Top 9 Reasons Why Scar Treatment Failed Enough

Top 9 Reasons Why Acne Treatment Failed

pitted scars Usually a sequelae of acne or severe skin wounds. This is a terrible "obsession" of many women because the treatment of this skin condition takes a lot of effort, time and money, but it is unlikely to achieve the desired results. So what factors affect the results of pitted scar treatment? Together Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn about the causes of pitted scars treatment failure to know the most effective remedy.

9 Reasons For Failure To Treat Scars

Objective reasons

1. Due to geography

Regulatory methods pitted scar treatment Current effectiveness is based on the body's own wound-healing mechanism. With this mechanism, the body will produce new cells on its own, making the hollow areas on the skin gradually fill and return to normal.

However, for bodies with weakened immune systems, the wound healing mechanism is also reduced. Therefore, the amount of new cells generated will not be enough to replace the lost cells and certainly pitted scars on the skin can not be filled.

Geography is the cause of pitted scar treatment failure
Weakened immune system is the cause of pitted scar treatment failure

*** So how to improve this problem?

To successfully treat pitted scars, you need to maintain and strengthen your immune system by adding more vitamins and minerals to your body. Also, avoid being too tired, stressed or sleep deprived – this will weaken the immune system and hinder the treatment process.

2. Due to age

As mentioned, our body can produce this amount on its own collagen for wound healing, and pitted scar treatments are also based on this mechanism. However, with age, the cell renewal cycle will decrease, the amount of natural collagen also decreases sharply, which slows down the wound recovery rate and improves the healing rate. Treatment of pitted scars failed.

To increase the likelihood of successful treatment of pitted scars, you should start treatment as soon as possible. Because the newer the scars, the easier it is to treat.

Age causes pitted scar treatment failure
Older age is the cause of pitted scar treatment failure

3. Because of the scars themselves

Did you know, the longer the scar remains on the skin, the more stable the scar structure is and is difficult to break. At this time, even if there is damage in the scar, the body only regenerates a sufficient amount of collagen to heal the wound, but does not produce a large number of new cells to fill the scar. Therefore, the longer the scar is left, the lower the success rate of the treatment.

In addition, pitted scars also have three main types: scars icepickscar box car and scars rolling – Each type of scar has different shapes and conditions, so the success rate as well as the treatment time is not the same. Therefore, do not rush in the process of scar treatment, but follow the procedures of the dermatologist.

Types of scars cause pitted scars treatment failure
Do not understand about pitted scars the cause of pitted scars treatment failure

Subjective reasons

4. Defining the wrong type of scar

Like Miss Tram VietNam shared, there are 3 main types of pitted scars with different characteristics and their own treatment methods. Not only that, on our skin we often suffer from 2-3 types of scars at the same time and the degree of scarring is also different; Therefore, if the correct type of scar and condition is not determined, the success rate of treatment will not be high.

Therefore, you need to choose a reputable treatment facility to be examined by experts/doctors, determine the right skin condition, scar type, suitable treatment method and the best skin care to improve. Effective scarring on the skin.

Identifying the wrong type of scar causes pitted scar treatment to fail
Identifying the wrong type of scar causes pitted scar treatment to fail

5. Wrong choice of treatment

Currently, there are commonly used pitting scar treatments:

  • Treating scars with natural methods: This method has the advantage of being safe, economical and highly effective with newly formed scars - at this time, the skin is young and the scars are not stable, which can be healed by natural ingredients. However, with deep and perennial scars, this method will definitely not be effective.
  • Scar treatment with topical cream: This method is effective, but there are many risks when using poor quality products. If the scar is just forming, you can seek the advice and prescription of a doctor for the safest treatment. As for the condition of long-term scars, severe scars, this method almost does not bring high results
  • Scar treatment with new applications and techniques: The most common scar treatments today include: Treat pitted scars with collagen, Needle roller, laser, PRP, scar removal... with different advantages and disadvantages and suitable for different scar conditions. With cases of severe scars, long-term scars, it is necessary to combine many different treatment methods in one course to achieve the most effective. reputable clinic to determine the most appropriate treatment method.

If you choose the wrong treatment method, the effect will not be high, even if it is done in the wrong way, there will be many risks. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor, a dermatologist.

choosing the wrong treatment method, the cause of pitted scar treatment failure
Choosing the wrong treatment method causes pitted scar treatment failure sẹo

6. Using poor quality scar treatment products

There are many scar treatment products on the market that are labeled: scar treatment at the root, fast, safe, and convenient - advertised and spread widely on the internet as well as floating on the market. With the hasty mentality and gullibility of many people, which makes the skin condition worse and worse; Not only does it not improve, but it also makes scar treatment more difficult.

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7. Wrong skin care

Wrong skin care causes pitted scar treatment failure
Skin care in the wrong way causes pitted scar treatment to fail

According to dermatologists, the process facial skin care with pitted scars At home after the treatment process greatly affects the success rate of pitted scar treatment. If you have a good base, choose a reputable cosmetic facility and appropriate treatment methods, you have almost gone more than half of the way to successfully treat pitted scars. The rest is a daily skin care regimen to ensure that the skin is always provided with the necessary nutrients to support the skin recovery process.

Therefore, always protect the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors and use cosmetics and support products guided by doctors to ensure the treatment process is not affected. 

8. Diet and activities also affect the scar treatment process

Unscientific eating causes pitted scars treatment failure
Improper diet causes pitted scars to fail

Your diet and activities determine the health as well as the immune system in the body. If you don't get enough nutrition, don't get enough sleep, don't live in moderation, your immune system will decline and your skin's self-healing mechanism will be greatly affected. Since then, the scar treatment has not achieved the desired results.

Therefore, you should consult a dermatologist about the most appropriate diet and lifestyle during treatment.

9. Haste mentality

Psychological hurry causes pitted scar treatment to fail
The reason for the failure of pitted scar treatment is because you are too hasty

Psychological factors also greatly affect the results of scar treatment. Usually, the current methods of treating pitted scars need to be done in a certain time with a suitable treatment schedule. If you are too hasty and sketchy in skin care and protection or do not trust the doctor and constantly change the treatment methods, the scars on your skin are also difficult to recover as expected.

Another note, pitted scars are a form of permanent damage on the skin, so the scars after treatment cannot be filled 100% and perfectly like the skin that has never been scarred. With today's advanced scar treatment technology, the level of scar filling that can be achieved is usually in the range of 60-95%. So, don't expect too high of a treatment result to avoid disappointment.

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center on the causes of pitted scar treatment failure. For the treatment process to be effective, you need to treat the scar as soon as possible and choose a reputable cosmetic facility. In particular, always keep the body healthy, the mind comfortable to ensure the immune system is always in a high state - helping the skin recovery process take place fastest. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success in treating pitted scars!

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