Signs of Inappropriate Cosmetic Use Emphasis

Signs of Inappropriate Cosmetic Use

Beauty is an essential need of women, especially the use of skin care cosmetics. Whether more or less, each person spends a considerable amount of time and money to choose to buy these beauty products. However, not all products bring a desirable skin, even causing unwanted side effects, causing skin damage. So, what are the signs that you are Using inappropriate cosmetics? Do not skip the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Signs of Inappropriate Cosmetic Use

1 Red, tight skin

If the first time you use cosmetics, you feel your skin is tight, uncomfortable by signs of redness and swelling, you should stop using that product immediately.

According to dermatologists, some ingredients in the products are useful acne treatment or fragrance ingredients are often factors that can cause skin irritation. So, if you can't find a product that is causing your skin damage, check the ingredients in these products.

red, tight skin, signs of using inappropriate cosmetics
The skin is red and tight, a sign of using inappropriate cosmetics

And to overcome skin redness and irritation caused by cosmetics, dermatologists also recommend that “As soon as you stop using the product, wash your face thoroughly and then soothe your skin with moisturizer has a thin and light texture”.

2 Acne occurs often

It is normal for a few pimples to appear when changing cosmetics. Because according to experts, the skin needs 2-3 weeks to adapt to the new product, and those acne spots will disappear after the skin has been compatible with the product. However, if the acne is excessive and frequent, then this product is definitely not for you.

To overcome this situation, in addition to stopping using the product, your daily skin care steps should also be minimized until the acne situation stops.

Frequent acne is a sign of using inappropriate cosmetics
Acne that grows often is a sign of using inappropriate cosmetics

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3 Dry and flaky skin

The use of products containing too strong or too sensitive ingredients such as retinol, AHA, BHA can lead to dehydration, cracking and peeling. You should reduce the frequency of using these products and use them alternately to avoid overloading your skin. Besides, it is necessary to increase moisture to the skin to be nourished best.

In case the product you are using does not have retinol, AHA, BHA ingredients but your skin is still dry and flaky, you should stop using that product. Because this product contains ingredients that destroy the natural protective film on the skin, your skin will become weaker and very susceptible to bacterial attack.

Dry and flaky skin signs of inappropriate cosmetic use
Dry and flaky skin is a sign of inappropriate cosmetic use

4 Oily skin

Many products with a strong oil-control function can strip the skin of its natural oils, causing it to dry out and stimulate the production of more oil. The skin secretes too much oil will cause many problems, the most serious is the appearance of acne. So, stop using the product you are using and refer to products containing HA to better moisturize and balance the skin.

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5 Skin is sensitive to sunlight

Sensitivity to the sun, signs of inappropriate cosmetic use
Skin is sensitive to sunlight, signs of inappropriate cosmetic use

If the skin has signs of burning, it is easy to tone down when exposed to sunlight, even if used sunscreen and has a skin shield, then it's best to consider using the current product. Because if used regularly, it can cause serious consequences for the skin.

According to dermatologists, some products containing ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, AHA / BHA or retinol are not suitable for use in the morning skin care routine because they make the skin more susceptible to sunburn and become more sensitive. . So if the product you're using contains these ingredients, use them only at night.

6 Does not bring any improvement on the skin

In addition to the obvious signs above, if using skin care products for a long time without seeing any improvement in the skin, do not hesitate to throw them away. Because this is also a sign that the product you are using is not suitable for your skin.

Ineffective use shows signs of inappropriate cosmetic use
Ineffective use shows signs of inappropriate cosmetic use

Notes to choose the most suitable cosmetics:

  • Always understand your skin type and skin condition to choose the right specialized product.
  • Choose cosmetics according to your needs, do not rush to buy according to your feelings.
  • Always double-check ingredients to make sure there are no skin allergens.
  • If your skin is sensitive, you should give preference to products with natural extracts, without fragrance.
  • In particular, it is necessary to choose cosmetic lines with clear brands and origins.

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about how to recognize the signs of inappropriate cosmetic use. If you change many products and your skin still shows signs of irritation, it may be because you are using the wrong product. Please check your skin care steps to see if they are suitable and most effective. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a healthy skin!

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