True Truth Of Needle Rolling For Permanent Pimples Scar Treatment Directly

The True Story of Needle Rolling to Treat Pimples Permanently

pitted scars has really become a "horror obsession" for everyone. So information Needle roller to treat pitted scars forever made many people "more happy than to catch gold". However, the truth of this matter is what people need to find out carefully.

Is needle roller for pitted scars really effective?
Safe method of needle rolling to treat pitted scars

The True Story of Needle Rolling to Treat Pimples Permanently

Pimples are not an uncommon condition. This is a condition in which the skin is damaged, causing the skin structure to break, breaking the collagen chain to create pitting. Causes of pitted scars can include:

Pitted scars really cause a lot of trouble to people, especially those who have to interact a lot with customers and female friends, pitted scars cause a loss of facial aesthetics and make the "suffering owner" lack of confidence. Today, there are many technologies to treat pitted scars that have partly helped to overcome this situation and needle roller is one of them.

Needle roller is a very popular beauty method in recent times, has the effect of beautifying the skin, treating pitted scars, melasma effectively. The principle of operation of this method is to use a rolling needle with hundreds of small needles with a diameter of 0,07 mm, from 0,2 to 3 mm long to move on the skin. The small needles will penetrate the skin deep enough about 2-3 mm to stimulate collagen and elastin production effectively. (Refer to method Treat pitted scars with viral skin transplants most secure today).

Needle roller method to treat pitted scars
The process of performing needle roller treatment for pitted scars

According to the advertisement, this is really a beauty method to help treat pitted scars forever, which is great skin beauty. However, the reality is not so great.

1. Needle roller is beneficial and harmful

In fact, the needle roller really affects the skin, the small needles will cause fake wounds on the skin, and at the same time bring collagen directly into the skin, helping to increase collagen and elastin under the skin, filling natural scars.

However, the amount collagen This is only capable of fading scars and beautifying the skin, but not being able to completely fill in pitted scars as some places still advertise. In order for the needle roller to be as effective as above, you must find a reputable needle roller facility, use quality needles with skilled technicians, and at the same time ensure the quality of the collagen part inserted into the skin. skin. If you choose a poor quality needle roller, the consequences will be extremely serious.

Is needle roller treatment for pitted scars really safe?
Is needle roller treatment for pitted scars really safe?
  • The first is the needle roller that injures the skin. Gentle scratches only cause more pain and more severe can lead to skin infections.
  • Second, if the equipment is not secure, you are at risk of transmitting infectious diseases, even HIV.
  • Third, needle rolling easily leads to infection, hematoma, connective tissue tear, blood vessel tear, darkening of the skin after rolling.
  • Fourth, the use of poor quality collagen easily causes skin allergies, affects the skin and harms the health of users.

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2. So, how to treat pitted scars permanently?

To treat pitted scars effectively, you should use modern scar treatment technologies such as Fractional CO2 Laser micro-shock technology at Miss Tram. This is a really great treatment for pitted scars. By using a wavelength of 10.600 nm, it is able to penetrate deep into the dermis without causing invasion of surrounding healthy skin. This technology helps to stimulate collagen production to effectively fill the acne scar area, providing a thorough treatment for pitted scars.

Before and after treatment of pitted scars at Miss Tram Spa
Before and after treatment of pitted scars at Miss Tram Spa

The natural production of collagen under the skin also helps to effectively rejuvenate the skin, fade dark spots, wrinkles, make the skin firm, smooth and elastic.

If you read this far, you must have chosen a method to treat pitted scars for yourself. As you can see, needle roller is really a method that, although effective in scar treatment, carries too many risks. So if you want to treat scars completely, you should choose Fractional CO2 Laser to say goodbye to pitted scars and ensure your safety. Please contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to receive useful advice from leading cosmetologists in Vietnam. (Find out the reasons you need to supplement collagen after needle roller).

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