The Skin Screams When You Still Maintain These Habits Enjoy

Your Skin Screams When You Still Maintain These Habits

You think you are taking care of your skin properly, using expensive skin care products but still do not have the beautiful and healthy skin you want? You still haven't found the reason why? Let's find out the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Let's see if I have any habits that make my skin cry.

Habits That Are Harmful To Your Skin You Need To Quit Immediately

1. Or touch your face with your hand

Habits are bad for your skin
Touching your face is a bad habit for your skin

Touching your face with your hands or resting your chin and cheeks are habits that many people encounter, gradually becoming an unconscious natural action – this is very harmful to the skin. On the hands there is a lot of dirt and bacteria, when put on the face, the bacteria penetrate the skin causing acne to form. If you do not give up these habits, then surely your skin will always have acne problems.

In addition, do not arbitrarily use your hands squeeze acne This is also a habit many people have that causes their skin to deteriorate seriously. This habit makes acne more and more widespread and easy to form pitted scars. Instead of using your hands to deal with pimples, you can use specialized care products to treat acne and prevent acne from returning.

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2. Continuous use of electronic devices

Bad habits for skin
The radiation of electronic devices has a very bad effect on the skin

The radiation stream of TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. has a very bad effect on the skin. Over time, when exposed to these radiation rays, your skin will gradually become dull, aging quickly, less fresh and prone to acne.

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With this modern life, the use of electronic devices is a certainty. However, you need to know how to protect your skin against their harmful effects such as:

  • Balance work and rest time, every 25 minutes of using electronic devices, you should let your body and skin relax for 5 minutes.
  • Maintain the correct working posture: straighten your back, keep your face and neck perpendicular to the computer.
  • Do not use electronic devices in the dark – very harmful to the skin and eyes.
  • Do not press the phone to your cheek when listening, to avoid spreading bacteria from the phone screen to the skin.

3. Not sleeping on time and getting enough sleep

Habits that are harmful to your skin should be avoided
Need to maintain the habit of sleeping on time and getting enough sleep

Sleep is very important for health, especially skin. Sleeping time is the golden time for the skin to recover and absorb the nutrients from moisturizing products. When you stay up too late or don't get enough sleep, your body doesn't get enough rest and recovery, so your skin becomes dull, lifeless and loses moisture. If you maintain this habit for a long time, your skin will definitely "cry".

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4. Abuse of makeup

Habits are bad for your skin
Too much makeup is not good for the health of the skin

Makeup is a necessary need of our women, helping to increase the beauty and confidence when going out. However, wearing makeup every day can cause some effects on your skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.

When you wear too much makeup or use inappropriate makeup, improper makeup will clog pores, irritate your skin, and cause your skin to secrete excess oil for protection. From there, it is easy to form acne on the skin. If you maintain this habit for a long time, your skin will definitely be damaged a lot and be difficult to treat.

Therefore, you need to choose for yourself the right makeup products, know how to apply makeup properly and regularly let the skin "breathe" to protect healthy skin.

5. Buy cosmetics "bluff"

Habits are bad for your skin
Buy skin care products: buy the right things, buy the necessary things, buy the quality products

Beauty and skin care products are often designed to be eye-catching, advertised with "above great" uses, making women often rush to choose to buy without carefully understanding the ingredients, uses, and origins. This habit of buying "bluff" things inadvertently causes the skin to suffer consequences such as sensitivity, acne, and sensitivity if using cosmetics that are not suitable for skin type.

So, before buying anything, you should follow these principles: buy the right things, buy the necessary things, buy the quality things.

6. Strong facial massage

Habits are bad for your skin
Strong facial massage makes skin aging quickly

Facial massage is a method of rejuvenating the skin, increasing blood circulation and making the skin more ruddy. However, the skin is very sensitive, if you massage too hard, it will make the skin age quickly, form wrinkles and make the skin sag. So, please massage gently, add a little cream to make the massage process easier and nutrients to penetrate more easily into the skin.

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7. Don't use sunscreen

Bad habits for skin
Not using sunscreen causes skin problems with aging, acne, skin cancer

Sunscreen works to prevent the attack of harmful UV rays such as: skin aging, skin cancer, problems such as acne, freckles and dark spots on the skin. If you are in the habit of not wearing sunscreen, your skin is probably not healthy either. Therefore, protect your skin by applying sunscreen daily 30 minutes before going outside and reapplying it every 4 hours.

8. Eating out of control

Bad habits for skin
Limit sweets, fried foods, increase fruits and vegetables

Many girls have the habit of eating a lot of sweets, fried foods, drinking a lot of milk tea, soft drinks, etc. However, these foods have bad effects on the skin such as:

  • Foods high in sugar destroy collagen, making the skin lose its elasticity, quickly aging and less youthful.
  • Greasy foods stimulate the skin to secrete excess oil, causing clogged pores, easy acne formation.
  • Processed foods deplete vitamins in the body, making the skin dull and less rosy.

So, remember to minimize these foods if you want to have a healthy and beautiful skin. If you have a habit of snacking, you should replace it with foods that are good for your skin and health such as nuts, fruits, and juices.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about daily habits that make your skin cry. Hope the article will be useful to you, wish you have a good skin!

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