Thermage FLX technology

Revealing Thermage FLX Technology – Remove Wrinkles, Smile Lines

Wrinkles, Smile Lines in Corners of Eyes – Nose – Mouth will no longer be the obsession of women with only 60 minutes of application Thermage FLX Technology.

Thermage FLX technology
Thermage FLX technology - remove wrinkles, smile free

[Q&A] Thermage FLX Technology – Does Wrinkle Removal, Smile Groove Work?

Thermage FLX technology will help you regain your youth,”goodbye" wrinkles, smile lines at the corners of eyes - nose - mouth It's easy, explore with Miss Tram!

Thermage FLX uses RF energy and thermal gradient reverse for treatment (non-invasive). The temperature is adjusted appropriately to effectively remove wrinkles and laugh lines.

Increase collagen to help skin plump, firm sagging skin, face is rejuvenated comprehensively.

=> Other Outstanding Advantages:

  • Improve large pores, rough skin, acne scars.
  • Create a slim V-line face
  • Non-invasive, no pain, no downtime.

"Witch Technology” Thermage FLX will not disappoint customers by counting EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY – SAFETY. Leave information to get the team Miss Tram VietNam Advice on this course!

Don't hesitate Comt/Ibx or call 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service: 

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✔️ Treatment of pitted scars, long-lasting acne
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✔️ Natural skin rejuvenation (lifting, wrinkle removal)
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