“Economic Pain Relief” With 6 Super Saving Skin Care Tips During the Important Epidemic Season

“Economic Pain Relief” With 6 Super Saving Skin Care Tips during the epidemic season

Under the extremely negative influence of Covid-19 pandemic, our sister's finances are more or less affected significantly. However, the work of beauty still cannot be "ignored", because just a little negligence, the long-term nurturing will become meaningless.

So how to take care of the skin in the most economical and effective way? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center "Economic pain relief" with 6 smart skin care tips during the epidemic season.

Super Savings Skin Care Secrets During the Pandemic Season

1. Use a face wash net

The face wash net is a product that creates lithium bubbles, helping to penetrate deep into the pores and effectively clean the skin. Not only that, this product also saves a lot of cleanser – because with just a small amount, you can create 5 times the amount of foam compared to regular manual foaming.

In particular, the process of creating a lot of foam also lowers the pH of the cleanser, helping to gently clean the skin without causing irritation or greasiness. So the face wash net is completely suitable for all skin types. (Refer to tips Care for dry and sensitive skin most correct).

Effective skin care
Foaming net helps increase the amount of foam 5 times while reducing the pH of the cleanser

2. Apply skin care products with your hands

Many girls often have the habit of using cotton pads to absorb toner on their skin. This will cause a great waste, because the amount of nutrients will seep into the cotton but not be used. If you want to save money, you should apply toner by hand and pat it many times on the skin - this way of using both helps the nutrients easily penetrate into the skin, and avoids wasting both toner and makeup remover.

Note: For girls who often wear makeup, you should not completely give up the habit of using cotton pads. Because applying toner with a cotton pad can remove excess dirt, helping the skin to be more open. (How to use instructions moisturizer for oily skin best you should know).

3. Make the most of masks

When you have "excess money", you can invest in many high-end face masks such as paper masks, sleeping masks, mineral mud masks, etc. However, to save money, make the most of all types of face masks. Masks are available at home. If you know how to use it, the effect is not inferior to high-end masks.

skin care tips at home
Take advantage of the masks from nature in your kitchen

Miss Tram would like to suggest some economical masking solutions:

  • Using natural ingredients: mask recipes from fresh milk without sugar, honey, sour cream, oats, avocado, tomatoes, strawberries, etc. are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, just combine the right ingredients, you have a great mask.
  • Use sheet masks smartly: take advantage of leftover nutrients to nourish the skin of the neck, chest or replace the serum step. You can also reuse them after applying to the hands, feet ...
  • Apply a mask with lotion and a compression mask: Using this mask both helps your skin to be moisturized every day, and saves a good amount of money.

4. Check the inside of the product tube

The cosmetic lines are designed in tube form (most are products such as facial cleanser, kill death celk, sunscreen…) will usually be easier to use than the jar form. However, they are easy to cause waste when they still contain a lot of product in the jar but cannot be taken out to use. This excess can even be so much that you can use it for a whole week without running out.

Therefore, when they are no longer usable, do not rush to throw them away, but cut them up to take advantage of the remaining product inside.

5. Use moisturizer instead of eye cream and lip balm

Cost saving tips
You can absolutely use moisturizer used to nourish the skin around the eyes and lips

Did you know, skin moisturizer can completely replace eye cream and lip balm? While not as effective as specialized products, they can still be lifesavers in case you haven't bought a new product.

If you find using lip balm uncomfortable, replace it with coconut oil or honey. These natural ingredients both work to nourish the lips, while helping to make the lips smoother and brighter. (Refer to tips skin whitening in summer you must know).

6. Only invest in essential cosmetic lines

Normally, on your dressing table, there are many different lines of skin care and makeup products. At this point, you need to understand that you should only invest in essential skin care products. Essential cosmetics will ensure your skin is still properly and sufficiently nourished, while saving a lot of money.

Use the most necessary cosmetics
Buy only the cosmetics you really need to save money

So what are the essential cosmetic lines? These are the types of products that clean, moisturize and protect the skin such as cleansers, makeup removers, moisturizers and sunscreens. Do not be too frugal and choose to buy cheap products, but make sure they are always suitable for your skin and have a clear origin - a clear brand.

Just using cosmetics wisely, your skin will still be well-nourished. Plus, you can save a lot of money, too.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin during this epidemic season!

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