8 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Age Strategy

8 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Getting older is probably a scary thing for everyone and especially for women. Speaking of "old", women will immediately picture a wrinkled, sagging skin with crow's feet on the corners of the eyes and mouth. How to slow down aging - help you look younger than your age is a concern of many women, isn't it?

Don't let you wait any longer, today Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center I will share 8 habits that seem harmless but will make you older than your age! Please refer to the article below to see what those habits are.

Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Real Age

1. Or get stressed

Being constantly in uncomfortable, stressful situations will make your body uncomfortable. That affects cells or, more seriously, accelerates their aging process.

Besides, prolonged discomfort - unhappiness accompanied by a grimace will create many wrinkles on your face. So, if you don't want to get older faster, you should participate in many fun and entertainment activities and arrange your work and life accordingly to always be the most comfortable.

Habits that make you look older than your actual age
Stress and stress make the skin age faster

2. Not getting enough sleep

An adult needs 7 hours a night to sleep and restore energy. Not getting enough sleep will make you sluggish, lack of energy, abnormal weight gain, dark skin and visible wrinkles.

Not only that, lack of sleep also makes the mind slow, affecting work. If this situation persists, it will shorten your life.

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3. Watching too much TV

Experts say that every hour of TV watching corresponds to a 22 minute reduction in your life expectancy. Therefore, instead of watching TV too much, you can go out for a run, play sports or find healthy recreational activities.

The light of the TV screen when exposed to a lot is also not good for the skin and eyes. If you have this habit, quickly get rid of it if you don't want to get old quickly.

Bad habits make you older than your age
Watching too much TV is harmful to skin and eyes

4. Say no to sugar

Eating too much sugar is very harmful to human health from the skin to the whole body. But we also can't deny that the sweetness of sugar makes us feel happier and more cheerful.

Therefore, make sure that you only provide your body with enough sugar to enjoy joy and happiness. Because if you use too much sugar, your skin will quickly age, acne "protests" and gain weight out of control.

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5. Only use sunscreen when traveling

Some women think that only when traveling to use sunscreen is a wrong habit. Women need to use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days to avoid UV rays that damage the skin.

If you need to be out in the sun for more than 2-3 hours, reapply sunscreen to protect the skin. At the same time, still have to cover to protect the skin, do not rely on having applied sunscreen. Thus, your skin is best protected from the sun, reducing the risk of skin aging. Refer How to take care of your skin with the right sunscreen standard.

Habits that make you look older than your age
Do not use sunscreen every day

6. Improper sitting posture

There are sitting positions that you think are comfortable but in fact they are very harmful to health. The spine, joints and muscles will be abnormally "stressed" if you maintain an improper sitting posture for a long time.

7. Drink with a straw

Girls often use straws to drink to avoid makeup. But did you know that pinching your lips to collect water with a tube will create many wrinkles around the mouth. In the long run, wrinkles will form, making her old before her age.

So, girls who often wear makeup, find yourself a perfect way to both provide enough water for your body but also not wash off your makeup. Or women take the trouble to reapply makeup after drinking water so as not to create wrinkles around the mouth.

Habits make you look older than you really are
Drinking water with a straw creates many wrinkles around the mouth

8. Diet too low in fat

Reducing the amount of fat in your body helps you control your weight. However, reducing the amount of fatty acids too radically will make you age faster. Because in fatty acids, there are Omega 3 to help prevent wrinkles, making the skin smooth and soft.

In addition, a diet that is too strict with fat will make your body not absorb Omega 3, easily causing premature aging of the skin.

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With 8 habits Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Just shared above, I hope you can avoid these things to maintain youthfulness and slow down the aging process of the skin. In addition to these, Miss Tram is also very willing to advise and share more about beauty and skin care with women. If you have the most natural beauty needs, please contact Miss Tram for support!

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