Top 6 Bad Habits That Make Men's Skin Easily Acne Principle

Top 6 Bad Habits That Make Men's Skin Easily Acne

Despite possessing a healthy skin structure, but male and have the same risk of acne as women. The reason is that men often have less ant wake up Skincare, Skin Care sketchy and especially have more unhealthy eating and living habits than women.

Most importantly, once acne occurs, men will also find it difficult to remove this skin condition because of the lack of knowledge and in-depth skills in skin care. Therefore, to prevent acne from appearing, avoid the following bad habits:

Bad Habits Make Men's Skin Easily Acne

1 No basic skin care

Men are often quite neglected in skin care and this makes acne problems a "natural" skin condition. Because with the pollution of the environment and a series of negative effects from the outside, if the skin is not cared for and cleaned basic, they will surely quickly encounter many problems.

Causes of acne for men
Men also need to ensure basic skin care steps every day

DON'T go overboard in your daily face wash or moisturizer. As long as you need to be a little more careful, a little more moderate and a little more attentive, your skin can be much healthier and more beautiful. Be sure to follow these basic steps:

  • Wash your face with cleanser twice in the morning and at night.
  • Exfoliate 2 times a week.
  • After washing your face, you need to moisturize your skin with a suitable moisturizer.
  • If you want your skin to not dull and age quickly, use sunscreen during the day.

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2 Eat a lot of spicy, hot, greasy foods

If women are often fascinated with fried foods with a lot of fat or sweets, men often load up their bodies with hot spicy foods, fast food and even alcohol. All these food sources cause the liver system to rapidly decline in function, making the body susceptible to the accumulation of toxins.

Habits that make men's skin acne
Men's skin breaks out due to eating hot spicy foods

Not only that, unhealthy foods will stimulate the skin to secrete a lot of excess oil, making pores easy to clog and thereby easily forming acne spots.

If men have this bad habit, the skin will not only appear more acne, but also have more shiny, dull and large pores that are very unsightly. Therefore, always balance your daily diet.

3 Using inappropriate skin care products

Because of the lack of knowledge about skin care, men often find it difficult to choose cosmetics. Although there are specialized face washes and skin care lines on the market for men. However, these products are only suitable for some skin types, not all. Therefore, if you choose the wrong cosmetics, your skin is also very prone to many problems, especially irritation and acne.

To make sure you choose and use the right skin care products, you need to understand your skin type to choose the right skin care ingredients. Or ask for advice from a specialist/dermatologist.

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4 Frequently touching your face

Frequently touching your face is always one of the most "dangerous" habits for the skin, especially acne-prone skin. Because the hands come into contact with a lot of objects, the amount of bacteria on the fingers is extremely large. Just touching your face for a few seconds, your skin is at risk of being harmed.

Habits that cause acne in men
Constantly touching your face is the cause of acne

In particular, men also have a habit of squeezing acne "blamelessly" when they do not understand the acne status and acne level like. This causes the acne skin to be damaged more deeply, acne spreads easily and leaves a lot of serious consequences for the skin later.

Therefore, to prevent skin problems, you need to limit touching your face as thoroughly as possible. Or make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before putting it on your skin.

5 Often stay up late

Staying up late is an extremely bad habit of today's youth, especially men. Because of the fun or regular pressure at work, most men start sleeping very late.

Poor quality sleep not only seriously affects health and spirit but also causes skin problems quickly. The skin will be dull, dry and the resistance will be significantly reduced. Not only that, lack of sleep also causes the body to produce more cortisol - a chemical that stimulates the production of more sebum and thereby forms acne.

Therefore, always make sure to sleep before 23pm, sleep deeply for at least 6 hours/day to ensure the healthiest body and skin.

acne habits for men
Staying up late often causes acne

6 Do not regularly clean pillowcases

How often do you clean pillows? If the answer is more than 1 week, this is also a cause of your skin problems.

Pillows are one of the items that come into direct contact with the skin, they are the place to accumulate a large amount of oil and sweat that the body secretes during sleep. Not to mention, this is also where dead cells and dirt cling to every day, creating an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to multiply.

Therefore, if you do not clean and wash your pillows regularly, they will quickly cause your skin problems such as dermatitis, redness and acne.

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To own healthy skin, men do not need to use too many skin care products. Instead, make sure your skin is always clean, moisturized, and always get rid of harmful habits. In particular, if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, men's inherently healthy skin will be difficult to encounter problems.

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