Criteria for Evaluation of Eyebrow Tattooing Results Successful Or Not Interesting

Criteria for Evaluation of Eyebrow Tattooing Results Successfully Or Not

With current beauty technology, the methods Eyelid tattoo spray is gradually replacing eyeliner every day. Spray eyelid It not only creates beautiful eyelid contours, helping to make eyes big and round, but also overcomes many defects such as monolid eyes, small eyes, pale eyelid lines effectively. In particular, this beauty method is less expensive and can be maintained for many years.

So how do you know the results? Spray cosmetic tattooing successful or not? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center .

5 criteria to evaluate successful eyelid spray results

1. Time to peel off the ink layer

After tattooing, about 5-7 days, the ink layer will peel off and up beautiful color. This period will be shorter if your body is good and has the right and appropriate care regimen. In case the ink layer has not been peeled for more than 7 days, you should contact a technician for advice and the best solution.

peeling time criteria for evaluating successful eyelid tattoo results
After tattooing about 5-7 days, the ink layer will peel off by itself and have a beautiful color

One note is that absolutely do not arbitrarily remove this peeling ink layer - this is taboo because it will hurt your eyelids. Let this scab peel off naturally. In addition, you should regularly apply ointment or vaseline to help the eyelid area smooth and peel easily.

2. Pain level

Normally, the eyelid spraying process takes only 30-40 minutes and is anesthetized by the technician, so that the customer does not experience pain as well as the eyelid spraying process goes smoothly. After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel a little burning and stinging. However, this feeling is very normal and gradually subsides, completely disappearing after about 3 days.

success factor for eyelid spray
The feeling of pain gradually decreased, completely disappeared after about 3 days

In many cases, after tattooing, there will be pain and swelling of the eyelids for many days. The cause is:

  • By technician still young Needs to be inserted incorrectly, hurting the lower part of the body and causing swelling.
  • Spray tools are not carefully sterilized, which can cause eyelid infection and swelling.
  • Due to the quality of the ink is not guaranteed quality, contains many ingredients that cause skin irritation.
  • The condition of the eyelids is also swollen Depends on the body of each personPeople with weak muscles will have more swelling and pain reactions. And the recovery time is also slower.

Ideally, after 5 days, if the eyelid condition is still swollen or painful, you should contact a technician to be examined and have the best solution.

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3. Levels of ink coloration

Whether the ink color is even, smooth or not is one of the highest evaluation criteria of eyelid spray results. Normally, after peeling, the ink color gradually stabilizes after 1 week and the most standard color within 1 month. This time you need eyelid care Be very careful, because careful eyelid care and nourishment will help the ink color up to the best standard.

In cases where the eyelids are not colored, smudged or red-green, perhaps your eyelid spray results have failed. The main reason is because you choose a poor quality cosmetic facility, poor ink quality, incorrect color mixing ratio or wrong needle injection technique. It is best to contact the technician who made it for you for a quick fix.

Or you can go to reputable beauty salons like Miss Tram VietNam to be directly examined by estheticians, evaluate the condition of the eyelids and have appropriate error handling methods.

4. Is the eyelid shape beautiful or not?

Currently, there are many types of beautiful eyelid spray such as: Spray natural eyelids, Spray fishtail eyelids, Spray water eyelids (spray eyelids with tails), Spray open eyelids, Spray eyelids Liner… Each type of spray will have different characteristics and be suitable for many different eye shapes. Usually, customers will be consulted and sketched directly to choose the most suitable type of eyelid spray.

beautiful eyebrow tattoo designs
Beautiful eyelid shape

However, after eyelid spraying, if your eyelid shape is not as expected such as: the eyelid line is too thick – making the eyes old and heavy; the eyelids are not smooth – making the eyes look unnatural; Unbalanced eyelid lines - unsightly .., then you should contact a technician for the best solution.

If not, after 3 months you can go to reputable tattooing facilities to remove old ink and perform new eyelid tattooing.

5. How long does ink color keep?

Normally, eyelid color retention lasts from 3-5 years depending on factors such as: modern injection technology, high-quality inkjet ink, the skill of the technician, the eyelid spraying process. ensure each stage and post-spray care and warranty. If these factors are not ensured, the ink color will not be kept for a long time and is considered Eyelid tattoo spray unsuccessful.

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6 factors affecting the success of the tattoo spraying process

Spray beautiful eyelids open
Factors affecting eyelid spray

Whether the eyelid tattooing process goes smoothly and successfully depends largely on the following factors:

1. Modern eyelid spray technology

Modern tattoo spray technology with micro needles will cause less harm to the skin and help the eyelids to have the best color. In particular, high technology also automatically adjusts the appropriate amount of ink and supports the technician to accurately needle and adjust the eyelid shape more naturally.

2. Technician qualification

The skill of the technician is one of the most important factors determining the results of tattooing. The process of mixing ink, needles and eyelids must always be precise and even so that the ink is put into the skin evenly and the eyelid lines are the softest.

If the technician uses the needle unevenly, too strong or too light, it will damage the eyelid border, the ink is easily spilled red and blue and the tattoo spray results are not the most perfect. Not to mention, inexperienced technicians will anesthetize, put needles incorrectly, causing pain and swelling of the eyelids after spraying.

3. Inkjet ink quality

The quality of inkjet ink directly affects the color fastness and beautiful color or not. If using high-quality ink, natural ink will ensure safety for health as well as color standard, high color fastness.

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4. Eyelid spray process

At reputable cosmetic facilities, the eyelid spraying process is performed according to the standards from the customer consultation and examination step; cleaning, numbing until checking the results and instructing customers to take care of their eyelids after spraying. Spraying the eyelids according to the correct procedure will avoid swelling, pain and help the eyelids to recover quickly.

evaluation factor for beautiful eyelid spray
The process of spraying eyelids is beautiful and safe

5. Post-spray care mode

The post-injection eyelid care regime also partly affects the results of the tattooing process.

After completing the eyelid spray, the technicians will have instructions on how to care for the eyelids and diet for the most perfect results. You just need to follow the instructions exactly and should notify the technician when you see unusual signs that make you worried.

6. Warranty after spraying

The eyelid tattooing process is not always a perfect success from the first time because it depends on the location of each person that the ink color is up to standard or not. However, with reputable cosmetic facilities, there will be a warranty, free ink miles to make the eyelids up to the desired color. Therefore, a good warranty is a necessary factor to have the most perfect eyelid spray results.

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The above are the criteria for evaluating successful eyelid spray results Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center want to share with you. To have the most perfect eyelids, it is necessary to learn and choose reputable and quality cosmetic facilities. Besides, after tattooing, it is necessary to have a careful care regimen to make the eyelids up to the standard and longest lasting color. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you have the most sharp and desired eyes! 

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