Orlistat STADA 120mg - Reduce fat absorption in food, control weight

Is orlistat stada 120mg fat loss medicine good for users?

1 Q: Review, should I use orlistat stada 120mg fat loss?

I'm 30 years old but I haven't had a love affair yet, I have a stable job, I also have this person, but because of my weight guilt, I don't have the courage to move forward.

Currently I am 1,63m tall and weigh 70kg, losing weight has been my goal for many years, but the results are not what I wanted. I found that my problem is: I have exercised but I have not balanced my diet, so it is difficult to lose weight.

The other day, I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for stomachache, accidentally complained about my weight with the drug dealer, so I was introduced to Orlistat Stada 120mg fat reduction drug, which prevents fat absorption in food, so I don't need much abstinence. I went home to find out and found that there were also many unwanted side effects, so I was a bit worried, I don't know if it's effective? Anyone who has used it, please let me know the experience.

(Phan Hong Tham – Binh Duong)

2 A: Should or should not use weight loss pills orlistat stada 120mg

I've taken this medicine before, and it worked. Work requires a lot of exercise, so I can't diet, use this drug to eat comfortably without fear of fat accumulation because it eliminates fat in food quite well. Every day you eat a lot of fried food, at the end of the day you will go to the toilet and you will know immediately.

The side effects depend on the organism too, I don't get tired or headache when I use it, I think it's safe to sell it at a drugstore, all major drugstore chains sell it.

Eat more scientifically, use 80% vegetables and 20% protein and starch. Increase your exercise. This drug only helps to reduce the absorption of fat in food every day. I can't be 100% dependent.

Taking that medicine is effective, I'm using it, it's slowly decreasing but it doesn't make me faint like the drugs I used to take. But you have to reduce eating again, eat a more scientific diet. But there is no such thing as a healthy diet.

M also drinks a lot, but when he eats a lot of greasy food, he drinks. Well, don't expect to lose weight quickly, if you work hard at sports, your weight will improve slowly. As for the fat stools, it is normal, the mechanism of this drug is that, when you buy it, ask the pharmacy carefully, if not, see the information above: https://orlistatstada.vn/ that genuine site.

My mother is also nearly 70kg, has an older sister who works at the pharmacy, so she brings it Orlistat Stada 120mg for my mother to use. If you combine exercise and a reasonable diet, it will reduce, my mother has lost nearly 3kg in 4 months.

I also have the same condition as you and am also using this Orlistat Stada 120mg weight loss drug, it's ok, 2 months lost 5kg. It is recommended that you gradually practice healthy eating habits and set aside 45-60 minutes for exercise each day. I run 5-7km every day, very effective.

So, through the above general question and answer article on the topic Orlistat stada 120mg fat loss is good for users, you can also get some more ideas and answers for yourself. Here, I would like to share some specific information about the product to have a more scientific view.

3 Origin of weight loss pills Orlistat Stada

Orlistat Stada is a weight loss drug manufactured and distributed by Stada - Vietnam Joint Venture Co., Ltd. This product is manufactured on advanced technology lines and has obtained GMP - EU certification. Orlistat Stada weight loss capsules are available in two forms with the respective content of 60mg (10 tablets/blister x 6 blisters/box) and 120mg (21 tablets/blister x 2 1 blister/box).

Orlistat STADA 120mg - Reduce fat absorption in food, control weight
Orlistat STADA 120mg – Reduce fat absorption in food, control weight

4 Review How to Use Orlistat Stada Weight Loss Pills Effectively

In order to use Orlistat Stada weight loss drug in a suitable and safe way with your health condition, users need to consult a doctor and monitor the body's reaction to be able to adjust. timely dose. Dosage information is given as follows:

  • To treat obesity and prevent weight gain in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older: 120 mg x 1 tablet x 3 times/day with each meal.
  • For overweight people aged 18 years and over: take 60 mg x 1 tablet x 3 times/day in each fat-containing meal.
  • Dosage of Orlistat Stada 60 mg and 120 mg weight loss pills is 3 times a day, one tablet each time.
  • The drug should be taken with water before or during meals, or taken within 1 hour after each main meal.
  • If you miss a meal or a fat-free meal, there is no need to take the medicine. Do not take a double dose of the prescribed dose.
  • Do not overdose or use it too often or for longer than directed on the package or as directed by your doctor.

In addition, the following people should not use Orlistat Stada: pregnant or nursing women, children under 12 years of age, patients with a history of hyperoxaluria, kidney stones, diabetes, malabsorption syndromes chronic, allergic or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

side effects of orlistat stada 120mg slimming pills
side effects of orlistat stada 120mg slimming pills

5 Dosage and how to use Orlistat Stada fat reduction medicine according to the instructions

  • The recommended dose of orlistat is one 120mg capsule, to be taken with water immediately before, during or up to 1 hour after each main meal. If meals are sometimes missed or are fat-free, orlistat is not needed.
  • Adults: 120mg x 3 times/day. Doses in excess of 120 mg 3 times/day did not add additional benefit.

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