7 Habits That Make Round 2 More and More "Glorious", Sagging Details

7 Habits That Make Round 2 More and More "Glorious"

You can "blame" genetics when owning round 1, round 3 is not satisfactory. But if you have a "bread waist", it's all your fault! For women, having a standard 3-round measurement is always one of the "life goals". In particular, the second round is considered the decisive knot, helping the body to be the most harmonious and balanced.

However, many girls have a regular diet and exercise regime but still do not have the desired waist. Why? Maybe they've got these "fat-storage" habits:

Daily Habits Make Round 2 Sag

1. Don't do too much activity before sleeping

After eating, people tend to sit and rest and surf the web. However, sitting or lying down for too long after eating is a habit that makes the second round more and more popular.

The cause of the 2nd round sagging
Do not do too much activity before sleeping

So what is the cause? Sitting in one place after eating will cause the blood circulation system to not circulate, nutrients are also not delivered to other parts effectively. In particular, calories and energy will be accumulated in the second round, thereby causing your "belly" to have more and more excess fat.

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2. Shower right after eating

Many girls have a schedule of bathing right after dinner time. This habit will help them erase the feeling of fatigue – sluggishness throughout a long day and start at the earliest rest time.

However, according to health experts, taking a bath right after eating will adversely affect the digestive system as well as slow down the digestive process. From there, it is easy to cause abdominal distension, as well as bring many health consequences. Therefore, it is best to shower before or after eating at least 30 minutes.

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3. Irregular exercise

Many women often feel very motivated to exercise when they feel that their body is "fat". But they could not maintain this momentum for long. This causes the measurement of the second round to be up and down erratically, even getting bigger.

Why? Because most women will have a subjective feeling, or "reward" themselves after a period of persistently trying to reduce their waist. But this "eating a lot of food is okay" has made the previous effort meaningless.

The reason why round 2 is getting bigger
Erratic exercise makes your butt bigger and bigger

4. Drink solid tea after eating

Drinking tea after eating is considered a habit of many Vietnamese people. However, drinking too much tea right after eating has a bad effect on the digestive process of the stomach.

The reason is that in solid tea contains tannin - an active ingredient that can cause food to precipitate and interfere with the digestive process. Not only that, solid tea also dilutes gastric juice, so the digestion time becomes longer. From there, belly fat will accumulate more and more. Therefore, it is best to drink tea in the morning when you wake up - this is both a way to warm up the body and stimulate the stomach very well.

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5. Overeating during the red light cycle

During the red light cycle, when hormones increase, sisters often tend to eat more than usual. Although this "craving" only lasts a few days, but during this time, women are often less active and more comfortable with themselves, so their second round also quickly accumulates significantly more fat.

Therefore, it is best to control your portions during the red light period. Because the comfort of a few days can also cost you a whole month of dieting.

The cause of the 2nd round sagging
Eating too much in the red light cycle makes the breasts bigger and bigger

6. Not paying attention when eating

Eating while watching movies, surfing the phone is considered one of the worst habits in eating. By:

  • You will lose the ability to control your need for fullness - hunger. Therefore, you will only stop eating when you have finished your serving or lost all your attention on electronic devices.
  • You will lose the feeling of being “enjoyed” – will eat a lot of easy-to-grab, easy-to-chew, easy-to-eat foods and lead to a nutritional imbalance.

According to many studies, people with this bad habit have a much larger body mass index (BMI) than those who focus only on eating with chopsticks. Therefore, if you want to have a neat round 2, you should immediately quit this habit.

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7. Do not sit upright when eating

Regularly sitting down, stooping or bending your knees when eating not only makes food difficult to digest but also causes pressure on the abdominal muscles. This both creates a "fat line" around the 2nd round, both causing pain in the spine, and affecting the digestive system a lot. Therefore, make sure your sitting posture is always straight, flat stomach so that food is easily digested and minimizes the accumulation of belly fat as possible.

The reason why the 2nd round is bigger
Sitting not straight when eating makes your breasts bigger vòng

To own a slim waist, in addition to having a healthy diet, daily living habits are also very important. Therefore, you should pay attention to eating times, eating positions and habits in your meals. In particular, always exercise in the most moderate way to ensure your round 2 is the most toned. Hope the above article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a good body!

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