How Natural Eyebrow Embroidery Is Different From Tattoo Reference

How Natural Eyebrow Embroidery Is Different From Tattoos

Tattoo and eyebrow embroidery are two beauty methods, helping women improve the shape of their eyebrows, making their eyebrows sharper and more prominent. There are many differences between these two methods, including the method of implementation, the trend matching and the naturalness for the overall face. Some of the following shares of Miss Tram will help you better understand this difference.

Eyebrow Embroidery And Tattoo Which Is More Beautiful?

The difference between embroidery and tattooing eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoo method

First of all, talking about eyebrow tattooing, everyone knows about this cosmetic technology. This is a method of beautifying the eyebrows that has been "fascinated" by girls, sisters and aunts since many years ago.

This method uses a needle dipped in tattoo ink and then pierced into the skin to tattoo directly onto the skin. Before that, the eyebrows will be molded and the KTV just needs to put tattoo ink according to each available line.

Eyebrow tattoo method
Eyebrow tattoo method

This method has the following characteristics:

  • Bold brows according to a predefined frame
  • Low implementation cost
  • High color fastness, time can last from 10-20 years

Tattooing helps eyebrows stand out much more, but the natural look on the face is no longer there. Instead, you will look much more "dull" because of the sharpness and super-dark ink color. Not only that, after a while, the tattoo will be oxidized, colored, the ink turns blue or red, looks very unattractive. (Tutorial How to make eyebrows spray quickly, up to standard color for beauty KTV).

Eyebrow embroidery method

Improving most of the limitations of traditional tattoo methods, eyebrow embroidery technology has won the hearts of girls. This is a form of using an embroidery machine with a specially designed needle, gently acting to bring ink into the skin. Embroidery requires meticulousness because it is necessary to create eyebrows that are intertwined with real eyebrows along each vertical line from the beginning to the end of the eyebrow.

Which eyebrow embroidery and tattooing is more beautiful?
Eyebrow embroidery method

Compared with tattoo, eyebrow embroidery is safe because it has many advantages:

  • Embroidery needles only gently affect the epidermis, so it does not cause pain
  • Create a gentle eyebrow shape, in harmony with the real eyebrow color
  • Helps eyebrows look thicker, more smooth fibers
  • It takes only 60-120 minutes to make
  • Done you do not take time to rest or abstain

Eyebrow embroidery is considered to be more optimal than the traditional method not only in safety but also in natural and harmonious beauty. The eyebrows are sprayed with elegant embroidery, the color is suitable for hair color, skin color, not bold and rigid. Although the color fastness is not "terrible", it limits the phenomenon of tattooing.

What should you pay attention to when spraying embroidery?

When you want to embroider eyebrows, you need to note a few important points if you have the best results:

The procedure of eyebrow tattooing
The procedure of eyebrow tattooing

1. Choose a reputable establishment

Reputable establishments will meet the following requirements:

  • Modern equipment, focusing on safety and hygiene, avoiding the risk of infection
  • Invested in machinery, updated with advanced trends
  • Highly skilled professionals, capable of handling all situations arising in the implementation process
  • High quality ink is used, limiting the risk of harmful metals to health

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2. Choose the right style and color

Before doing so, you should consult with an expert to choose the right eyebrow shape for you. Choosing an eyebrow shape will follow the main face shape criteria. Such as:

  • The round face suits the eyebrows with the top part, the lance-shaped eyebrows, the ^-shaped eyebrows, the semicircular eyebrows
  • Long face choose horizontal eyebrows will stand out more
  • Heart face looks better with low top and long tail
  • The pointed face will be less emaciated and more harmonious when the eyebrows are slim, …

Currently, there are many "fashions" for different eyebrows, but not necessarily you are suitable for these trends. Following the trend sometimes disappoints us because we lose our own beauty, not to mention "breaking the generals" that affects the life path of fortune.

3. Consult a health professional before doing so

Everyone's body is different, so sometimes it is difficult to avoid an allergic reaction due to the impact of ink spray or anesthetic. Therefore, you need to notify the implementation facility in advance for advice on the best method, minimizing bad situations.

4. Take care of you after work

After you're done, you should abstain from touching water for about 2-3 days, letting your brows peel off like that will make sure you're even and more beautiful. Usually, establishments will provide a balm or vaseline for customers to apply on their eyebrows, helping them to last longer and peel off naturally.

A beautiful and prestigious eyebrow tattooing address in Ho Chi Minh City
A beautiful and prestigious eyebrow tattooing address in Ho Chi Minh City

With today's modern technology, you don't need to carry a tray to eat or rest. However, some careful people still avoid eating foods with erection (eggs, beef, chicken, water spinach), and limit heavy exercise in the first days to avoid perspiration seeping into the eyebrows.

Some of the above shares of Miss Tram Hope to have provided you with a lot of useful knowledge about eyebrow embroidery technology. In addition, when you need advice, do not hesitate to contact the experts Miss Tram. We are always ready to assist you.

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