Skin Care Habits Are No Longer Appropriate After the Age of 30 What You Don't Know

Skin Care Habits Are No Longer Appropriate After the Age of 30

Do you know? Job Skin Care It depends not only on your skin type but also on your age. Maybe the skin care method is working very well for you now, but when you are 30, 40, 50 years old, it may not be suitable anymore. Because as we age, our skin changes in structure and properties.

So today's article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the Skin care habits are no longer appropriate when you turn 30.

7 Unsuitable Skin Care Habits When You Turn 30

1. Abuse of makeup

For 25-year-old girls, makeup makes the face fresher and sharper. Gradually, daily makeup has become a habit and a necessity when stepping out of each person's home. However, when you turn 30 years old, wearing makeup regularly will cause your skin to age very quickly.

Habits are not suitable for women aged 30
Regularly wearing makeup at the age of 30 makes your skin age faster

The cause is:

  • The ingredients in cosmetics also contain more or less harmful substances to the skin such as corticosteroids, lead, etc.
  • Daily makeup causes the skin to suffocate, prone to clogged pores because the skin structure after the age of 30 becomes weaker and weaker.
  • Effects such as applying many layers of powder, making makeup too thick, making it difficult to remove makeup, exerting a lot of force on the skin, causing the skin to sag quickly.

Therefore, at this age, women should wear light makeup and pay attention to carefully remove makeup before sleeping so that the skin is the most airy.

In addition, it is necessary to invest in a quality makeup set that does not contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. And especially, should spend as much time on bare face if possible - this is an effective way to prevent aging skin.

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2. Use a deep cleansing cleanser

After the age of 30, your skin becomes dehydrated, dry and less oily. Therefore, facial cleanser products with deep cleansing effects are no longer suitable for your skin. You need to choose a face wash with natural ingredients, without seeds to clean the skin in the most gentle way while retaining moisture and softening the skin even after washing your face.

Skin care habits are not suitable for the age of 30
Do not use deep cleansing cleanser products

One note, cleansing the skin is an extremely important step in facial care. So regardless of age, you should wash your face with a face wash twice a day to get the most effective cleaning.

3. Not Exfoliating Regularly

With the age of 20, the exfoliation of women often remembers, sometimes forgets. But after the age of 30, this skin care step must be performed regularly twice a week. The reason is that at this age, the absorption of nutrients from the cream will be very slow, if the dead cells are not removed in time, it will hinder the absorption of nutrients into the skin, easily causing clogged pores. hairy and prone to acne formation.

skin care routine for women aged 30
Women in their 30s should exfoliate twice a week

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4. Skip the moisturizing step

Moisturizing step is very important for 30-year-old skin – skin at this age often lacks moisture and gradually loses elasticity, leading to skin aging.

If in your 20s, you often skip the moisturizing step in the morning and often choose basic skin care products, by the age of 30, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Day and night care are equally important.
  • Invest in anti-aging skin care products eye cream private.
  • Pay attention to the skin of the neck area - because this is the skin that is easily "forgotten", but after the age of 30, signs of aging appear quickly such as wrinkles, sagging skin.

5. Use oil-control, skin-whitening products

As mentioned above, the skin after the age of 30 often lacks moisture, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and the amount of oil secreted on the skin is also less. Skin care products that control oil and whiten skin will no longer be suitable for skin at this age. Even, it is easy to make the skin prematurely form wrinkles and signs of aging.

6. The habit of squeezing acne

When you're young, the habit of squeezing pimples doesn't seem to have as serious consequences as you are warned. Because the skin quickly recovers, it will help the bruises, acne scars gradually disappear. However, when you turn 30, if you still keep this bad habit, the consequences will surely be very serious. The reason is that the skin at this time will be much weaker than before, the recovery rate of the skin is poor, so the acne spots or bruises, acne scars will stay for a long time on your face.

Inappropriate skin care habits
Self-squeezing acne is the cause of scars and dark spots on the skin

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7. Other bad habits to quit when you turn 30

In addition to the above inappropriate skin care habits, these bad living habits also greatly affect the skin in your 30s:

+ Often stay up late

When you are young, staying up late is a very normal thing, you can stay up until 2-3 am to play and work without much impact on your health and skin. However, when you enter your 30s, sleeping late will have a very bad effect on your health. Without a quality sleep, the aging process that is taking place at this age will be very evident on your skin.

+ Continuous use of electronic devices

skin care for women in their 30s
Continuous use of electronic devices damages the skin

Did you know, the heat radiation from the computer screen, the phone is just as harmful as the UV rays in the sun. At the age of 30, you should minimize the habits that adversely affect the skin because the skin recovery process takes place very slowly. Therefore, if you often use electronic devices, you should have a reasonable rest time to relax your skin and eyes.

+ Sleeping in the wrong position

The skin after the age of 30 gradually loses elasticity, if you often sleep on your side, sleeping on your stomach, crow's feet, wrinkles will be very easy to appear.

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about skin care habits that are no longer suitable when you turn 30. It may be a bit difficult for you to change these habits at first, but if you don't change, the signs of aging will be faster. appear on your skin. Hope this article will help you, wish you always have a youthful skin!

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