Catching Your Pulse What Causes You To Get Pimples On New Year's Day News

Catching Your Pulse What Causes You To Get Pimples On Tet Holiday

The Lunar New Year holidays are always the most anticipated time of the year, because this is the time when we can rest after a year of work and study. At this time, in addition to meeting and reuniting with loved ones, you can also eat a lot of nutritious delicious food and often participate in late-night parties. This inadvertently causes the skin to quickly appear many problems, especially WOMEN.

Therefore, to prevent the appearance of obnoxious acne spots, stay away from the following causes!

5 Causes Of Pimples On New Year's Day You Need To Avoid

1. Often stay up late

Most of us have the habit of staying up later on the days of the Lunar New Year. Parties, fun, and no work commitments the next day make you often more lenient with yourself about your time. 

Causes of pimples on Tet holiday
Limit frequent stay up late

This not only affects health but also seriously reduces the resistance of the skin. Because the process of restoring and regenerating the skin is most effective when the body falls asleep. Staying up late regularly will cause the biological clock of the skin to be out of rhythm. Your facial skin will be very easily dehydrated and dull because it is not restored and regenerated in the best way. 

In particular, according to research, staying up too late causes the body to secrete a large amount of cortisol - this substance causes the skin to secrete more excess oil. And when combined with conditions such as dirt, bacteria, acne will quickly form.

So, to protect your beauty, no matter how "happy" you are, you should try to sleep before 23 pm and always get enough sleep (7-8 hours) every day. (Refer to the recipe acne treatment from natural ingredients Safe and effective at home you should not ignore).

2. Too much makeup

How to limit acne on Tet holiday
Too much makeup

During Tet, any girl wants to be the most beautiful and brilliant. Therefore, they often make up more carefully when traveling in spring, wishing Tet with family and friends. 

Too much makeup, too thick and continuously for many days will make the pores clogged, the skin will secrete more excess oil and quickly appear acne if you do not clean the skin thoroughly. Therefore, you need to always clean your skin thoroughly every morning - night, remove makeup thoroughly after applying makeup and especially never leave makeup overnight.

3. New Year's Day Diet

Unscientific New Year's Diet
Unscientific New Year's Diet

Delicious and nutritious dishes on Tet holiday are always the top concern of the "gourmet society". No one can resist the tray with banh chung, pork, spring rolls, pickled onions or fruit cakes, etc. However, these delicious dishes are rich in nutrients, fat and excess calories. making women often gain weight and prone to acne.

Therefore, besides eating many delicious dishes on Tet holiday, make sure to balance the groups of nutrients. Especially eat a lot of green vegetables, drink enough water and limit foods that are too greasy. Thus, you can both eat and drink comfortably, and not due to acne-prone skin.

4. Ignore skin care

The thought of letting off steam during the New Year makes you often stay up late and sleep in, followed by neglect in skin care. 

How to limit acne on Tet holiday
Neglect in skin care

Many women will skip the steps of exfoliation, apply additional masks, or even skimp on cleaning the skin and applying lotions. Not only that, eating too much nutritious food on Tet also makes the body prone to accumulation of toxins from the inside. Since then, acne will be very easy to appear on your face. 

So no matter what, be more careful in your skin care steps. And never forget to remove makeup before bed – because the rate of breakouts when you leave makeup on overnight is very high. (Refer to the recipe acne mask at home safest for you).

5. Lazy to drink water

One reason why women's skin condition worsens during Tet is not drinking enough water. Drinking water is very important for cleansing the body and making sure the skin is well-hydrated. 

Causes of pimples on Tet holiday
Lazy drinking water is also the cause of acne

The lack of water in the body on Tet holiday makes your skin dry, dull and easily stimulated to secrete excess oil. Accompanied by factors such as diet, poor skin care will create favorable conditions for the rapid formation of acne spots.

However, do not drink too much carbonated soft drinks, because absorbing too much sugar also has a significant effect on your skin. Instead, you can use drinks from fresh fruits such as coconut water, lemon juice, oranges, etc. to both provide enough water and add vitamins to your body.

Tet holidays are always the most comfortable time of the year, not only can you meet your loved ones but also rest and relax after a year of working and striving. However, do not neglect to take care of yourself. Because just a few days of "excessive" relaxation, your skin and body will be greatly affected. 

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wishing you the best of holidays! (Refer to the recipe acne whitening mask appreciated by many beauticians).

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