Check Out 6 Remarkable Times When You Shouldn't Wear Masks

Check Out 6 Times When You Shouldn't Wear Masks

Mask It is always one of the indispensable skin care steps of women. By not only providing more nutrients for the skin, using the right mask also supports the treatment of skin problems effectively.

Usually, the problem that women are most concerned about is choosing which type of mask is suitable for their skin. However, how to apply the mask, at any time is also extremely important. In particular, if the mask is applied at the wrong time, the skin will suffer a lot of unfortunate consequences. Therefore, the same Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Take a look at 6 times when you should absolutely not wear a mask.

6 Times When You Shouldn't Wear Masks You Need To Remember

1. Put on a mask while taking a shower

Busy girls often take the time in the shower to apply a mask. Some people think that this is the time when the pores are easily dilated and the nutrients in the mask will be absorbed into the skin the fastest.

Do not wear a mask while taking a shower
Do not wear a mask while taking a shower

However, in fact, this habit has many potential risks of causing acne. Because when bathing, all dirt, sweat from oily skin and hair can fall / run down the face - the process of applying a face mask will make this amount of dirt easier to penetrate into the pores. From there, the pores will be clogged and acne will quickly form.

So, instead of covering your face in the shower, take a short break after bathing to let your skin gradually return to a balanced state before using a mask. (Refer 1 week mask time exactly).

2. Wear a mask in an air-conditioned room

Many girls have habits mask in the air-conditioned room by thinking: "The air in the cold room will be fresher, limiting the possibility of the mask being attached to dirt and bacteria".

However, the low temperature in the air-conditioned room will cause the pores to shrink, and the nutrients will be more difficult to penetrate into the skin than in a normal environment. Not only that, with low humidity, the mask you put on your face will quickly dry out and tend to absorb moisture from the skin. Therefore, the process of applying the face in an air-conditioned room is not only less effective, but it can also lose moisture on the skin.

Do not wear a mask in an air-conditioned room
Do not wear a mask in an air-conditioned room

3. Put on a mask before going out

Most of us put on a mask at night. But recently, with the movement of famous stars wearing paper masks every day, women often tend to use paper masks more during the day.

Although a sheet mask will add nutrients "quickly" to the skin, but if you apply the mask right before going out, this is probably a wrong decision. Because more or less ingredients in the mask lines have the effect of cleansing and whitening the skin - they will make the skin thinner and more susceptible to the sun. Going out immediately after applying the mask will make your skin easy to darken. (Refer to the recipe Natural oil-reducing whitening mask the most effective).

4. Apply a mask when you have severe acne

Acne skin is always the most sensitive and easily irritated of all skin types, especially when it comes to inflammatory acne, cystic acne. If the mask is applied bluffly during this time, the acne spots are not only easy to break, but also can create favorable conditions for acne to develop and spread quickly.

Therefore, it is best when you have acne, you should go to reputable skin care facilities for treatment, as well as be consulted about specialized masks, different types of masks. Skincare most effective for the skin.

Do not wear a mask when you have severe acne
Do not wear a mask when you have severe acne

5. Mask late at night

Everyone knows the ideal time to apply a mask is in the evening - the time before going to bed. But not everyone knows, if you apply a mask after 10 pm, toxins will easily accumulate on the skin.

The reason is: Time after 10 pm, the body will begin to purify toxins, accelerate metabolism and produce new skin cells. Applying a mask right now will inadvertently hinder the detoxification process of the skin, causing toxins to accumulate on the skin. From there, the skin will have signs of darkening, dullness and lack of vitality.

Therefore, it is best to complete the masking process before 10 am and go to bed before 11 pm so that the nutrients can be better absorbed into the skin as well as can participate in the skin regeneration process. while sleeping. (Refer to the note after applying clay mask shared by many people today).

6. Mask before makeup

Many girls often misunderstand that applying a mask before makeup will make the foundation smoother, more beautiful and "shinier" than usual. However, according to dermatologists, this view is completely wrong.

Don't put on a mask before applying makeup
Don't put on a mask before applying makeup

Because after applying the mask, the pores will still be open - if you use makeup at this time, it will make it easier for dirt and cosmetic residue to penetrate deep into the skin. This will make the pores easily clogged, dirt will not be thoroughly cleaned and the skin will easily form acne.. Therefore, instead of applying a mask before applying makeup, you should apply a layer of moisturizer to your skin to make the foundation smoother.

If you apply the right mask, at the right time and with the right type of mask, your skin will definitely be much healthier and more beautiful. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right face mask formula, you should always make sure you apply it at the right time. Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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