Food Slows Scar Healing

Scars - Foods, Food Groups Slowing Scar Healing Include?

Food Slows Scar Healing

Scar is a fear of women. Depending on the extent, the scar can follow us for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime. To reduce the severity of the scar, care must be taken from the moment the skin is injured. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about some Foods that slow down the healing process that we need to avoid.

Top Safest Foods Slowing Scar Healing

1. Factors affecting the healing process and scar condition

Foods that slow down the healing process
Factors that directly affect the healing process

Scar formation is the body's own process of wound healing. This process increases the proliferation and disorderly arrangement of collagen along with some other ingredients, causing the skin to be uneven or different from the normal skin color.

Some of the main factors that affect the healing process are:

Size and depth of wound

The size of the scar is large or small depending on the size and depth of the wound. With acne, the scars will be much smaller than those caused by accidents, burns or surgery.

Often severe wounds will form keloids or concave scars. Therefore, the larger the scars, the more difficult the scar treatment process will be.

Wound location

Scars can form anywhere on the body. For people with weak muscles, even a small wound will easily form a scar. The location of the wound also greatly affects the condition of your scar. You will easily get keloids in areas such as lips, neck, chest. If you have severe acne, cystic acne or chicken pox on the face, it is easy to form concave scars if not cared for properly.


Scars can form at any age, but age is also a factor in scarring. The older the person, the slower the wound healing ability on the skin, so the scar condition is more severe than the younger people.

How to treat the wound?

Scar condition also depends on how your wound is treated. If the wound is handled and cared for properly and carefully, the wound heals quickly and the scar forms are light and easy to treat. On the contrary, if you do not know how to take care of the wound, it is easy to get infected, slow to heal and leave severe scars.

In addition, if you are suffering from scars, you should have an early plan for treatment, otherwise the scars will be calloused and difficult to treat in the long run.


Unscientific diet is the cause of the slow healing process
Unscientific diet is the cause of the slow healing process

While injured, a good nutrition such as eating enough protein such as meat, fish, soybeans, peas; Foods containing iron, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B12, etc. will play an important role in strengthening the body's resistance, regenerating new cells and speeding wound healing.

On the contrary, you should abstain from foods that slow down the healing process and cause itching in the wound area such as water spinach, shrimp, crab, sea fish, etc.

2. Foods that slow down the healing process


Water spinach has cool properties, can detoxify, laxative, diuretic. But for those who have wounds, eating water spinach will stimulate wound healing excessively, making the skin prone to keloids. So when injured you should avoid this food.


Avoid eating seafood
Avoid eating seafood

Seafood is considered an extremely nutritious food. However, this is a type of food that can cause allergies. Therefore, when injured, you should not eat seafood, avoid making the wound itchy, uncomfortable, slow to heal and form scars later.

Sausages, bacon, confectionery

These foods do not directly affect the injured skin, but will make you lose essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Causes a deficiency of vitamins and minerals needed in the process of cell regeneration, making wounds heal longer.


For many people, chicken will make the injured skin area itchy, uncomfortable and take longer to heal, slowing down the healing process. Therefore, it is best to try to abstain from this food until the wound is completely healed.

Glutinous food

Do not use sticky rice
Do not use sticky rice

Dishes from sticky rice are very familiar to Vietnamese people such as sticky rice, banh chung, sticky rice cakes of all kinds. However, sticky foods have hot properties that make the wound prone to festering, swelling, inflammation, and over time, it will cause keloids. Therefore, when the wound has not healed, it is best to avoid eating sticky rice dishes to limit the appearance of scars on the skin.


Beef is very nutritious but it will darken the wound and thereby form a deep scar. Especially for those who are suffering from acne, eating a lot of beef makes acne scars take a long time to heal and leave deep scars that are difficult to fade.


Limit the use of sugar
Limit the use of sugar

All foods containing a lot of sugar are not good for health, body shape, skin and wounds. Sugar has adverse effects on the collagen layer on the surface of the epidermis. Meanwhile, collagen is a very important component for maintaining skin elasticity, helping to regenerate new cells and speed up the healing process.


According to research, ginger can interfere with the formation of blood clots, making it difficult for wounds to heal and slow the healing process. Therefore, you should take a moderate amount of ginger during the healing period. (Refer to the how-to guide facial skin care after squeezing acne the safest).

There are a few of these foods that have not been scientifically proven to interfere with the healing process, but are passed down from human experience. If you have a skin injury or acne, you should stay away from the above foods. Hope this article will help you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin.

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