Food "Gold" Collagen Supplement For Skin Term

Food “Golden” Collagen Supplement For Skin

The human body has the ability to self-produce collagen to provide the body, but after the age of 20, especially after the age of 30, this process begins to weaken and we must supplement collagen from the outside. You can supplement collagen daily for your body by supplementing the following collagen-rich foods.

Collagen is a protein that makes up 30% of the total body weight of a person. Not only helps to connect tissues in the body together, collagen also works to prevent facial sagging, reduce wrinkles and bring good elasticity to the skin.

collagen rich foods
Collagen plays an important role in the body

Top foods rich in natural collagen 

Supplementing with natural collagen is very necessary, so there are many food groups that are rich in collagen. In addition to using oral tablets, you can use natural collagen through daily meals. Some of the foods rich in collagen include the following:

Dark green vegetables

Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, spinach, etc. are all vegetables rich in nutritional value that are good for health. Not only that, they also have the effect of stimulating the body's collagen production, you should add these vegetables to your daily menu.

Fruits rich in vitamin C

Blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes and citrus fruits all contain high amounts of vitamin C. This is an extremely necessary vitamin for the process of creating collagen from trocollagen. A lack of Vitamin C will reduce the ability to synthesize collagen, causing many problems for the skin and health.

foods rich in natural collagen
Vitamin C is essential for collagen production

Food is red

Carrots, beets, bell peppers and red foods not only make a meal attractive, but are also considered a rich source of lycopene, which, along with many antioxidants, helps boost collagen and fight cancer. back the signs of aging.

Soybean products

Soy products like soy milk all contain genistein – a compound that helps produce collagen and fight skin aging. Therefore, you should use soybeans regularly so that the body's collagen production process becomes strong.


Scientific studies have shown that garlic has a role in promoting collagen production in the human body. In this spice there is a substance called Sulfur, which is necessary for the production of collagen. In addition, garlic also contains large amounts of lipoic acid and taurine, which support the rebuilding of damaged collagen.

natural collagen supplements
Not only a spice, garlic also helps support collagen formation for the body

Omega-3 rich foods

Omega-3 is abundant in fish such as mackerel, anise, herring, sardines, ... This type of omega 3 fatty acid has a beautifying effect on the skin and effectively fights inflammation on the skin. According to the doctor of the American Academy of Dermatology, inflammation accelerates the rate at which collagen is broken down. Therefore, anti-inflammatory also means maximum protection for collagen in the skin.

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Why is it important to supplement collagen for the skin regularly?

With age, the amount of collagen in the body decreases more and more, so collagen supplementation needs to be carried out early and continuously. Studies have shown that if our body loses 30% of collagen at the age of 15, then by the age of 50, the amount of collagen loss has increased by 45%. It means that the aging of the skin is increasing rapidly and the skin becomes ugly, sagging, wrinkles, etc.

As we have seen, the amount of collagen the body loses more and more over time, so natural collagen supplements will not be enough, but collagen essence is needed. In addition, if your skin is aging a lot, you can go to reputable spas like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to use intensive beauty treatments, supplement collagen directly into the skin, helping the skin to be perfectly healthy and beautiful.

collagen supplement for skin
Use collagen supplements at prestigious spas

Many women heard the advertisements on the internet and bought collagen essences for self-needling at home. However, because the origin of collagen cannot be identified, it leads to extremely serious consequences. You should also know that the wrong technique of needle roller can hurt the skin, wreak havoc on our skin and skin recovery will be extremely difficult. Therefore, we should not arbitrarily perform beauty treatments at home.

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To determine the lack of collagen in the skin as well as find out suitable beauty treatments, please contact Miss Tram directly for skin examination and specific skin advice. Miss Tram accompanies you for sublimated beauty.

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