing Your Face In The Wrong Way Makes Acne Treatment More Difficult

Acne has always been the obsession of many people. Not only does the face become severely discolored, the obnoxious acne spots also leave very serious consequences on the skin such as: dark, scar and contribute to the accelerated aging process.

To ensure lane acne skin With proper care, you need to clean and moisturize your skin every day. So, if you're having a hard time treating acne, chances are you've washed your face the wrong way. Please refer to the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center so that the skin cleansing step is done properly.

Mistakes When Washing Your Face Make Acne Treatment More Difficult

1. Using face wash not suitable for acne skin

When acne problems appear, your skin will be much weaker and more sensitive. Therefore, commonly used facial cleanser products are not necessarily suitable for current skin. Especially the cleanser lines have strong cleansing and oil-control properties - this is the cause of acne skin that is easy to dry, irritated and secrete more excess oil.

Therefore, if acne spots are raging, it is best to prioritize using mild cleansers, natural extracts to clean the skin safely. (How to guide facial beauty in winter you must know).

Mistakes when washing your face make it difficult to treat acne
Using a face wash that is not suitable for acne-prone skin

2. The source of face wash water is not guaranteed

As Miss Tram shared, acne prone skin is much weaker and more sensitive. If healthy skin can use a source of water containing many cleaning and deodorizing agents, acne-prone facial skin may be easily irritated by them. This may not be too serious, but if you want the process acne treatment If it happens as quickly as possible, it's better to use filtered water to clean the skin during this period.

3. Do not clean your hands/face washer before washing your face

Not washing hands or washing machine before washing face is a habit many people encounter. This is a habit that greatly affects the health of the skin, especially acne skin.

Hands are an organ that comes into contact with a lot of objects and carries a lot of harmful bacteria. If you do not wash your hands before washing your face, the cleansing massage process will be a condition for bacteria to penetrate your face.

Similarly, face wash tools are often contaminated with dirt and prone to bacterial growth if not dried after each use. Therefore, before washing your face, you need to clean these tools to ensure the safest clean skin.

How to treat acne safely at home
Do not clean your hands/face washer before washing your face

4. Use the shower to wash your face

Many women often use the shower to wash their face – the water force of the shower will help massage the face and help blood circulation effectively. However, with acne-prone skin, this is not a good habit. Because this skin is very sensitive and easily damaged by strong water forces.

Not to mention, the daily water source still contains bacteria and disinfectants, washing your face with a shower accidentally makes the acne skin more easily attacked by bacteria.

5. Using water that is too hot or too cold

Using water that is too hot or too cold is a bad habit when washing your face. Not only acne skin but even normal skin is also vulnerable to these habits.

Water that is too hot will cause the skin to quickly lose water, even peel off the skin if it is not moisturized immediately. Too cold water causes skin cells to shrink, dirt and sebum are not cleaned. If you maintain these habits, it will be difficult for your skin to get rid of acne as well as quickly aging in old age. (Instruct How to wash your face properly at home you should not ignore).

Use water that is too hot or too cold
Use water that is too hot or too cold

6. Force acting on the skin

In the process of washing your face, if you use too much force, it will hurt the acne skin. When the acne spots are damaged deep inside, this will make the acne treatment process more difficult and even easily lead to pitted scars after acne. Therefore, it is best to clean the skin gently, especially with heavy acne spots.

7. Wash your face too many times

Acne-prone skin often produces more oil than usual. Especially when the weather is too hot or when you are active too much, you will be annoyed by your oily face. However, you should only wash your face with a face wash twice a day. Because washing your face regularly will strip away the natural oils on the skin, stimulate the skin to produce more oil and make acne more and more complicated.

The best remedy for oily skin is to use blotting paper every 4 hours. Oil absorbent paper It will balance the oil on your skin and help you feel more comfortable and confident. In addition, you can also wash your face with clean water 2-3 times a day if it comes in contact with too much dirt or the skin produces too much oil.

8. Do not wash your face

Of course, cleansing the face is very important for the skin. But when it comes to acne, many women are too careful and pay attention to the acne skin, fearing too much impact on the acne spots. This causes many other areas of skin not to be cleaned such as: the edge of the nose, the edge of the face, the forehead, etc. This is also the reason why the acne area quickly spreads.

9. Use facial wipes

How to wash your face to limit acne
Using the wrong type of facial wipes

Which type of face towel you use seems to be inconsequential, but it greatly affects the health of your skin. Soft, absorbent towel materials will help dry your face quickly without the need for strong cleaning action. Therefore, it is best to choose a white towel, soft and absorbent material to best care for your skin.

In particular, regularly wash face towels every day, because when wiping your face, your towel will be damp - this is a very favorable environment for bacteria to form. If you use a dirty towel to wipe your face, it will inadvertently make your acne worse and difficult to treat thoroughly. (Reference Training course for skin care and treatment specialists prestige, quality today).

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the wrong face washing habits that make the acne treatment process difficult. To keep a healthy skin and get rid of acne spots quickly, cleaning and keeping the skin warm is the bare minimum. So, be very careful and meticulous with washing your face every day to make sure your skin is properly cleaned. Hope this article will be useful to you, Wish you quickly regain the most beautiful healthy skin!

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